Housecall Pro Reviews: What's Good and What Isn't About The App

Housecall Pro Reviews: What’s Good and What Isn’t About The App

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If you want to run your home-service business effectively, you need reliable software. It must provide all the essential tools to help you save time.

Housecall Pro is an excellent option for home-service professionals. It’s a cloud-based software that offers both a website and a mobile app.

Time is money, and you can’t afford to waste it either. Hence, this option can be an excellent solution for your business development.

This article features Housecall Pro reviews that reveal its pros and cons.

What is Housecall Pro

What is Housecall Pro

This software offers a field management solution (FMS) to optimize business performance. Particularly designed to meet the needs of home-service suppliers, it provides many tools.

With Housecall Pro you will be able to automate processes and save time.

This app stands out from other task-management software. Its balance between user-friendliness and functionality has made it one-of-a-kind.

Housecall Pro is responsive and benefits from constant updates. With this software, technology will work for you and not the other way around.

Its mobile app is unique in look and feel. It presents an intuitive platform, minimizing the need for technical training.

It offers a free version for single owners that includes many of the pro features.

What is Housecall Pro

The advanced plans don’t have that many different attributes. Instead, they allow you to work with a larger number of users.

There is also an enterprise version for larger businesses. Moreover, the Housecall Pro app works with both Android and iOS.

Housecall Pro is a strong management solution with a top-class app and user-friendly interface. With its features and plans, this is the ideal option for small to medium-sized businesses.

Nonetheless, Housecall Pro doesn’t offer automated quote follow-up reminders. If this is a must-have for you, we recommend trying other options like ServiceM8.

What industries does Housecall Pro cover?

What industries does Housecall Pro cover?

This management solution was built for the house-service industry. This is a wide market with plenty of business options:

  • Window cleaning
  • Air conditioning installation and services
  • Pest control
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Home cleaning
  • Electrical services
  • Plumbing

Each of these sectors has various sub-niches.

For example, home cleaning can relate to a variety of things. These can be housekeeping, junk removal, appliance installations, etc.

The same applies to pest control. This is an even wider sector including bug prevention, and extermination of cockroaches, rats, bats, termites, ants, scorpions, etc.

Housecall Pro is excellent for job scheduling and technician dispatch. If this is what your business entails, then this software won’t disappoint you.

How can Housecall Pro help me manage my business?

This solution comes packed with useful features.

These will help you handle administrative tasks stress-free. You can schedule appointments and dispatch technicians across different areas with ease too.

Next, the article lists some of the advantages you will enjoy.

Easy job scheduling

How can Housecall Pro help me manage my business?

With Housecall Pro software you can manage your schedule from any device. Assign jobs to technicians from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Get your work team done easily thanks to the automated calendar synchronization.

When you edit the calendar, technicians will receive instant notifications. Pro plans allow both owners and technicians to follow up with the calendar.

Clients can keep track of their appointments thanks to the Google Calendar integration.

Online booking

Online booking

Scheduling is easy thanks to Housecall Pro’s online platform. You can handle more clients since they can book their own appointments.

Thus, your staff can focus on other tasks rather than handling bookings.

Also, the software includes a visible call-to-action button to encourage visitors. Clicking ‘Book now’ on your Facebook page or website redirects visitors to a booking form.

Customers can enter their data and choose their preferred time and date. Once they submit the form, you will receive a notification about the new appointment.

Real-time dispatching and On-My-Way notifications

Real-time dispatching and On-My-Way notifications

With Housecall Pro you can create a stellar customer service model. You’ll be able to offer punctuality, effectiveness, and time optimization.

When technicians are assigned a job, they only need to click one button to access all the details. They’ll know the time, place, and characteristics of the job.

Your customers will feel safe knowing exactly where their technician is. Thanks to its GPS locator, Housecall Pro allows clients to track their specialists.

Professionals can also update customers on their location with automated messages.



Accounting should never be taken lightly.

Another one of Housecall Pro’s perks is its automated file system. Instead of spending hours on paperwork, use your valuable time to develop your brand.

You can digitize your estimates and invoices for easier administration. Also, you can send customers quotations and invoices with one click.

Multiple payment processing methods

Multiple payment processing methods

Flexibility is another important factor. By making things easier for your customers you’ll increase conversions.

Housecall Pro allows customers to pay by different methods. Clients can pay by cash, cheque, or credit card. 

Clicking the ‘Pay’ button redirects them to the checkout page. Here they can choose their preferred payment option.

Things are quite easy for them too. For example, if they pay by credit card, they can simply scan their card and confirm the details.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Thanks to its analytics options, you’ll have access to detailed reports. Knowing the performance of each campaign helps you to plan future marketing strategies.

If you promote a Facebook ad, the analytics will show how many jobs resulted from it. This is also a good way to analyze expenses and organize the budget.

Quote management

Quote management

With Housecall Pro you can create detailed quotations. You can add messages to customers, list the materials and their costs, and attach files.

Besides creating and sending the quotes, it makes it easy to manage them.

Advanced technician dispatch options

Advanced technician dispatch options

With Housecall Pro, you can do more than tell technicians where to go. You can organize schedules, arrange recurring jobs, make appointments, and schedule arrival windows.

