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Configuring Trafft


Configuring Locations

Configuring Locations

Locations are here in case you have a business that spreads across various locations. The option to have multiple locations is a custom feature in Trafft and will be activated by default during your trial period.

By default, there’s only one location that can be used in Trafft (unless you enable this custom feature). If you provide your services in that one location or your business is provided online – don’t worry! You can use Trafft without any locations configured. You’d simply need to enter the company’s location in the Company Settings and that will be used as the single location of your business.

Zoom and Google Meet are used as online locations but in case you need multiple locations, in this article, we will explain how you can create and manage multiple locations in Trafft booking software.

Multiple Locations in Trafft is a custom feature and it counts to the number of your Custom Features & Integrations.

As mentioned above, during your Free Trial period, the “Locations” feature will be automatically enabled but if you’re a customer with an existing account, and you need to find this feature, please access Trafft’s Settings, and then click on Features & Integrations.

In the screenshot above, we have disabled the “Multiple Locations” feature, so that you can see what it looks like on an account that doesn’t have this feature enabled.

Simply click on the “Activate” button, and you’ll see the Locations button in the left-hand side menu.

If you configured Google Calendar and Google Meet integration and/or Zoom integration, these will already be added and the “Locations” button will be available in the left-hand side menu. They can’t be changed or removed as they are online locations used to provide services by default.

To create your first location click on the “+ Add Location” button and the new page will appear. The New Location screen is divided into three tabs:

Location Info, where you can provide the details of the location; the Office Hours, where you provide the office hours of the location, and the Gallery, where images of the location can be uploaded.

The Location Info consists of the following data:

  • Photo – Click on the circle to select a photo for uploading, or drag and drop the image into it to set the location photo.
  • Name – This is the only mandatory option when creating the location, so you can add a fictive location (like “Phone call”, or a location that doesn’t need an address).
  • Address, where the actual address of the location is provided. When you start typing the address, suggestions will be pulled from Google Maps, so you can select the address from the drop-down list.
  • “Not right address?” is a checkbox used for incorrect pins pulled from Google Maps. If you notice the pin is in the wrong place, once you enable this checkbox, the “Latitude” and the “Longitude” number-range selectors will appear that will help you to modify the location of the pin.
  • Pin allows you to customize the color of the pin.
  • The Phone field is the phone number related to the location.
  • Description can be used to briefly describe the location that you’re adding.

The Office Hours tab allows you to configure the location’s hours that will be used for the locations page on your mini-website. These working hours are there only to show the operating hours of this location, but they will not affect the availability of services.

To configure the availability of services, you need to edit the Employee’s Working Hours, and define which location(s) the employee is going to cover during the working hours.

Gallery – here you can add a gallery of images related to the location. It will be shown to the customers during their booking once they select the location. Click on the field for uploading photos and upload images from your files.

Once you finish entering all location details don’t forget to click the ” Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen, and the location will be shown on the page.

Please note: In order for the locations to appear during the booking process, you need to connect them with employees in the Employee’s Info and Working Hours tabs. Choose the default location for each employee and also choose locations in each working period to create unique schedules (your employees can work in different locations, we thought about that too 😉).

Working with a Locations list

All Locations will be shown on the Locations page in the form of a list. You will be able to see basic information such as location name, address, and phone but once you click on the specific location the sidebar with more information will open. On the sidebar, you will be able to see the office hours of the location, the address shown on a map, and a gallery if you created it. If you want to edit it, just click on the “Edit” button at the top of the right-hand side menu.Besides these, if you have a long list of locations you can search them by entering location names. Each location has the three-dots (…) menu on the right of the page so you can Edit or Delete any location. If you try to Delete a location that has appointments in the future or past connected to it, you will be warned about this.

If you choose to delete the location that has appointments booked, all future and past appointments will be deleted as well.

This action can’t be undone.

On your Booking Website, you’ll notice the Locations tab on the top. When your customers click on it, they will be able to see all physical locations (the online locations won’t be displayed):

Have more questions?

If you face an issue, and cannot find an answer in the documentation, feel free to submit a support ticket!