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Account Settings ⚙️

Account Settings ⚙️

When you log into your Trafft account and click on your name/picture in the top right corner, the following options will appear:

  • Account Settings;
  • Billing;
  • Upgrade Plan;
  • Logout.

Depending on the user that’s logging into Trafft, the following options that appear when you click on Account Settings may vary:

Personal Info (available to all users) – here, you can change the First and Last Name and Email that you set during the onboarding process. Besides this, you can also upload your photo by clicking anywhere in the photo field or dragging and dropping photos in the marked area. Once you finish with changes in Personal Info settings don’t forget to click on “Save Personal Info” to save your changes.

Change Password (available to all users) – here you can change the password set during your first sign-up. You will need to enter the current password, enter a new one and then confirm it by entering it for the second time.

Integrations (available to all users) – here you can connect your own Zoom, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar with your Trafft account if the admin has activated those integrations on the Features and Integrations page.

Assigned Services (available to admins or users with custom roles) – Through here, you can enable the services you are assigned to, as an employee.

Working Hours (available to admins or users with custom roles) – The working hours for your account can be configured here.

Days Off (available to admins or users with custom roles) – Here is where you would configure non-working days for your account.

Special Days (available to admins or users with custom roles) – If this feature is enabled in Trafft’s settings, this option would also appear in the Account Settings, where you would be able to configure special working days that do not follow the Working Hours of the employee.

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