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Earn 30% monthly recurring commissions

Monetize your website traffic with Trafft Premium Booking solution.

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How will you benefit from our affiliate program?

30% Commission

You will receive a 30% recurring commission for any Trafft plan for three years.

High-Quality Banners

We will provide you with high-quality banners in different sizes for your website.

Insightful Dashboard

You can track the clicks, purchases, and pending payouts on the Partner's dashboard.

Tracking cookie lasts for 90 days

We are tracking cookies for 90 days after the first visit. If your referral converts later, you are still earning your commission.

Be First to Know

You will be notified about new campaigns and promotions from Trafft, so you can take advantage of it and earn even more.

Monthly Payouts

Each month you will receive payouts on your desired account - PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Payoneer.

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Based on 7 reviews

Fresh and easy to use booking tool

I was choosing software for our booking needs a couple of months ago and came across Trafft. I liked how the workflow is structured in general and it was intuitive to ... set up, also, seems that it has everything to cover our growth - we have just a couple of people on board now, but plan to hire more in the coming month, and add another location, which is nicely supported by Trafft.

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Trafft is a very capable booking…

Trafft is a very capable booking manager, even at the free tier. I was able to create a good looking page with custom graphics in very little time. Highly recommended!

Booking system that helps me with my coaching business

I have been using Trafft for some time and I have to say it has been a great addition to my work. Since I have a coaching business I have to ... book a lot of clients and I had to look for booking tool. Great online scheduling tool that I am happy with and more importantly my customers are happy with..

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Based on 41 reviews

What a Gloriously Golden Deal

I have more scheduling tools than I care to use and this seemed to be just another one but what caught my attention was the Tiers. 40 in Tier one and Unlimited in Tier 2!! This company appears to be in learning mode and they have come here to gain feedback from savvy Sumo-lings and hyper-charge their product, is what I thought. Curiously, I made... the purchase and logged into the platform only to be mindblown at how mature the product looks. This is no MVP, this is a full fledged competitor to the big guns.

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A make-up artist doing makeup on a client who booked through Trafft scheduling software

Existing customer, very happy.

I almost couldn't believe it when I saw Trafft on Appsumo. I've started using Trafft for scheduling classes with my design students almost 3 months ago, I've used Calendly and a couple of Calendly clones before which were solid, but this software is the solution for my schedule and best of all it helps me manage my free time. ... I will definitely get another license just in case I need it in the future for something else.

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A personal trainer in a gym having a training booked through Trafft booking software

Automation at its best . I love it

I have been running interviews. Here is how I would do it. Use a form builder to collect info. Then send manually send emails with a meeting link and other important information like payments and all. What Trafft helped me with The automation of many of my processes changed the way I do thing. Not to mention that my ... team can also help me with interviews. Setting up is easy and support is always avaialble to answer questions.

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A man looking at a tablet, managing his appointments with Trafft

I found the one.

It is so easy to use and customize. I love that I can set up add ons with the ease of one click and there is no confusion on what my client is getting when they use a package service. The description entry space holds up to my needs, and descriptions can be segmented into paragraphs. You can move the content up and down depending on if you want folks to ... start reading a description right away, or simply click on the service first. It allows for pending approval and sends reminders to me. Two other added bonuses are the invoice feature, and, clients can pick their own time zone. I don't have to be answering inquiries about time anymore!

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A female doctor in her office, holding stethoscope

I have to confess, initially I groaned a little.....

Connecting to a custom domain was a breeze, worked first time, no hassles, nothing complicated, I completed it within a few mins, way less than 5. I'm expecting to go live with Trafft this weekend, replacing everything on my websites and updating email signatures, cancelling by one ... remaining subscription service, and polishing the edges of Trafft to have the colours and logo in their final places. I'm even going to be able to use it for appointments for my real work.

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Based on 11 reviews

Excellent scheduling software

Seamlessly integrates with calender, zoom and other solutions with extensiable features through APIs and webbooks. Excellent support from the team which has been very ... agile.

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A new tool for businesses and professionals

The simplicity! No more endless back and forth emails to schedule meetings and events. With Trafft, you can do it all in one ... place, on your own terms. Book appointments, manage staff schedules, take payments with customers all within the platform and it's very flexible. We love it.

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Great Online Booking Software

Wow! Trafft is a great online scheduling software that will help you and your clients book appointments with ease! I love how I can book appointments and clients can even ... book their own appointment. I love how I can send the links to my clients and they can book their own appointment. I also love how I can see my upcoming appointments and even create custom reports. Trafft is great for anyone who has clients or customers who want to book appointments online. Trafft is a great online scheduling software that I will be recommending to my clients!

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