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The health and fitness market is growing and becoming increasingly competitive. So choosing the right personal trainer logo can make a big difference for your business.

Without proper branding, a business has little chance to get enough attention from consumers. On the other hand, a good logo is captivating and memorable. It represents the brand, its vision, and its goal.

Not every small business has a marketing team to take care of branding management. This article presents all you need to know to create a great personal trainer logo to represent your unique brand.

Personal Trainer Logo Designs

Personal Trainer Logo Designs

There are different types of logo design, but they all have something in common. A good logo doesn’t need to be complicated. It needs to be unique.

Famous brands are easily identified by their logo. People recognize the company behind the design at first sight. Whether the logo stands for sportswear, a favorite coffee brand, or a global technology company, a good design choice makes it unique. Creating unique logos can also mean using animated graphics. If you want to take this approach, you can use motion graphics software.

In the case of personal trainers, a good logo doesn’t need to feature a symbol related to the industry itself. Many great brands are recognized by monograms or other simple design elements.

Here are different types of logo design that can make good branding:

  • Wordmarks
  • Monograms
  • Text and graphic logos
  • Abstract marks and brand marks



Wordmarks, also known as logotypes or typography logos, usually include only the brand name. For example, FedEx or Google use a wordmark logo. The advantage of this logo design is that it can be easily applied to other branding tools, such as business cards and social media.

Many personal trainers use them on t-shirts, water flasks, and other items that help promote their brand.



Monograms are also popular among personal trainers. They often combine the initials of the individual and are easy to create. A typical example of a famous monogram logo belongs to the Louis Vuitton fashion brand, known as LV.

The minimalist design makes monogram logos quickly recognizable. Many start-ups like to use this logotype.

Text And Graphic Logos

Text And Graphic Logos

This graphic design combines text and a symbol that represents the brand or its specialization. Famous brands that feature text and graphic logos are Adidas and the MacDonald’s company.

They are popular in many fields, including the fitness industry.

Abstract Marks And Brand Marks

Abstract Marks And Brand Marks

This logo design has become popular more recently. It consists only of a symbol, sometimes an abstract one, that identifies the brand. Apple, Twitter, Spotify- these are just a few famous examples.

Getting a Logo

Getting a Logo

For some personal trainers, the easiest way of getting a logo is to search for one on the internet. A free pre-designed logotype could be a quick solution, but not always the best one. The simplest method would be to use a free logo maker tool that guides you through the design process. This is also the most budget-friendly solution.

Creating a brand is essential for the success of the business. A unique customized logo that represents the trainer as an individual will stand out in the overcrowded fitness market. That’s why many personal trainers choose to invest a bit more in their brand identity.

Here is what you can do to design your own professional  personal trainer logo:

  1. Create your own personal training brand using apps like,, and
  1. A graphic designer can create a customized personal training logo for your brand; you can find a professional through online platforms such as Upwork.
  1. Use a website template for personal training business; customize the look and create a matching logo.

Keys To a Great Personal Trainer Logo Design

Get some inspiration 

Get some inspiration 

There are many successful businesses in the personal training industry. Their branding and logos can be a good source of inspiration.

A quick analysis of competitors’ logo design may reveal their key to success. A carefully picked concept, color, fonts, and other features play a big role in a perfect logo design. It represents a unique mission that projects into customized design elements.

Get a clear vision

Get a clear vision

The next important step is to clearly understand your own brand mission. Compare your ideas with your competitors and ask yourself what makes your brand unique. This approach will help you get a clearer vision of your brand look.

The modern fitness industry offers many different approaches and niches. Some businesses provide specialized services. Other brands focus only on a specific type of personal training. And there are also companies that sell other products besides personal training services.

It’s important to find your own personal space among them and base the logo design on your USP.

Know Your Target Market

Know Your Target Market

It’s equally important to identify the target market. Professional sportsmen and recreational gym members represent a very different target audience. The personal trainer logo must reflect whose attention you’re trying to attract.

Simple But Clear

Simple But Clear

The simplicity of great logos makes them memorable and recognizable. Clean modern design is often minimalistic. At the same time, it should clearly communicate what kind of personal training experience the brand provides.

