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Find out why Trafft’s team developed impeccable multi-location scheduling software that behaves like your personal assistant.

As time goes by, appointment booking-based businesses transform and evolve in unpredictable directions. And that is expected. However, not so long ago, it was difficult to imagine they would become so heavily dependent on the internet ecosystem. A notebook, a pen, a phone, and tons of free time were inevitable necessities of service-based business management.

Nevertheless, with advanced technologies showing up on the scene, we’ve managed to improve the plethora of management aspects. Maintaining a successful client relationship became easier than ever.

However, even though new solutions took certain burdens off, quite a few tedious tasks remained constant. Repetitive operations such as bookings, rescheduling, and sending invoices, consequently took much of one’s valuable time.

That’s why a team from Trafft developed a superior SaaS product. Trafft has managed to solve heaps of issues in the lives of business consultants, dentists, barbers, personal trainers, salon owners, freelancers, handymen, and real estate agents, just to name some.

If your business relies on service bookings, then Trafft is the tool to go for. It is created to do all the repetitive and time-consuming tasks instead of you, so you can focus on other important things in your life.

Multi-Location Scheduling Software Features to Look Out For

What makes Trafft so amazing are its carefully crafted characteristics. Here are the most interesting ones:


Being a cloud-hosted solution, with Trafft you don’t need to worry about building a website or buying a domain. You use it with a simple login over your email account. But even if you already have a website and seek to integrate a booking system within it, you can do that easily with Trafft’s embedding code. No matter if you run your business in one or a hundred locations, every critical detail about appointments and employee schedules is in one multi-location scheduling software.

Multi-location appointment scheduling software - Trafft - Log in screen

Intuitive and simple to use

There is no need to be tech-savvy to use it. One of the characteristics Trafft’s team is proudest of is its superior level of user interface design. As confirmed by users, Trafft provides a user experience you do not get with similar solutions. You can seamlessly create a booking system for multiple locations and enjoy the extra free time you have because you use Trafft.

Multi-location appointment scheduling software - Trafft - calendar overview

Customizable scheduling software for multiple locations

Trafft’s level of customization is impressive. You can pick between light and dark themes, adjust colors and fonts, and resize and upload your favorite photos to a gallery with no hassle. And many more beautifying features are on their way. Trafft is continuously adjusting to the needs of service professionals and we’re proud to provide you with one of the best scheduling software for multiple locations.

color customization options for Trafft booking software

Multiple service and employee management

You can supervise the real-time workflow of up to 80 employees with an unlimited number of services effortlessly. With Trafft as your go-to multi-location scheduling software, it’s never been easier to keep track of everything that happens in all of your business locations. Staff scheduling is simple and less time-consuming when you have the tool that takes care of every repetitive task and allows you to claim back your time.

Multi-location appointment scheduling software - Trafft - Customization setting screen

Discount codes

With Trafft it is super-easy to create and send discount codes. By rewarding your customers with promotional deals, you are improving their loyalty to your brand and services, and taking your relationship to a whole new level. You can track exactly how many appointments each of your customers booked and use multi-location scheduling to reward the most loyal ones. You’ll encourage them to keep coming back and create a base of loyal customers who always choose you over competitors.

Trafft coupons screen with options

SMS and email reminders

If you want to remind your clients about scheduled appointments, Trafft has automated SMS and email notifications that are personalized and super convenient. Sending them allows your customers to plan better, and reschedule on time if necessary. The idea behind this was to minimize no-shows. And guess what? It’s working! Keeping tabs on how many times certain customers didn’t show up is daunting, but with a powerful booking system for multiple locations, it’s already done for you.

Trafft - SMS reminders and notifications settings screen

Why does law firm prioritize multi-location scheduling software?

Riva Jeane Headshot

Riva Jeane May E. Caburog PR/Media Coordinator, Nadrich & Cohen

“I prioritize group scheduling software that excels in multi-location support. The software must make it easy for us to schedule appointments, court appearances, and internal meetings across different offices. I specifically look for features like a shared calendar showing all activities across locations, a user-friendly interface for quick scheduling based on location, and automatic adjustments for different time zones.

The software should also ensure that changes made in one location instantly update all relevant calendars to keep everyone on the same page. Also, customizable access permissions based on location add an extra layer of control. The software’s ability to seamlessly sync schedules across multiple locations is essential for streamlining our workflow and making our day-to-day operations more efficient.”

Multiple locations and time zones

If your business operates with multiple locations, Trafft sets them apart. Additionally, it adjusts time slots to multiple time zones when working with people worldwide. If you’ve been looking for multi-location scheduling software, give Trafft a try because it won’t disappoint you!

Trafft locations screen

Automatically create invoices for multi-location appointments

To stand out professionally compared to other businesses in your niche, you can send branded invoices to your customers. This will build even more trust in your ongoing relationship.

Multi-location appointment scheduling software - Trafft - invoice templates

Video call integrations

If your business depends on video calls, you will be pleased to know that Trafft supports integration with Zoom and Google Meet, depending on your email account. You can save employee schedules to multiple calendars, for a superb schedule overview. Trafft has two-way sync with Google, iCa, and Outlook Calendars to completely avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings.

Trafft integrations screen

Online payments

When you choose the scheduling software for multiple locations, it’s important to also take care of the payments. Luckily, Trafft allows online payments over PayPal, Stripe, and This feature makes the payment process convenient for your clients and you.

Trafft booking software payment integration


Trafft is mobile-friendly, and using it is effortless. Managing your business while laying down on your couch or taking a walk is now possible with Trafft.

Multi-location appointment scheduling software - Trafft  - mobile friendly

Free Version for up to 5 Users

Even though you are only a beginner with the intention to expand your business over time, you can start with Trafft’s free version. It will give you enough time to build your business systematically and upgrade along the way. Trafft’s team is continuously developing new features to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving business market. And when you open another location, Trafft’s going to support your growing business.

New features and work-in-progress features

Custom role feature, dark theme, and 6 new predefined themes were published just a few days ago. Trafft’s also published superior, recurring appointments that allow you to generate even more revenue from your bookings. We continuously add new templates for your booking page and themes you can customize to fit your brand. When you combine recurring appointments with multi-location scheduling, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll see a boost in your revenue. 

Long term potential

Trafft’s team treats your business as if it is their own, making Trafft become your digital business partner. Moreover, they build processes in such a way that their agents don’t just solve technical problems but also guide and educate the users on how to optimize their business. As your user database grows, they employ algorithms to identify patterns, untypical situations, and weaknesses in business schedules and suggest solutions accordingly.

Sounds like an outstanding multi-location scheduling software, right? The good news is, you don’t have to take my word for it, as you can test it now for free, and experience it firsthand!

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