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Get more bookings with Reserve with Google

Increase your online visibility by accepting bookings via Google Maps and Google Search. Your clients will find you more easily and be able to make a booking right away.
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What is Reserve with Google?

Reserve with Google is a feature that allows users to book appointments or make reservations directly through Google Search or Google Maps. It streamlines the booking process and increases a business's online visibility, making it convenient for customers to book services without leaving the Google platform.

Why Reserve with Google integration matters

Trafft’s integration with Reserve with Google offers your customers quick and easy access to your services and lets them book immediately when they find you online.

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How to enable appointment booking through Google Search and Maps?

To seamlessly enable appointment bookings via Google Search and Maps, follow these simple steps using Trafft:

Setup integration with Trafft:

Connect your Trafft account to your Google Business Profile for a unified booking experience. If you haven't created a Google Business Profile yet, you can set one up here.

Start accepting bookings:

1. Access your Trafft account and activate the Reserve with Google integration.
2. Sign in to your Google account or choose the linked account.
3. Connect your Trafft locations with their corresponding Google locations.

Once the locations are successfully linked, a prominent "Book Now" button will appear on your Google Business Profile, allowing customers to easily make bookings directly from Google.

A screenshot of a Reserve with Google integration in Trafft admin dashboard and a photo of a phone showing a confirmed booking through Reserve with Google
A photo of a phone that shows two hair salons in Google Search and a photo of another phone that shows a hair salon in a Google Search with a Book online button

Get started with Google bookings today and seamlessly manage appointments through Trafft's integration with Google Search and Maps.

It is important to note that Reserve with Google is not available in specific countries and Trafft’s integration with Reserve with Google is exclusively permitted for Wellness, Spa, Fitness, Beauty, and Financial services. You can find detailed information regarding these restrictions at this link.

Frequently asked questions

How can I know if I qualify for Reserve with Google?

Trafft’s integration with Reserve with Google is currently available for Wellness, Spa, Fitness, Beauty, and Financial services and is limited to certain countries. You can find detailed information on

Is Reserve with Google available on all Trafft plans?

Yes. If you meet the eligibility criteria for Reserve with Google, you can link your Free, Starter, Scaling, or Enterprise Trafft account with Reserve with Google, enabling you to accept bookings directly through Google.

How does Reserve with Google work?

When you match your Trafft account with a Google Business Profile and it gets approved by Google, a “Book button” will be displayed on your Google Business Profile, in addition to other places where your business may appear on Google Search & Maps. When users click on the Book now button, it will take them to your booking page where all services are listed and where they can book appointments without contacting you.

Does Trafft's integration with Reserve with Google have any limitations?

Certain limitations apply to custom features within the Trafft and Reserve with Google integration. In accordance with Reserve with Google rules, the following functionalities are not available when booking through Google: Default Pending status, Online Payments, Group bookings, Extras, Custom fields, Recurring appointments.

What are the differences between this integration and my Business Profile on Google?

A Business Profile on Google is a way for a business to show up on Google Search and Maps and interact with customers online. A business can showcase all key details such as business hours, contact information, and services offered. The Reserve with Google integration is an add-on feature that links up to your Business Profile and allows customers to book directly with you by clicking a blue “Book” button placed prominently on the profile. These products work together to help you reach new customers for appointments.

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