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Custom Features

Custom Features

As part of your Plan, Trafft allows you to activate certain custom features that boost your booking process even more. For both you and your customers.

Besides making the booking process easy, these custom features allow you to attract even more customers with perfect booking processes and marketing efforts. How?

With custom features such as:

  • Coupons and Discounts: Reward loyal customers and incentivize them to book again with discounts and coupons you can create with Trafft.
  • Custom Domain: Use your own domain for your booking website.
  • Custom Fields: Set up mandatory and non-mandatory custom fields that let you collect important information about your customers, from how they’ve found you to screening questions.
  • Custom Notifications: Personalize your communication with customers and facilitate better communication among your team members.
  • Custom User Roles and Permissions: Control the level of access for each user by specifying which Trafft entities they can view, manage, or delete.
  • Services Extras: Create additional services or products that complement your primary service and utilize upsells directly through Trafft.
  • Group Bookings: Manage classes, seminars, sports activities, and various other group sessions.
  • Multiple Locations: Manage multiple locations from a single platform.
  • Online Payments: Collect full or partial upfront payments to protect your business’s financial stability.
  • Recurring Appointments: Allow customers to book an appointment that repeats multiple times. They can select the date and time for the initial appointment, and then specify the recurrence type and the number of repetitions within a single booking process.
  • SMTP Email Settings: Customize the sender email address that your customers will see when receiving emails from Trafft.
  • Special Days: Create unique schedules for your employees that are different from the regular working hours. Unlike the standard working hours, special days apply only to specific dates or date ranges.
  • Configure Webhooks: Webhooks enable you to send data from Trafft to any other application, allowing for efficient data sharing and integration across various platforms.
  • Ratings & Reviews: With Trafft, customers can provide feedback and ratings for their appointments and employees. You can choose to display reviews and in which order.
  • Chatbot: Provide your customers with a next-level booking experience because instead of clicking through your booking page, they can make appointments by chatting with Trafft’s Chatbot.

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