How to Sell a Service Business for the Desired Price

You established a business selling services. It did well and amassed a loyal client base, but now you’re planning to sell. Maybe you’re looking to invest in a new venture and need to boost your capital, or you’re wanting to grow professionally in a different direction. Perhaps you just want to retire; the reasons could be diverse.

Service Business Vs Product Business: What’s the Difference?

The quick answer is that businesses selling physical or tangible items are product-based, whereas businesses that sell non-tangible products such as services are service-based businesses. The problem with this definition is that it barely touches the surface of the differences between the two. They have debated service business vs product business for years. It’s important to clarify these differences for service and product-based businesses everywhere.

How to Scale a Service Business and Take It to the Next Level

To set up a product business you need to find a unique product and unique marketing opportunities. But setting up a service business can be easy; in essence, if you want to start a service business, you need to let others know on social media that you are offering your skills.

Useful Life Coaching Contracts to Use (8 Templates)

Coaching is a multifaceted profession. On the one hand, a life coach knows how to be a caring, motivational professional intent on helping their clients. A life coach is also a professional who knows how to run their coaching business well.

One aspect of being a professional life coach involves knowing how to use service agreements well. In a service agreement, both parties agree on expectations and the client can learn what they need to know before they move forward.

Coaching vs Consulting: The Difference Between Them

You probably already have a pretty good idea of the roles of coaches and consultants, but many people have tried to blur the lines of the definition of each of these important roles. This can lead to a situation where clients don’t get the correct services that they need. This isn’t to say that one is better than the other; both coaching and consulting are focused on helping a person with problems in their business. The big difference in coaching vs consulting is how they help.

The Many Types of Life Coaching Businesses You Can Start

Google “life coaching services” and the search engine throws more than one million results at you. Life coaches may be left wondering, how can I be heard above all the noise in a growing industry full of potential? You need to focus and amplify your coaching business by directing your skill set and knowledge toward a niche. Identifying the right one for you is like stumbling across the spot marked X on a treasure map.

Integration of Trafft and Mollie for Flexible Online Payments

Digitalization and pandemics changed shopping habits forever. People are turning to e-commerce as a more convenient method of shopping. Nowadays, you can make online payments safely and quickly from the comfort of your own home – or any other location. Online payment gateways are becoming increasingly important for running a profitable online business. This is why so many companies want to include a Mollie Payment option on their website.

Mollie, one of the fastest-growing fintech start-ups, is gaining traction with customers because it allows you to select your preferred payment method and provides quick and easy payments. Trafft recognized the incorporation of Mollie Payment Gateway needs to its core. For the same reason, their developers created the Trafft and Mollie integration. With Mollie and Trafft working together, you can offer flexible online payments to your customers.

What To Include In Your Life Coaching Intake Form

If you want to run a coaching business, there’re many things to consider. One important thing to consider is organization. This article will show how to organize your client information.

You may be the best professional life coach but your business won’t prosper without proper organization. Implementing a system of coaching intake forms will help keep your files in order.

A life coaching intake form is an important tool in your coaching relationship. Here you can record and summarize everything that you and your client agreed on during your first meeting.

The onboarding process is an excellent chance to gather information from your client’s life story. This guide on intake forms will help you get a strong start on every coaching relationship.