The Real Estate Photography Pricing Guide You Needed

For many photographers, starting a real estate photography business seems profitable. But have you ever taken the time to calculate what the pricing of your services should be? If so, you’re not alone. For many photographers, it’s a challenge to price their services. And even more so for real estate photography. If the prospect of calculating pricing stresses you out, breathe a sigh of relief. This article will explain the pricing for a real estate photography services business.

The Complete Guide To Photography Mini Sessions

Photography mini-sessions are short, low-risk opportunities for potential customers to sample your work. A photographer can use mini-sessions to:

  • Generate demand during the slow season
  • Make extra income when business is good
  • Attract new customers who may eventually become full-session portrait buyers

It is important to learn how to set up and shoot profitable mini sessions. This article is a collection of the best mini-session tips. 

How to Become an Event Photographer (And Be Successful)

Event photography is a great option for photographers who are planning to expand their photography services, as it guarantees work and provides a lot of opportunities. However, starting as an event photographer can be challenging. There are many things to prepare before you begin, such as gathering the right equipment and learning how to increase your client base.

How To Create A Photography Mood Board That Works For You

Technology has changed the way photographers create mood boards. Gone are the days of stacking a handful of printouts on a corkboard. Digital photography mood boards are in. In digital photography mood boards, you can also include video clips, website links, color palettes, and more.