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Looking for the perfect appointment form template?

Look no further!

Our comprehensive collection of examples is guaranteed to take your scheduling game to the next level.

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper forms and hello to seamless online booking. Nowadays, most customers will look for a service provider online and the most convenient way to submit and receive bookings is through an online appointment form.

Using an appointment form template is a good starting point. A form builder will often allow you to add fields, personalize data collection, customize the appearance, and add branding.

This article will show you 14 of the best appointment form templates and discuss some of their features.

What Is an Appointment Request Form

Online appointment forms allow potential customers to request an appointment with you. Many of these appointment forms link to your calendar and, thus, avoid double booking problems. On top of that, these forms allow you to gather important information about your clients.

It is clear that these forms are very useful for service business professionals. They combine the features of booking forms and contact forms into one tool.

Depending on the kind of booking tool you are using, the software will add appointments to your calendar. You can also manually add them, which will allow you to determine which clients you want to take on and which ones you don’t.

How Can You Use an Appointment Request Form

The more appointments you get, the more complicated the booking process becomes. Relying only on the phone and email can lead to double bookings, no-shows, and miscommunications. An appointment request form can solve many of those problems. It takes away a lot of stress, and still, everyone can get their appointment scheduled.

An appointment request form gathers information that is pertinent to the appointment. The most basic information includes:

  • Name of the person making the booking request
  • Contact details
  • Reason for requesting the appointment

Once you have these details, you can offer your prospective clients exactly what they want.

Different industries use forms for appointment requests in different ways, such as:

  • Getting new leads
  • Scheduling lessons
  • Requesting consultation meetings
  • Scheduling doctor’s appointments

Important Information Fields for Your Appointment Request Forms

Every appointment request form should include the following:

  • Contact information. You should at least get the name of the person and their email address. You can use the email addresses to build a list of potential customers. Depending on your line of work, you can also ask for their phone number and address.
  • Availability. An appointment request form is not the same as a booking form. Filling out and submitting a request does not mean that a person receives a specific time slot. It is you who determines whether and when a person gets scheduled.
  • Reason for requesting an appointment. Every client is different, so it’s good to know why they want to meet you in the first place. This helps you prepare for a meeting and provide the best service possible.

It is up to you if you want to add other fields that you think are necessary.

Best Appointment Form Template Examples

Thanks to appointment form templates, making appointment forms is much easier. They give you a starting point for making your personal forms.

Also, the template ensures that you include all of the important elements a good request form should have. It lets you focus on what you deem most important.

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, these appointment form templates are designed to cater to your every need.

Appointment Request

Customizing the template and adding your branding is easy with Appointment Request. You can add or change fields and you can link the form with your scheduling system. In this way, you, your client, and your staff will know an appointment gets scheduled. After you finish the form for appointment requests, you can embed it on your site.

Hospitality Booking Form Template

This form builder is great for hotels, resorts, and businesses in the service and hospitality industry.

You can request information about the person, their name, contact details, and group size and makeup. There are fields for adding check-in and check-out dates, so you will know how long they’ll stay.

Banquet Booking Form Template

This template creator uses the 123 Form Builder. The drag-and-drop editor lets you edit the template without the use of code.

Free Online Appointment Form Template

This appointment request form will help you plan your day better. It works for different kinds of meetings and any kind of industry. Satisfied customers include consultants, doctors, executives, lawyers, and other businesses.

You can add a Print Submissions button so that your clients can print off a copy of their appointment, which is a very useful feature when bookers need to take a copy of the appointment to the meeting.

Health Booking Form Template

This form template is useful for clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, spas, and others in the health and wellness industry.

An interesting detail of this form creator is that by default it does not request a name first. While this order is common in most online forms, it is not a rule. In this case, the user first selects the service and then how many are in their group. After that, they provide names and contact details.

This is one of the more sophisticated forms. It reveals more fields as the user enters specific details. In that way, the form is as simple as possible.

Veterinarian Appointment Form

This is an excellent option if you have a vet clinic. It helps with online appointment booking. Also, it helps you to collect relevant information to use in your Salesforce CRM. Customizing the form is very easy. You can adjust the content, style, and appearance.

Wedding Photography Booking Form

This appointment form gathers all relevant information for photographers and event planners. There are different ways in which you can customize the online appointment form. You can add your company logo and post it on your website or social media channel.

Business Appointment Form Sample

Customization options for this template include changing colors and the Thank You page. You can link it to a calendar and set up sales workflows and automatic email responses. After you have set up everything, you can publish the appointment booking form wherever you want. There are several free sample templates that you can customize. All templates work well on a mobile device.

Transportation Booking Form Template

Taxi services and other businesses that work in the transportation industry will find what they want in this template. After you set up the form, link it to your website where anyone interested can find it.

The first field on the form asks how often the customer will need the service. That helps you to identify your client’s needs at first glance. Then the form asks about the distance and the number of passengers. Only then will the form gather information about the customer’s personal details.

Clinic (Veterinarian) Appointment Form

This booking form gathers the right information for vets. You will receive all form responses in your email inbox, and you can export information to your Google Calendar. If you want, you can also use another calendar program for sorting your appointments. The template is fully customizable.

Online Appointment Form Template

Having your appointments organized will help you to plan your day better. This template is a great aid for executives, their secretaries, doctors, and small businesses.

Doctor (Medical) Appointment Form Template

Patient name, date of birth, and phone number are important details for doctors. In this appointment form template, users will also find fields for selecting their preferred doctor and adding medical information.

Workshop Registration Form Sample

You can customize this appointment form by adding fields and changing their order. Besides, you can add email notifications and online payments. The payment options include a cost estimator, PayPal checkout, and a shopping cart.

Event Registration Form Template

You can create a free online appointment form with this template. You can use it for the registration of conferences, parties, workshops, and so on. Through the form, you can accept credit card and Paypal payments.

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What Appointment Form Template Works Best for You?

Scheduling appointments is a repetitive but crucial task for most businesses. Investing in a good appointment form template is, thus, imperative.

An online appointment form template should make your life easier, no matter your industry. It represents the starting point for your personalized online form. It ensures that you don’t forget any critical information. You can focus on the customizations.

These examples show you how these templates can simplify your workflows.

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