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Have you ever wondered how to get online personal training clients? If you have, it means that you want to grow your personal training business.

Attracting online personal training clients takes more than sending out emails or starting a social media page. It means that you gain their trust as a coach and that you entice them.

Converting existing clients into online clients should be approached differently. You need to show them how the process works and how they can enjoy it.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more online personal training clients. It will concisely answer how to get online personal training clients.

Three Pillars for Building a Successful Online Fitness Business

Right off the bat, you will see that there are some standard key elements for building a business as a personal trainer. These elements lead to marketing compelling offers that will attract new customers and will be key in learning how to get online personal training clients.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing has everything to do with making prospective clients aware of what you are offering online. In the case of an online personal training service, that means attracting, engaging, and building an online community. These steps will ensure increasing brand awareness.


Brand awareness is the first step. Think of how to tempt these people into becoming paying customers. What will it take to convince your community members to take the next step?

Service Delivery

The third pillar is service delivery. How are you going to organize and conduct your online training sessions? You need to create a pleasant and effective online experience. It is best to execute your plan efficiently so it does not take up too much of your time.

Transitioning a Client Over to Online Training

Before you convert your training business to be entirely online, it is best to transition your existing clients. You can do so by starting to offer hybrid training services. In a hybrid model, you offer a mix of in-person and online training sessions.

You could create a simple workout plan for one of your in-person clients, and they could follow it through an online medium. They can still follow your in-person classes, but they can also use the online program. You can check by calling, texting, or emailing. By staying in contact with your clients, you create a personal and accountable environment.


Get more bookings with the right tool for the job

Staying organized has never been easier.

You can now manage your business and grow your brand with a single, powerful software that keeps all of your appointments in line, your clients organized and your business booming.

Trafft is the perfect personal trainer software for business owners who need to streamline their booking experience both for their staff and their clients.


Trafft handles everything for you, even sending automated email or SMS reminders to your clients. No-shows? Not anymore!

The Trafft booking software adapts to different industries for a blissful online booking experience and employee management.

Want to know more? Check out Trafft’s awesome features to see what you are missing.


Establish Yourself as a Pro

When you offer a service, it’s like you are the product. So, you need to think with care about how you present yourself. That includes the way you dress, the way you move, and the way you talk about your product. When you work online, care for your online presence similarly. Your posts, messages, and voice must attract people.

Whatever stage your online personal training business is in, you need to be professional. You need to be different and better than the rest to stand out.

As an online personal trainer, it is smart to specialize. No one can be an expert in everything and each client is different,so specialize in a service or focus on a specific group of people. That also helps you in your marketing efforts.

Add Clear Calls to Action on Your Website or Landing Page

At the center of your online presence is an effective personal trainer website.

A business website is an important way of advertising your business and yourself as the instructor. Think about how you present yourself. Your website says much about you as an instructor. You can show your best side in different ways.

To convert visitors to clients, always use clear calls to action (or CTAs). These are buttons or links that direct website visitors to various actions, hence the name.

You can add CTAs such as

  • Download our app to book a session!
  • Inquire about our training here!
  • Sign up today!

Get Familiar with Your Market

You can do market research into your clients in different ways. The goal of market research is to find out what visitors want and how they want it.

Google Search

When you make a query through Google you will get a list of related results. That is useful for you because it shows you the answers people get when they are looking for a solution.

Answer the Public

This is a specialized tool for public use. You can enter a phrase and the tool generates a list of related search terms. You can generate these expressions in multiple languages.


Many people now use Facebook, forums, and hashtags to find information. You can use the same tools to find out what they are discussing and what their fitness needs are.

Pay to Play (Paid Ads)

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If you are looking to expand your online business it is strongly advised that you must look into paid ads. The “pay to play” marketing option refers to an entire digital infrastructure. It requires specific targeting, a good technical basis, and an efficient sales process.

Keep in mind that you are not the only one using this marketing tool. Your ads need to compete with those of everyone else. Think of it as a roadside billboard among hundreds of other ads.

Utilizing ads is less of a challenge when you are an established online personal trainer. This way of advertising is most suitable if you are already making $10,000+ with online personal training.

At any rate, this form of advertising is costly, but it also generates excellent returns. It is most effective when you know your target audience , what language they speak, and how to reach them.

Grow Your Online Audience

Engaging your audience is very simple nowadays through social media platforms. Consider some of the most popular platforms at your disposal.


Facebook continues to be the most popular social media platform. Every month some two billion people use Facebook to socialize and find information.

This platform is invaluable for engaging with an online audience. You can get the help of family members and friends to like and share your posts and reach more potential clients.


Instagram is another very popular platform and it allows you to spread more creative content.

Instagram has a range of features that help you to create content that catches the eye of your online personal training clients.


With YouTube you will be able to reach a specific group of people. Some may not have the time or resources to get a premium subscription or a scheduled online personal training session.

Still, you can turn loyal YouTube followers into paying clients in the future.


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A good business website shows professionalism and a determination to stand out as an online coaching business.

Potential clients can browse your website and discover the online training plan that suits them. Make sure that you provide all the information for which prospective clients might be looking. Don’t forget to provide different ways of contacting you.

Blog Articles

Publishing a blog works very well if you run a website along with it. You can use the blog posts to provide important and interesting information about your online coaching.

You should include trending topics and things related to fitness and mental and physical wellness. So, when someone makes a search related to such a topic, they will find your blog. Through the blog, they can discover you as a personal trainer.

Consider the Local Market

Online you can reach a worldwide audience. But there is another target audience that you should not overlook. Don’t forget that there are potential clients in your area, and you already have some rapport with them.

