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Configuring Trafft


Payments and Payment Settings

Payments and Payment Settings

Payment Settings are intended to guide you in configuring the essential parameters for your upcoming transactions.

To utilize online payment methods, it is imperative to enable the Online Payments feature on the Features & Integration page beforehand.

Payments Settings

The Payments section in Trafft’s Settings allows you to configure the currency that’s going to be used, the price separator, the position of the price symbol, and the number of decimals that are going to be used when the price is presented to your customers.

Price Settings

Currency – here, you can designate the currency to be displayed alongside each price and utilized during subsequent payments. For added convenience, you can expedite the selection process by searching for your desired currency in the provided field.

The default selection is the US dollar. It’s important to note that, currently, the application supports the use of only one currency throughout the app.

Price Symbol Position – this option allows you to opt for one of four positions in which the currency symbol will be displayed: Before, Before with space, After, or After with space.

By default, the Before option is selected, resulting in a price format like this: $100.

Price Separator allows you to specify the separators to be used for your prices. Currently, there are three options available: Comma-Dot, Dot-Comma, and Space-Comma.

The default selection is Comma-Dot, resulting in a price format like this: 15,000.00.

Number of Decimals – here, you can establish the number of decimals to be displayed in your prices.

The default setting is 2, resulting in a price format like this: 15,000.00.

Payment Methods

The default payment method in Trafft, which doesn’t require enabling any custom features, is On-Site. This payment method allows your customers to book appointments without paying anything during the booking process.

If you add the Company Bank Account Number in the Company Settings, the invoice that is sent to the customers will include this number, so your customers will be able to pay using bank transfer.

The first time you land on the Payments settings, you will see the information about this and the button that takes you to the Features page, where the feature can be enabled.

To use Online Payment methods, you first need to enable this feature in the Features & Integrations page.

After the feature has been enabled, you will see all available online payment methods.

Once at least one online payment method is enabled, you will be able to:

  • Change the Primary Payment option (which is set to On-Site by default);
  • Disable the On-Site payment method, so no one can book without paying;
  • Enable and configure the Payment Link Redirect URL – this option works along with the Payment via Link feature, so if you configured it, the customers will be redirected to the URL defined in here after they pay via link.

To read more about Payment via Link, please click here.


To link your PayPal account, go to Features & Integrations, and locate the Online Payments section. Click on “Set Up” and then click on the “Connect Account” button in the PayPal card. This will redirect you to the PayPal login page, where you can log in to your account. Once logged in, you will be returned to the Trafft page, where a confirmation of the established connection will be displayed, indicating your email.

Note: This integration is only possible with verified business PayPal accounts.


Likewise, to establish a connection with your Stripe account, you must first navigate to Features & Integrations and access the Online Payments section by clicking the “Set Up” button. Then, under Stripe, click the “Connect Account” button. This action will direct you to Stripe’s Sign-in page, where you can log in to your account. After successfully logging in, you will be automatically redirected back to the Trafft page, confirming that the connection has been established

Note: This integration is only possible with verified business Stripe accounts.


To link your Mollie payments account, proceed to Features & Integrations, and locate the Online Payments section. Click on the “Set Up” button and then on the “Connect Account” button next to the Mollie Payment option.

This action will redirect you to log in to your Mollie account, where you can connect and authorize website profiles and payment methods. Within your Mollie account, you can access transaction details, refunds, chargebacks, set permissions, and configure a payment page design. To seamlessly integrate your Trafft and Mollie accounts for payment acceptance, ensure you have at least one website profile and an active payment method configured in your Mollie account. On the Online Payments page in Trafft, under Mollie integration, select the desired Website profile to connect with Trafft.

Note: To establish a connection with Mollie, it is essential to configure the currency in Trafft to Euro. This is necessary as the Euro is the only supported currency across all payment profiles in Mollie.


Presently, the final payment method available in Trafft is To establish this connection, you must input your “Authorize login ID” and “Authorize transaction key.” Retrieve these details by logging into your account and navigating to API Credentials and Keys in Account settings. There, you will find the API Login ID, which you can copy as the “Authorize login ID.” For the transaction key, select the “New Transaction Key” option, submit, and follow the prompts to verify your email address. Once verified, the “Current Transaction Key” will be generated, which you can copy as the “Authorize transaction key.”

After entering the necessary credentials, be sure to select the “Save Credentials” option. Subsequently, your customers will have the option to make credit card payments through Authorize.Net

This completes the connection between Trafft and Authorize.Net.

Note: To establish a connection with Authorize.Net, it is essential to configure the currency in Trafft to either USD or CAN. This is necessary as these two currencies are the only supported currencies across all payment profiles in Authorize.Net.

After successfully connecting to at least one online payment method, you have the option to disable on-site payment by checking the checkbox next to “Disable payment on-site.”

Upon completing the configuration of your payment settings, click on “Save Settings.” Additionally, you can choose your preferred Primary Payment method from the dropdown menu to set it as the default.

Once Online Payments are enabled and connected, Trafft provides the flexibility to choose the preferred payment method for each service. This option appears when the “Disable payment On-Site” option is enabled.

Within the service settings, you will find the “Payment Method” option, initially set to “All” by default. This setting allows your customers the flexibility to pay either online or on-site. You have the option to configure each service to accept payments exclusively online, or on-site, or maintain both options simultaneously.

Payment Link Redirect URL

If you are using a payment link to gather payments from your customers, you have the option to define the URL to which customers will be redirected after a successful payment.

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