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You are looking for the best coaching apps, and there are a good deal of apps here that will help you with your needs. Sometimes, the amount of different coaching apps can be overwhelming. The goal is to find the best coaching apps to help you streamline your business and grow it. 

The truth is that in the coaching niche, you need a proactive business framework and an automated system to streamline business processes and help clients reach their goals.

When choosing the right apps for online coaching, you as a coach must have a clear understanding of your clients and personal online needs.

This will help determine which coaching tools they need. For every set of clients, you as a coach may need online scheduling software or client relationship capabilities.

This article will provide a list of the best coaching apps that will help coaches build more professional, and stronger relationships with their clients.

The 20 Best Coaching Apps to Streamline Your Business

A quick summary of the best coaching apps presented in this article:

  1. Trafft – the best coaching app for appointment scheduling
  2. Amelia
  3. MasterCoach
  4. Satori
  5. Profi (awarenow)
  6. Nudge Coach
  7. The Curve
  8. Pluma
  9. Ascend
  10. PTSD Coach
  11. Coachmetrix
  12. CoachVantage
  13. Coach Accountable
  14. Coaching Loft
  15. MBODY360
  16. Remente
  17. Zoom
  18. Coaches Console
  19. Apollo
  20. Loom

And now let’s get into detail.

Trafft – the best coaching app for appointment scheduling

If you’re a coach looking for the perfect scheduling solution, Trafft is the ultimate coaching app for appointment scheduling, tailored just for you.

Trafft goes beyond the basics, offering a wide range of powerful features designed to streamline scheduling, boost your coaching practice, and enhance the client experience. Here’s why Trafft is the go-to choice for coaches:

trafft booking solution review left by a successful coach

Efficient Scheduling: Trafft’s platform is designed to minimize scheduling errors, ensuring that your coaching sessions run smoothly without any no-shows or double bookings. You can rely on Trafft to keep your schedule organized and efficient.

Advanced Coaching Features: Trafft offers a suite of advanced features that cater to coaching businesses. Enjoy support for multiple locations, multi-language capabilities, recurring appointments, and group bookings. You can easily reschedule sessions, set up reminders, and customize booking forms to match your coaching services.

Integration Power: Trafft seamlessly integrates with popular tools like MailChimp, Google Analytics, Stripe, PayPal, and Zapier. Plus, it provides native integrations with Zoom and Google Meet for scheduling virtual coaching sessions. This level of integration simplifies your workflow and enhances your coaching services.

Business Insights: Trafft provides insightful business dashboards that help you gather essential metrics. These metrics are invaluable for making data-driven decisions and improving your coaching practice.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Take notes on your clients to personalize their coaching experience. This feature allows you to build stronger relationships with your clients and better understand their needs.

Secure Payments: Trafft’s integrated payment processing ensures that you always receive timely payments, whether it’s after the coaching session or in advance. This feature is crucial for managing your finances and reducing the risk of no-shows.

Affordable Pricing: Trafft understands the needs and budgets of coaching businesses. It offers a free plan for up to 5 members, making it accessible for small coaching practices. Paid plans start from just $29 per month, allowing you to scale as your coaching business grows.

Top Ratings: Trafft is highly rated by users, earning a 5/5 on Capterra, 4.7 on G2, and excellent ratings on TrustPilot and GetApp. Coaches like you trust Trafft for their scheduling needs.

Pricing: Free for up to 5 members; paid plans start from $29 per month. 


Don’t wait any longer; sign up for Trafft for free today and experience why it’s the best scheduling solution for coaches. Supercharge your coaching practice and provide your clients with a seamless booking experience. Your coaching journey starts here with Trafft.

Amelia – the best WordPress booking plugin for coaches


Amelia is a WordPress appointment and event booking plugin that is ideal for coaches who require scheduling in-person appointments on their services.

This plugin automates the appointment booking process which helps reduce business costs and human errors. Amelia is very simple to use and install. You don’t need to be a coding wizard to run this software.

It features an administrative dashboard that allows coaches to track and measure key performance indicators or KPIs using data representation such as graphs, tables, and charts. It provides insights into work performance. Amelia also offers many payment provider options for coaches you and your clients can choose from. 

If you want to discover how Trafft and Amelia stack up against each other, delve into our in-depth Trafft vs. Amelia comparison.

Pricing: Starting from $72 annually and $180 for lifetime access. 


  • 4.9 on Capterra 

MasterCoach – the best app for coaches for satisfied clients


The MasterCoach App offers a simple action tool that empowers performance by discovering and activating strengths, developing actions based on insights, and providing real-time updates on the client’s progress. This coaching app works on both iOS and Android. It requires coaches to subscribe for 3.99 USD per month, while clients can get the app for free.

