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Finding the right tool to streamline operations isn’t as easy as it seems. A great deal and persuasive website might convince you to subscribe to Thryv, but once you start using it, that’s where masks fall off. If you’re looking for more affordable Thryv alternatives that have many great features to offer, we’ve got you covered. 

Read our comprehensive analysis of the best Thryv alternatives in 2024 and find the tool that aligns with your budget, needs, and business processes perfectly. We’ve got 17 of them!

What is Thryv?

Thryv is a small business management software designed to assist your small or medium-sized business with different operations and processes. It provides a suite of tools to help you with customer relationship management (CRM), appointment scheduling, and marketing automation. Its end goal is to improve your customer engagement and reduce the time you spend on certain tasks by automating them. 

Key features of Thryv are:

  • CRM
  • Online presence management
  • Marketing automation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Analytics and reporting

While some users love it, others are searching for Thryv alternatives that can offer all those features and more.

How much does Thryv cost?

Thryv offers 4 distinct products and each has different pricing tiers. Thryv Business Center which most business owners are interested in starts from $199 per month, per location. All package levels require a one-time onboarding fee of $250 and a monthly $9 support fee.

At the end of the day, it ends up pretty costly. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to look for cheaper Thryv alternatives and find the one that works best for your business.


  • 4.2 on Capterra
  • 4.6 on G2
  • 4 on Software Advice
  • 4.2 on GetApp

List of the Top 17 Thryv Alternatives in 2024

Based on customer reviews, user experience, and feature-to-cost ratio, we’ve come up with a list of the top 17 Thryv alternatives in 2023. Let’s take a look at it:

  1. Trafft – the best Thryv alternative
  2. vCita
  3. Keap
  4. Bitrix24
  5. Housecall Pro
  6. Calendly
  7. Doodle
  8. Schedulicity
  9. 17hats
  10. Honeybook
  11. Acuity Scheduling
  12. Square Appointments
  13. Setmore
  14. Insightly
  15. Monday
  16. Studio Ninja
  17. beSlick

Trafft – the best Thryv alternative in 2024

Trafft homepage screenshot

From high-converting booking websites and form builders to insightful business dashboard, employee management, and payment processing, Trafft has everything you need to run your business and fill your calendar with appointments. 

Designed to be a digital partner for your service business, Trafft takes care of repetitive tasks, streamlines your business operations, and manages both your customers and employees. The result? You can finally focus on what matters the most – your business. 

But what makes Trafft a great Thryv alternative? Besides the incredible ease of use, Traff has some of the most powerful features and integrations in store for you.

Why Trafft?

  • Not tech-savvy? Not a problem! An intuitive and user-friendly dashboard guarantees ease of use – zero technical knowledge needed.
  • Need to manage multiple business locations? Trafft makes it easy to keep track of everything that happens in all of your business locations.
  • No more double-bookings and scheduling mistakes – synchronize your Google, iCal, and/or Outlook Calendars with ease. 
  • Minimize no-show appointments and last-minute appointment cancellations with Trafft’s SMS, email, and WhatsApp appointment notifications and reminders (pre-made templates included).
  • Organize virtual meetings with ease, as Trafft integrates seamlessly with Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Recurring appointments? Trafft’s got you covered!
  • Unlimited customization options – customize notifications, booking forms, and booking page to create a booking experience that matches your brand.
  • Handle online payments, deposits, and refunds, as Trafft integrates with the most popular payment gateways.
  • Take your efficiency to the next level with Microsoft Teams, Zapier, Webhooks, Mailchimp, SendFox, Accumba, and Google Analytics.

Pricing: Free for up to 5 members; paid plans start from $29 per month. 


  • 5/5 on Capterra
  • 4.7 on G2
  • Excellent on TrustPilot
  • 5/5 on GetApp

Sign up for Trafft for free now and see why it’s the best Thryv alternative to help you supercharge your business growth!


vCita homepage screenshot

vCita emerges as Thryv’s competitor due to its comprehensive set of tools for small businesses, great customer reviews, and affordable and adjustable pricing. With a strong focus on customer relationship management and appointment scheduling, vCita is a great option for businesses who are looking for a simple yet feature-rich Thryv alternative. 

It offers all the features your small business needs, including robust online presence management, appointment scheduling, marketing automation, billing and payment processing, and analytics and reporting. At the core of vCita is its powerful CRM software that provides you with a user-friendly platform to manage client data, track interactions and nurture customer relationships. 

Take a look at our detailed vCita review, as well as vCita alternatives, to gather some more information about this software.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $29 per month and go up to $99. You get 20% off for an annual subscription, and they don’t offer a free plan. 