Cost-Effective Color Choice

Cost-Effective Color Choice

An important aspect of logo design is the cost of reproducing it. The brand’s logo often appears on marketing or sales collateral. This includes sales brochures and leaflets, promotional pictures, posters, t-shirts, business cards, etc.

The more colorful design, the higher the printing price. In general, businesses tend to use a maximum of 3 colors in their personal trainer logos.

Font Design

Font Design

A professional personal trainer logo must be easy to read. People won’t remember it if it’s illegible. Some brands risk losing clarity over originality when not using the proper fonts.

So when it comes to font choice, the San Serif family is perfect for logos. These fonts include Ariel, Helvetica, and Roboto. On the other hand, Comic Script fonts are not recommended.



The final tip is to choose a logo design that will look great in varying sizes and on different backgrounds. The brand will be displayed on very different marketing tools, including big banners and small business cards. Make sure your personal trainer logo is versatile.

Personal Trainer Logo Examples

Trainer Scott | Personal Trainer Logo

Trainer Scott | Personal Trainer LogoImage source: Brandon Whalen

David Wellness Training

David Wellness TrainingImage source: BOLDE

Fit Coaches approved logo

Fit Coaches approved logoImage source: Tiamin

Monteil Fitness

Monteil FitnessImage source: Dan Blessing

Annaliese Mortimer Logo

Annaliese Mortimer LogoImage source: Cameron Jennings

Damian Lugones Pt. 2

Damian Lugones Pt. 2Image source: Mariano Lampacrescia

DFF Branding Option 2

DFF Branding Option 2Image source: Garrett Osepchuk

Flávia Nogueira | Logotype

Flávia Nogueira | LogotypeImage source: BOLDE

Personal Trainer Logo

Personal Trainer LogoImage source: Marnie Lines

DFF Branding V2

DFF Branding V2Image source: Garrett Osepchuk

Brenda Kerolen – Personal trainer

Brenda Kerolen - Personal trainerImage source: Érico Tarantino

Elida Pessoa Personal Trainer

Elida Pessoa Personal TrainerImage source: Thalles Borba


FitnessImage source: Lucian Radu

Kentucky Personal Trainer Logo

Kentucky Personal Trainer LogoImage source: Angela Elliott – Wingard

Damian Lugones Pt. 3

Damian Lugones Pt. 3Image source: Mariano Lampacrescia

Diogo Darck Personal Trainer

Diogo Darck Personal TrainerImage source: Marcius Cavalcanti

Tyronne Hardy – Personal Trainer logo

Tyronne Hardy - Personal Trainer logoImage source: Carl Worricker

Ivan Zaprianov

Ivan ZaprianovImage source: Gergana Kovatcheva

WIP Logo for personal training business

WIP Logo for personal training businessImage source: Tate Chow

PT³ – Personal Trainer Logo

PT³ - Personal Trainer LogoImage source: Noukka



Priscila Nunes – Personal Trainer

Priscila Nunes - Personal TrainerImage source: fixgu

Personal Trainer Logo

Personal Trainer LogoImage source: Deluna

Maxx Effort Personal Training Logo Option 2

Maxx Effort Personal Training Logo Option 2Image source: Angela Elliott – Wingard

VPTA Fitness logo

VPTA Fitness logoImage source: FlowBackward

Logo Design for Alex Penning – alternative lockup

Logo Design for Alex Penning - alternative lockupImage source: Alan Liddington

OrthoFit Personal Training

OrthoFit Personal TrainingImage source: Angela Elliott – Wingard

Personal Trainer Logo

Personal Trainer LogoImage source: Salma H.

One2One Personal Training Studio

One2One Personal Training StudioImage source: Craig Morrison for FIT

Ending thoughts on these great personal trainer logo tips

The key features of a great logo include simplicity, clarity, and versatility. Successful brands are memorable. They well represent the USP and the mission of the business.

Personal trainer logos must communicate with their target audience. There are many niches and specializations in the fitness industry, so the design needs to attract the right market.

Some companies decide to design their logo themselves. Other personal trainers are willing to invest a bit more in their brand creation. They realize it’s an important step towards their success and recognition.

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