Of course, it is true that online you can reach a much larger audience, but keep in mind that everybody is doing the same thing. As a small personal training business, you are at a disadvantage. You are in competition with large companies that have huge marketing budgets. They are in a better position to catch the attention of their audience.

Hence, instead of focusing on the vast pool that the internet offers, you can look for people in your area that want online training. The advantage is that you have much easier access to your local community. That makes you a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

An added advantage is that local people could also be available for in-person sessions.

Share Customer Reviews

Ask your customers to write a review for your in-person and online personal training business. It is free and creates peer trust among your clients and prospective customers. You can publish those reviews as user-generated content (UGC) on all your digital platforms.

These customer reviews add value to your services and content and showcase your skills as a personal trainer. Prospective clients that read these reviews are more inclined to contact you about your services. The fact that the reviews come from people like them is a motivating force.

Adding these reviews to your landing page or website is a great idea.

Write Great Content

This article mentioned writing a blog already, but here are some extra tips. You can write your blog in conjunction with your website. When you choose topics and write content, always think of prospective clients.

Follow a strict format for all your blogs, such as outlined below:

  • Write an informative headline in bold. The title should engage and be relevant to your personal trainer business.
  • Use subheadings.
  • Use an emotional story in the main body of the blog post. People are always attracted to the stories of other people.
  • Include an offer. This offer should focus on the benefits of the services you offer. Of course, it should relate to the topics you are discussing in your post. You can make the offer stand out by using bullet points.
  • End with a clear call to action. Ask them to leave a comment, click a link, or do something else.

Get in Touch with Other Fitness Professionals

Don’t limit your contacts to customers only. Get in touch with other trainers and professionals in the field as well. That will help to stay uptodate with what is new and popular in the fitness industry.

If you are new in the field, it is even more important to work on your network. Others can help you get settled in the business and learn the necessary tricks.

Another benefit is that you might be able to collaborate with them and organize bigger events and workshops.

FAQs about getting online personal training clients

1. How can I find new clients for my online personal training business?

Your online personal training firm can grow in a number of ways, including through social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and online platform advertising.

Also, you can reach out to potential customers by making personal contacts or by providing free samples of your services. You can increase your clientele by networking with other fitness experts and participating in online fitness communities.

2. What marketing strategies are effective for attracting new clients to my online personal training program?

Effective ways to market your online personal training program include building an email list to send targeted promotions and updates, creating useful content for your website or social media channels, using paid advertising to target your ideal client, and optimizing your website for search engines.

3. How can I differentiate my online personal training services from others in the market?

By concentrating on a particular area, creating distinctive training programs, offering outstanding client service, exhibiting your knowledge and credentials, and developing a strong personal brand, you may set apart your online personal training services.

By developing a strong online presence and positioning yourself as an expert in your subject, you may further distinguish your services from those of your competitors.

4. What is the best way to price my online personal training services?

The easiest method to establish how much to charge for your online personal training services is to do market research to find out what other trainers in your specialized field are charging, take into account your level of expertise and credentials, and figure out the value you offer to your clients.

Also, you may set multiple pricing tiers based on the caliber of service you offer or package services for savings.

5. What tools or technology should I use to provide online personal training services?

You can offer online personal training services using a variety of technology, including video conferencing platforms, online training programs, fitness monitoring software, and communication tools.

It’s crucial to pick tools that are simple to use for both you and your customers and that have all the capabilities required to give high-quality training.

6. How can I retain clients who have signed up for my online personal training program?

Outstanding customer service, individualized training plans and assistance, frequent check-ins and progress reports, incorporating client feedback into your training programs, and developing a strong client-trainer relationship are all ways to keep clients. Incentives, awards, and loyalty programs can all be used to entice customers to keep doing business with you.

7. What are some common mistakes to avoid when trying to attract online personal training clients?

When attempting to attract clients for online personal training, it’s important to avoid making the following common mistakes: failing to target a particular niche, not providing a unique value proposition, overcharging or undercharging for services, not developing a strong online presence, not establishing a referral system, and failing to build trust and credibility with potential clients.

8. How can I leverage social media to increase my online personal training client base?

You should concentrate on developing a strong personal brand, producing worthwhile content, using social media advertising to target potential clients, interacting with your followers, working with other fitness professionals, and showcasing client testimonials and success stories if you want to use social media to grow your online personal training client base.

9. What kind of support should I offer to clients who are working with me through an online personal training program?

Through an online personal training program, you should provide clients with extensive assistance, including individualized training plans, frequent check-ins, progress tracking, nutritional advice, and educational materials.

To keep clients engaged and moving toward their fitness objectives, it’s critical to be reachable and to offer timely feedback.

10. How can I measure the success of my online personal training program and make necessary improvements?

Monitoring client retention rates, client progress, feedback and testimonial analysis, website and social media analytics, client surveys, and focus groups are all ways to gauge the success of your online personal training program.

Based on this information, you can determine where your training programs, pricing, or marketing strategies need to be adjusted in order to better serve your customers and increase the overall performance of your organization.

How to Get Online Personal Training Clients – Putting It All Together

Here is a summary of what this post talked about:

  • Present yourself as a professional
  • Publish a website with inviting CTAs
  • Get to know your target audience
  • Use different marketing strategies (such as “pay to play”)
  • Do not ignore the local community
  • Ask for customer reviews
  • Publish attractive content that leads prospective clients to your business
  • Create a network with other online personal trainers

How to get online personal training clients may sound like an intimidating question. But if you keep these fundamental elements in mind you will be on the road to success.

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