The best part is that changes are automatically synchronized. The software shares any updates across all devices and workers.

Smart client management

Smart client management

Clients prefer businesses that treat them like people rather than numbers.

Housecall Pro allows you to store the information of current and past clients. You can create a customer profile with their name, address, invoice history, and attachments.

Client loyalty is one of the biggest challenges for today’s companies. With these tools, you can ensure that your clients receive excellent service.

Live GPS locator and map

Live GPS locator and map

This is a vital feature for the service industry. Delivery companies and house-service providers must have a proper GPS map.

Thus, the business owner can assign tasks to the closest available technician. This is an excellent time optimization tool that can make a difference for your business.

Follow-up Marketing

Follow-up Marketing

Sending follow-up messages is a good idea. You can set up automated ‘thank you’ emails.

Find out what a client’s experience with your team was like. Make sure that they feel appreciated and that their opinion matters.

Wide integration options

Wide integration options

Due to the constant market updates, integrations are very important. The industry is always evolving and your website needs to keep up.

Luckily, Housecall Pro integrates seamlessly with plenty of third-party software. These are some examples:

  • Zapier
  • Broadly
  • ResponsiBid
  • Google Calendar
  • QuickBooks
  • Gusto
  • Mailchimp
  • NiceJob
  • Podium

Housecall Pro – Pros

Easy to use platform

Easy to use platform

Housecall Pro reviews show that the software simplifies all processes.

It’s user-friendly for owners, managers, and technicians working in the field. It simplifies all internal processes, from booking to dispatching and invoicing.

Its management options allow you to find an invoice number fast.

Also, you can find a client’s profile in your customer-history database. This will help you save time and provide a client-oriented service.

Low rates

With Housecall Pro, payment processing fees are quite affordable. Most industries charge a fee ranging from 1.5% to 3.5%.

Online community: Facebook and events

Online community: Facebook and events

The Housecall Pro community spans many regions in North America.

You can connect with other users through the Facebook group, online events, and in-person gatherings. Its Facebook group is one of the largest in the industry.

Provide value to your company

This field service management software will help you provide an excellent user experience. It creates a smooth interaction between the relevant parts.

It connects and updates managers, technicians, and customers on every stage of the process. If your company offers qualified services, you won’t regret choosing Housecall Pro.

Prime customer experience

Build a solid reputation by sending messages to your customer database. Email campaigns help promote your services and notify customers about your special offers.

Set up automated ‘thank you’ messages and rescheduling reminders. By keeping clients engaged, you can create a loyal base of returning customers.

Offer all types of services

This field service management software is very flexible and adapts to all types of home-based services. This includes plumbing, house cleaning, pest control, or heating and air conditioning services.

If your business involves booking, assigning jobs, and allocating technicians, Housecall Pro will be a lifesaver.


Of all Housecall Pro reviews, this might be the most important one.

Home services have one peculiarity – they are all based on trust. After all, people are letting strangers into their homes.

Housecall Pro acts as a link between qualified professionals and people. It’s a win-win deal.

Customers get high-quality services from providers with a verified background. The business owner gets to manage the processes smoothly.

Finally, technicians can accommodate more work in less time. This creates a powerful combination that advertises itself through word-of-mouth.

Housecall Pro – Cons

Not suitable for long term work

This field service management software works well for home services.

Yet, according to Housecall Pro reviews, it’s not ideal for large companies with long-term projects. This includes remodeling, decoration, painting, and construction.

Limited management functionality

The management functionality is not available for certain tasks. This includes reverse logistics, preventive maintenance, warranty, or claims.

No inventory management

Housecall Pro doesn’t provide inventory management tools. Users can’t track inventory nor plan future demand.

Limited performance tracking

Limited performance tracking

Managers can’t track technicians’ capabilities or performance. They can’t track productivity in the field either.

Limited automated messages

Housecall Pro doesn’t send automated next-appointment reminders.

No recurring appointments

The mobile app doesn’t support scheduling recurring appointments.

Limited invoicing features

Managers won’t be able to set up different terms for estimates and invoices. They also can’t label an estimate as a proposal or a contract.

Further, the software doesn’t support custom billing terms and due dates.

Housecall Pro – Prices

Basic Plan

Users: 1

Includes: Field service management solutions

Price: $49/month

Essentials Plan

Users: 1 to 5

Includes: Advanced features to simplify internal processes

Price: $109/month

Max Plan

Users: 1 to 100+

Includes: Comprehensive package for consolidated businesses

Price: Personalized quotation

What other people are saying

Whenever there’s a review page, you always see positive opinions about that app. But, what about the negative opinions?

Let’s see what others are saying:

Final thoughts on Housecall Pro reviews

To sum up, Housecall Pro is a management solution for small-to-mid-sized businesses. While not suitable for long-term projects, it’s perfect for one-time home services.

Its time tracking features and notifications create a work environment where processes run smoothly.

These Housecall Pro reviews highlight the software’s many advantages. User-friendliness and flexibility are two of the main ones.

You can manage bookings and dispatch technicians from your desktop and smartphone. The system runs both on Android and iOS.

If you want to take your business to the next level, give Housecall Pro a try. It will help you improve customer service and put you at the forefront of the industry.

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