  • 4.5 on Capterra
  • 4.5 on G2


Keap homepage screenshot

Keap offers a unique blend of features for small businesses all over the world, which makes it a compelling Thryv alternative. Its capabilities are tailored to meet the needs of your growing business focusing on a CRM platform where you can track interactions with leads and clients. 

Keap’s key features include:

  • Small business automation
  • Powerful CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead capture
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Sales automation

As you can see, Keap is a strong Thryv competitor because they offer similar features and even have powerful Analytic capabilities that will help you make data-driven decisions. But what about pricing and customer reviews? Let’s see how Keap and Thryv compare there: 

Pricing: The Pro plan is $199 monthly, while the Max plan is $289 per month. 


  • 4.1 on Capterra
  • 4.2 on G2


Bitrix24 homepage screenshot

Bitrix24 is a great Thryv alternative and a worthy competitor because it offers a wide array of features to help you take care of project management, and optimize your workspace. Their strongest advantage is their focus on tasks and project management and great features that make collaboration better. 

Features like time tracking, task and project templates, task automation, and CRM integration allow everyone to seamlessly manage their projects and collaborate with each other. Bitrix24 also provides you with an employee directory and automates HR tasks so you don’t have to worry about absences, and worktime tracking and reporting. 

Key features:

  • Online meetings
  • Drive
  • Workgroups
  • CRM
  • Task & Project Management
  • HR & Automation

Pricing: Starting from $61 per month for up to 5 members.


  • 4.1 on Capterra
  • 4.1 on G2

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a Thryv alternative specifically designed for home service businesses. Their intuitive scheduling and seamless dispatching make this tool a great choice for home service professionals and business owners. With Housecall Pro, you’ll easily create employee schedules and boost productivity. 

Housecall Pro homepage screenshot

The ultimate goal Housecall Pro strives towards is to help you cut your costs, and work simpler, but grow smarter. With features like scheduling, dispatching, estimating, invoicing, and QuickBooks integration, this alternative to Thryv has great capabilities to help you grow and optimize your business.

Go through our Housecall Pro review and alternative solutions article for more details.

Pricing: Starts from $65 per month.


  • 4.7 on Capterra
  • 4.2 on G2


Calendly is a great Thryv alternative that will take care of all your scheduling needs and much more. With its versatile integration option, Calendly makes it easy for you to manage all aspects of your business. Two-way sync with other Calendar solutions makes sure you always stay on top of your schedule.

Calendly homepage screenshot

You can customize meeting types and include questions to gather more information from your clients when they book. It’s extremely easy to set up, use, and organize your schedule by using either Calendly on your browser or Mobile App. It’s a specialized tool for businesses that want to make the most out of their time and optimize scheduling processes. If you have an appointment-based business, Calendly is the way to go!

If you’re not quite sure yet, check out Calendly reviews or alternatives in-depth. Also, take a look at our tool-to-tool comparison articles, such as Calendly vs. PicktimeCalendly vs. Microsoft FindTimeCalendly vs. AcuityCalendly vs. AppointletMicrosoft Bookings vs. CalendlyCalendly vs. SetmoreCalendly vs. Chili Piper, and Calendly vs. Zoho Bookings.

Pricing: Free for individuals with basic needs; paid plans start from $10 per user per month. 


  • 4.7 on Capterra
  • 4.7 on G2
  • 2.4 on TrustPilot
  • 4.7 on GetApp


Mindbody is a salon management software that takes care of important business aspects, while you do meaningful work. If you run a wellness business, yoga studio, hair salon, or similar business, Mindbody is a great Thryv alternative for you. 

Mindbody homepage screenshot

Mindbody offers you a comprehensive platform that takes care of appointment scheduling, client management, and payment processing, and it’s tailored to the needs of wellness businesses. For fitness studios and wellness centers, this tool also offers class and workshop management that enables you to organize and manage attendees. It also offers you various marketing tools to help you create targeted marketing campaigns, track results, and build loyalty programs.

Don’t forget to check out our detailed Mindbody review and alternative solutions, as well as our Glofox vs. Mindbody article.

Pricing: Mindbody is one of the most expensive salon management software and pricing starts from $159.00 monthly. It goes up to $699 per month for advanced features. 


  • 4 on Capterra
  • 3.6 on G2


Doodle not only simplifies scheduling for you but also offers you polls and surveys to help you gather opinions, feedback, and preferences. If you want to supercharge your marketing with customer input, Doodle is a great Thryv alternative to achieve that. 

