How to Scale a Service Business and Take It to the Next Level

To set up a product business you need to find a unique product and unique marketing opportunities. But setting up a service business can be easy; in essence, if you want to start a service business, you need to let others know on social media that you are offering your skills.

Useful Life Coaching Contracts to Use (8 Templates)

Coaching is a multifaceted profession. On the one hand, a life coach knows how to be a caring, motivational professional intent on helping their clients. A life coach is also a professional who knows how to run their coaching business well.

One aspect of being a professional life coach involves knowing how to use service agreements well. In a service agreement, both parties agree on expectations and the client can learn what they need to know before they move forward.

Coaching vs Consulting: The Difference Between Them

You probably already have a pretty good idea of the roles of coaches and consultants, but many people have tried to blur the lines of the definition of each of these important roles. This can lead to a situation where clients don’t get the correct services that they need. This isn’t to say that one is better than the other; both coaching and consulting are focused on helping a person with problems in their business. The big difference in coaching vs consulting is how they help.

The Many Types of Life Coaching Businesses You Can Start

Google “life coaching services” and the search engine throws more than one million results at you. Life coaches may be left wondering, how can I be heard above all the noise in a growing industry full of potential? You need to focus and amplify your coaching business by directing your skill set and knowledge toward a niche. Identifying the right one for you is like stumbling across the spot marked X on a treasure map.

The Best Coaching Questions You Could Ask Your Clients

Life coaches have a great responsibility on their shoulders, as they must inspire their clients. Overcoming fears and going beyond limitations is not easy, and this is where coaching conversations become useful.

So, what can be done to speed up this process and reach new solutions? How do career coaches help people grow and deal with challenges?

How to Become a Tax Consultant and Be Great at It

Tax consultancy is a rewarding business. You get to work with firms, businesses, offices, and individuals to show them how to apply any tax law. You are the go-to individual for questions about tax preparation and tax returns. You are key to the financial success of your clients. On top of that, the field of tax consultation is very lucrative.

Transformational Life Coaching: How to Do It Right

What does transformation coaching even mean, many people ask?

Bottom line is – it is something that is supposed to make your life better. Who wouldn’t like to appoint someone that can do that for them? This is why transformational life coaching is becoming more and more popular.

Let’s look at people, for instance, who don’t feel accomplished enough. Their dreams didn’t come true, and they often have no purpose in their lives. As a result, they feel depressed, disappointed, and most of all frustrated.

The Best Guide on How to Make Money as A Life Coach

Turning your life coaching business into a success story is not as simple as you may think. Launching a page and racking up the billable hours won’t suffice. Instead, this undertaking requires lots of work and effort on your end.

Put this way, it may sound terrifying, and even discourage some of you from following your dream. And yet, looking at the lucrative career some life coaches have built, it is certainly worth the try. You will do exactly what you want – guide people to a better life. Why not reap some rewards too?

The Best Life Coaching Niches You Should Know About

Choosing a life coaching niche can be a stressful task. Indeed, you like motivating people and making the world a better place, but what do you do the best?

A life coach can specialize in many areas, be that career choices or grief over a loved one. Personal, executive, corporate, or wellness are just a few of the many life coaching niches you should consider.

Cleaning Business Success Stories to Inspire You

Many doubt whether they will be able to run a business with good results. That is preventing them from starting their own company, and the cleaning business is no exception. But you never know unless you try.

There are many encouraging examples of people that have started a cleaning business and succeeded. Some have done it without beginning with much money or experience.

Successful cleaning business stories can inspire you to start your own or grow your existing business. Read this compilation of cleaning business success stories and see how you can be successful.