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White label booking software for agencies

Sell Trafft’s brandable scheduling platform as your own

Trafft White Label is the perfect solution for digital agencies and web developers working with clients who need a powerful booking system for their operation.
A screenshot that illustrates a Trafft booking form with Trafft branding replaced with Agency branding
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What is white labeling?

The photo represents Trafft branding on the booking form being replaced with an Agency branding

White label scheduling software is an online appointment system that’s been created by another company, but others are allowed to rebrand and sell it as their own software to clients in industries like:


Home services


Automotive repair


Salons, beauty, wellness, spa




Personal training

In the case of Trafft, digital agencies, web designers, and developers remove Trafft’s branding and replace it with their own. Their clients then see their agency branding every time they use the software to create and manage bookings.

The benefits of white label scheduling software

If you build websites and apps for service providers that take bookings, here are some of the reasons why white labeling is the way to go:

How does Trafft white label booking software work?

Trafft enables clients to offer online appointment booking, organize team schedules, accept online payments, send automated reminders, and more.

Now, what if you could make the Trafft name and branding disappear so you can take its place and reap all the rewards?

How does the process work?

A photo showing a signup process for Trafft agency white label

Step 1: Create an account

Sign up and create an account with Trafft. Choose the plan below that best suits your needs and start a 14-day free trial.

A photo showing customization options for the Trafft agency dashboard

Step 2: Add your branding

Trafft white label scheduling software is fully customizable. Upload your logo, add your brand colors, and choose a custom URL so your clients’ booking pages will be automatically created with your agency’s domain and automated notifications sent from your branded email.

A photo showing the options agency owner has for the tenants created

Step 3: Set your prices

Purchase Trafft at a discounted bulk rate. Then sell subscriptions for this reservation management system to clients via your preferred channels at monthly or annual pricing of your choice.

A photo showing a list of tenants in the Trafft agency dashboard

Step 4: Start selling

You can sell your white label booking software to as many clients as your plan allows for. Your Trafft dashboard makes it easy to manage these accounts, user logins, and more.

Pick your plan: Trafft white label pricing

We offer four Agency plans based on the number of clients you need an online booking platform for.


*To explore Trafft features and integrations, and to find recommendations on how to charge your clients, please check the FAQs section.

Agency 1Agency 3Agency 5Agency 10
Number of accounts you can resell to clients13510
Number of features you can activate per accountUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of booking templates availableUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

*To explore Trafft features and integrations, and to find recommendations on how to charge your clients, please check the FAQs section.

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Why your clients will love this scheduling software

Consumers love the convenience of making appointments online. There’s no lengthy hold time to deal with nor staff struggling to get their systems to work. They just open up the form, select a date and time, choose other specifications, and book. Service providers love online appointment systems, too. When they work to their advantage, that is. Here’s why tens of thousands of businesses love Trafft.

A photo showing available booking templates and the customization options

Creates a professional looking booking page

With Trafft, you can create a well-organized, modern booking page you can fully customize to match your client’s brand and embed it into your client’s website.

A screenshot of the Trafft agency dashboard

Manage multiple locations

Business owners are able to manage every location’s appointments, clientele, and staff schedules through a single dashboard.

Trafft booking page and an appointment booking form

Be available for booking 24/7

Just because a business closes for the day, bookings don’t need to. Online scheduling allows customers to make appointments anytime.

A photo showing all the available integrations in the Trafft agency white label

Automate and simplify business

Trafft integrates with essential business tools like payment processors, online calendars, and marketing tools.

A photo showing an automated email reminder sent from Trafft

Reduce no-shows with email reminders

Automatic email reminders notify both employees and customers about upcoming appointments and help reduce no-shows.

A photo showing the performance metrics in the Trafft white label dashboard

Monitor business performance

Trafft helps increase sales by providing comprehensive business reports that track the business performance through vital KPIs and statistics.


Who can benefit from Agency plans?

Digital agencies, web designers, and developers can boost their profits by white labeling Trafft and offering it as their own branded booking solution with custom pricing. However, Trafft's white label services are versatile enough to benefit a range of industries.

Franchises, for instance, can enhance growth by customizing Trafft with their own logos, colors, and more, offering it to franchisees as part of their brand.

Another use case involves hosting services and website builders. By white labeling Trafft, they can provide their clients in the service industry with a branded booking system.

In general, any reselling-based business can highly benefit from Trafft’s white label solutions by expanding service offering.

How much do Agency plans cost per month?

An Agency plan bundles the highest Trafft plan which includes all features.

Both monthly and annual pricing options are available, with significant discounts offered for the annual Agency plan.

Agency 1 provides access to one client account, Agency 3 to three client accounts, Agency 5 to five client accounts, and Agency 10 to ten client accounts.