Doodle homepage screenshot

Doodle lets you create your own booking page and customize it to fit your company’s branding. You can set working hours, and availability, and easily share the link to your booking page to attract more customers.  Availability is always up-to-date, and you can create your own rules to have full control of your calendar. 

If you want to bring your team together, Doodle offers you a group booking feature that makes juggling complex schedules a thing of the past.

For more info about Doodle, read our extensive Doodle reviews and alternatives blog posts.

Pricing: Doodle offers a free plan, and pricing starts from $14.95 per month per user.


  • 4.6 on Capterra
  • 4.4 on G2


Schedulicity homepage screenshot

Besides having powerful appointment booking features, Schedulicity is also a great platform to promote your business. It lets visitors browse and find local classes and services, which works especially well for barbers, salons, spas, hairstylists, and personal trainers

Key Features:

  • Scheduling
  • Marketing
  • Payments
  • Class management
  • Mobile apps

Scheduling features are easy to use and intuitive. You can set personal time off, manage clients, and offer rebooking to boost your retention rates. Schedulicity also offers a mobile app you can use on any smartphone which makes it easy to manage your business on the go. You can also add client notes to improve your customer relationships and boost your revenue.

Read our detailed Schedulicity review and discover both the strengths and weaknesses of this scheduling tool.

Pricing: Starting from $34.99 monthly. 


  • 4.4 on Capterra
  • 4.4 on G2


17hats homepage screenshot

17hats is an all-in-one small business management software solution. Compared to Thryv, it focuses more on all aspects of managing your business and streamlining operations. This puts great emphasis on automating various tasks. It’s best suited for solopreneurs and small businesses, compared to Thryv which also works well for mid-sized businesses.

17hats also has a powerful CRM platform where you can see important details about your clients and communication history. Besides that, 17hats also allows you to send quotes, and invoices and offer payment plans to your clients. When it comes to marketing, this tool provides you with lead capture forms and email templates and automates lead responses. Both 17hats and Thryv have their strengths and the choice between them depends on your specific needs. If you want to take care of business management, 17hats is a great Thryv alternative that’s going to help you with that. 

Pricing: Starting from $15 per month. 


  • 4.4 on Capterra
  • 4.4 on G2


Honeybook homepage screenshot

If you’re looking for an all-in-one workflow automation tool, Honeybook is a great choice. It’s worth it to consider it as a Thryv alternative, but only if you reside in the US or Canada. Honeybook is not available in other countries right now. 

When comparing Honeybook and Thryv, Honeybook is a superior choice for service-based businesses and freelancers that require a robust client management and workflow automation system. It excels in streamlining client communication, project management, and automation of repetitive tasks. This will enhance your productivity.

If you primarily want to focus on online presence management, marketing, and appointment scheduling, Thryv and other alternatives are a better choice. 

For more info about Honeybook, check out Honeybook reviews and alternatives.

Honeybook key features:

  • Client management
  • Workflow automation
  • Project tracking
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Contracts and proposals
  • Scheduling

​​Pricing: Starting from $19 per month.


  • 4.8 on Capterra
  • 4.5 on G2
  • 3.7 on TrustPilot
  • 4.8 on GetApp

Acuity Scheduling

acuity scheduling homepage screenshot

If you’re looking for more flexibility than Thryv has to offer, Acuity Scheduling is here to help. With a strong emphasis on appointment scheduling, Acuity will take care of everything from creating your booking page to sending automated reminders to prevent no-show appointments. It is best suited for consultants, healthcare professionals, and other service providers. 

While its primary focus is scheduling, Acuity also offers basic client management features, such as storing client information, appointment history, and notes. It integrates with popular payment getaways which makes collecting payments for your hard work a breeze. Everything is customizable so you can play around with Acuity and tailor it to your brand and values.

For more details about this solution, check out an in-depth Acuity Scheduling review, Acuity Scheduling alternatives, or various Acuity comparison blog posts, such as Acuity vs. TrafftAcuity vs. CalendlyAcuity vs. SetmoreAcuity vs. Appointy, and Acuity vs. vCita.

Pricing: Acuity doesn’t offer a free version, and pricing is on the higher end and starts from $20 per month. 


  • 4.8 on Capterra
  • 4.7 on G2

Square Appointments

square appointments homepage screenshot

Square Appointments is a scheduling and appointment management software created by Square, a well-known payment processing company. It shines in helping businesses streamline appointment bookings and manage their schedules efficiently.

Key features:

  • Simple online booking
  • Staff management
  • Inventory management
  • Payment processing
  • POS 

One of the greatest advantages of Square Appointments compared to Thryv is seamless integration with Square Payments and their other products, including POS. Staff management and inventory management are a nice addition for businesses that offer both services and products.

Want to find out more about Square Appointments? Read the reviews and see what this tool is all about.

Price: Starts from $29 per month per location.


  • 4.4 on Capterra
  • 4.3 on G2


setmore homepage screenshot

Wanna enhance client engagement and improve your booking process? Setmore is a robust Thryv alternative that caters to businesses in different industries and with different needs. You’ll organize your business with Setmore and keep it that way because of its intuitive interface and great set of features. 

With Setmore, you can:

  • Manage classes and workshops
  • Display customer reviews and feedback
  • Have support for multiple locations
  • Easily integrate with tools you use

Check out our in-depth Setmore review to learn more about this booking software.

Pricing: Free for up to 4 members; paid plans start from $12 per user per month. 


  • 4.7 on Capterra
  • 4.5 on G2

Insightly – Thryv alternative for CRM

insightly homepage screenshot

Insightly is one of the most scalable Thryv alternatives. Its core is powerful CRM software that excels in helping businesses build and maintain strong client relationships, manage projects, and improve sales and marketing efforts.

When you want to focus on other aspects of your business, Insightly is here to help you free up your time. You can tailor Insightly CRM and project management processes to fit your business needs and unique operations. You can create custom fields, workflows, and reports. With numerous integrations, Insightly gives you the flexibility you need to manage every aspect of your business.

Pricing: Starting from $29 per month. Insightly All-in-One starts from $349 per month. 


  • 4 on Capterra
  • 4.2 on G2

Monday – Thryv alternative for project management

Monday homepage screenshot

Monday is an excellent choice for businesses that prioritize project management, team collaboration, and visual tracking of tasks and projects. It’s highly customizable which allows you to adapt Monday to your unique workflow and project management needs.

Its power lies in its versatility and unparalleled collaboration and communication capabilities. Its not a CRM or marketing automation tool, but with Monday’s integrations you’ll easily connect it with other tools you use. You can completely customize your dashboards and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and other vital project metrics. If you require in-depth reporting and analytics, Monday is a great Thryv alternative.

Pricing: Free plan with basic features for up to 2 seats; paid plans range from $8 per seat monthly to $16. 


  • 4.6 on Capterra
  • 4.7 on G2

Studio Ninja

Studio Ninja homepage screenshot

If you run a photography business, you don’t want to miss out on Studio Ninja. It’s an excellent choice for photographers and other creative professionals who are looking for specialized studio management solutions. 

With dedicated features such as client management, online booking and automated workflows tailored to the needs of photography businesses, Studio Ninja will help you achieve more with less manual work. 

The main advantages of Studio Ninja are:

  • Converting leads into sales even when you’re offline
  • Studio Ninja offers easy visibility of tasks and jobs
  • You can customize every part of your workflow
  • Send contracts and quotes quickly
  • Powerful integrations with accounting software and payment processing tools

Pricing: Starting from $24.9 per month. 


  • 4.5 on Capterra


beSlick homepage screenshot

The last one on our Thryv alternatives list is beSlick. If you want to systemize your business, beSlick will help you every step of the way. It offers you versatile solutions and a wide range of tools to manage client relationships, appointments, projects, and billing. Complex tasks have never been easier because beSlick handles important aspects of your business operations. You can forget about human errors because this tool takes care of a great part of manual work. 

Key features:

  • To-do manager
  • Team task manager
  • Digital forms
  • Reporting & compliance
  • Workflow & process builder

Pricing: Starting from $70 per month. 


  • 4.7 on Capterra
  • 4.6 on G2

Which Thyrv Alternative Should You Pick in 2024?

There are a plethora of tools that help small businesses with scheduling, management, and automation. Many of these tools are innovative and offer a wide range of features you’ll love. While there are several Thryv alternatives available, one standout option that has garnered attention for its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and cost-effectiveness is Trafft.

Trafft serves as an invaluable digital companion for service-based businesses, offering a streamlined and efficient approach to managing appointments, scheduling, and customer interactions. Its commitment to enhancing your business operations while saving your valuable time sets it apart as a top choice in the realm of Thryv alternatives.

Ultimately, the decision to opt for Trafft or any other alternative should be based on your unique requirements, budget, and the specific features that align with your business goals.

Remember – your ultimate goal is to make your life easier and streamline processes in your business so you have more time to focus on meaningful work. Choose your perfect Thryv alternatives according to that!

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