Learn more about Trafft's highest plan  here.

How much money will I save by buying an Agency plan vs. a Scaling plan?

Each individual license costs $48.30 per month for a monthly plan and $24.50 for an annual plan. Annually, this amounts to a cost range of $294.00 to $579.60 for a single client account.

Choosing an Agency plan can result in savings of approximately 30-50% on monthly plans and 60-80% on annual plans compared to purchasing individual licenses.

How many clients can I resell this Trafft software to?

The Agency 1 plan allows you to resell one account.

The Agency 3 plan allows you to resell three accounts.

The Agency 5 plan allows you to resell five accounts.

The Agency 10 plan allows you to resell ten accounts.

If you need additional accounts, contact us and we will add them to your Agency account.

What types of clients can I use this for?

Trafft booking software is versatile and can be used by any individual or organization requiring scheduling capabilities, whether integrated into a website or used as a standalone solution.

However, certain industries typically have a greater need for this level of customization and control. For instance:

  • Salons and barbershops which could significantly benefit from automated booking systems
  • Home improvement professionals involved in repair, renovation, and installation services
  • Auto repair shops that provide a comprehensive range of vehicle repair services
  • Coaches and consultants looking for a B2B software solution for managing bookings
  • Tutors and teachers aiming to streamline and automate student scheduling
  • Government agencies such as the DMV, which require a dependable online appointment system

Additionally, a variety of other industries can benefit from Trafft's booking capabilities, including additional barbershops, healthcare providers, educational and teaching professionals, sports and training facilities, dental services, personal service providers, cleaning services, and more.

Essentially, any individual or business requiring scheduled services and online booking stands to gain from using Trafft.

What’s the difference between accounts and users?

Client accounts are distinct from users. Every account you resell includes 15 users, allowing your clients to add up to 15 individuals (such as employees, contractors, contributors, etc.) to their accounts.

Should your clients require more users, each additional user incurs a cost of $11.99+VAT per month or $9.99+VAT annually. Therefore, when creating your custom pricing plans, you should also consider the rate at which you will charge for extra users.

How much should I charge my clients?

It’s up to you. Pricing strategies for SaaS products typically consider the cost of the software and the time spent on customization and maintenance.

We've already built and maintained the software. Your role mainly involves configuring the settings to suit your client's preferences and ensuring their online scheduler maximizes booking potential. Beyond occasional troubleshooting or adjustments, there’s little else required.

Let's say the Agency 3 plan costs you $699 annually. At a minimum, you would need to charge each client $233 per year or $19.42 per month to break even. In comparison, purchasing the software independently would cost them $294 annually or $48.30 monthly.

So setting your prices below these rates, but above your profitability line would be ideal!

What features and integrations can I offer to my clients?

Our Agency plans include all of Trafft's features and integrations, allowing you to offer them all to your clients. However, you can also choose to restrict and disable some integrations if you wish.

Trafft comes with features like:

  • White labeling
  • Custom domains
  • 10 SMS credits per month per account
  • Unlimited booking templates
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Location management
  • Recurring appointments
  • Payment refunds
  • Coupons
  • Custom roles
  • Custom Fields (Intake Forms)
  • Notifications via Email, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Synchronization with Google, Outlook, and Apple calendars
  • Online payments via Stripe, PayPal,, and Mollie
  • Online meetings via Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) functions
  • Third-party integrations including Zapier, Reserve with Google, and more

For a full list of Agency features, check out our highest plan on the plan comparison page here.

What are SMS credits?

SMS notifications are charged separately. And every notification is priced based on the country, carrier, and message length (number of segments).

So SMS credits are basically dollars on the SMS balance. Each client account comes with 10 SMS credits a month.

In the United States, for example, 10 SMS credits (or $10 in SMS credits) can be enough for roughly 600 to 800 message segments.

If your clients exceed that limit, you can always recharge the balance as needed.

Do I even need white label scheduling software?

You don’t have to use the white label feature to customize the look and feel of Trafft’s software when creating accounts for your clients. However, white labeling has its benefits.

For starters, you can make a hefty profit by reselling this software as your own solution.

Secondly, white labeling software is a great way to build trust with clients. Instead of being an agency that installs a number of plugins and then leaves the clients to deal with the third party when they run into issues, you become their go-to resource for all things related to their site.

What do I get access to in the 14-day free trial?

Everything! This is your chance to test out Trafft as well as the white label feature.

If you’re still unsure, schedule a demo and we’ll walk you through all this booking software has to offer for you and your clients.

Do you have an API?

At present, Agency accounts include a Client Creation API. We are developing additional APIs and expect to release them soon.