The app was built to help businesses strengthen employee and client engagement, and increase ROI. It enables coaches to assess their client’s strengths, review their action steps, and connect with their clients to support.

The MasterCoach App teaches team leaders how to help their members identify their strengths and how to optimize them. This helps the managers and business owners turn into coaches for their employees.

Pricing: Free for clients, $3.99 per month for coaches.

Ratings: /

Satori – the best app for life coaches to expand their business


Satori is one of the coaching apps designed to help life coaches expand and streamline their coaching business, and create branded client experience. It provides life coaches with tools and other capabilities. Which ones?

This app integrates client management into one streamlined package. It allows coaches to sign on new clients, schedule individual and recurring sessions, offer payment plans, and optimize automated billing.

Satori lets coaches leverage its CRM or Customer Relationship Management system where coaches use the app to design and deploy their onboarding processes.

They can also use the life coaching app to share their session prompts and questionnaires with their clients. With its CRM system and innovative features such as scheduling tools and financial capabilities, Satomi makes a decent life coaching application for any type of coaching business.

Pricing: Free for up to 5 members; paid plans start from $29 per month. 


  • 4.5 on Capterra
  • 4.8 on App Store
  • 4.6 on Google Play Store

Profi (formerly awarenow)


Profi is an integrated, brandable, and customizable business management software designed for coaching businesses of any scale. It helps boutique coaching agencies, corporate wellness companies, consulting firms, as well as independent coaches streamline all business operations.

This coaching management software lets coaches manage their clients, appointments, and payments in one centralized platform. Profi also offers advanced features like online programs and challenges, journaling, webinars, and more. It also helps reduce no-shows and cancellations from clients through customizable messages and emails to remind them of their appointments.

Pricing: For individuals, it costs $99 per month. All the other plans are custom-priced. 


  • 4.8 on Capterra
  • 4.8 on G2

Nudge Coach – the best coaching app for tracking client progress

Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach is a customizable online coaching app designed to help coaches manage their clients and track their progress in between sessions remotely. It was originally launched as a customer-facing habit-tracking app for personal needs, thus it became popular for having the most user-friendly client experience among other coaching apps.

At present, the Nudge Coach allows coaching teams and coaches from different industries and niches like health, life, and business, to optimize its full suite of client tracking and coaching tools to deliver their services. This lets the coaches identify their priorities, which helps them keep track of their client’s progress through effective messaging.

Pricing: Free for up to 5 clients; paid plans start from $60 per month. 


  • 4.5 on Capterra
  • 4.3 on G2
  • 3.6 on App Store

The Curve – coaching app for measuring ROI

The Curve

The Curve is an intuitive, cloud-based app for coaches that measures the return on investment or ROI of coaching interventions for different types of business. It is perfect for individuals and organizations that are looking for clear evidence of ROI from both internal and external coaching programs as well as the application of proven coaching techniques.

The Curve was written in PHP 7, ExpressionEngine 5.0 and it also has a white label solution available for organizations that comes with internal coaches to measure effectiveness and apply coaching techniques.

It features customized online plans, monthly goal mapping, goal progress tracking, a resource database, automated reminders, and 24/7 cloud-based access. It is also a free online accountability software that uses progress mapping and tracking to improve team accountability.

Pricing: /


  • 4.8 on Capterra
  • 4.8 on GetApp

Pluma – coaching app for leaders 


This coaching app offers scalable, executive-quality mobile coaching to global leaders from various industries worldwide such as retail, healthcare, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and life sciences.

Pluma coaches have ICF ACC credentials and at least a decade of professional experience. They are available through video sessions and unlimited messaging. Pluma is focused on developing emerging global leaders.

The coaching experience includes customized assessments and behavioral focus areas and metrics that are based on business organizational values and goals.

Pricing: /

Ratings: /

Ascend – life coaching app


Powered by the weight loss application, Lose It!, Ascend is a life coaching software built for nutritionists. The Ascend app provides powerful tools, data, and insights to keep track of the client’s behavior and guide them toward their goals.

It has messaging features that enable life coaches to connect with their clients between appointments. This can be used for general check-in, giving comments on specific meals, or messages of encouragement every workout which helps strengthen client communication.

Pricing: /

Ratings: /

PTSD Coach

Here’s a coaching app, available both for Android and iOS, that helps veterans who have suffered from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This app provides its users info about PTSD, professional care, a self-assessment for PTSD, opportunities to find support, and tools that can help users manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD.

Pricing: Free


  • 4.6 on Google Play Store
  • 4.7 on App Store

Coachmetrix – app for coaches and leadership development


Coachmetrix is a cloud-based coaching app and leadership development tool built to help coaches assist their clients to achieve better business results. It has a coaching assessment tool that measures behavior change and leadership impact to quantify coaching ROI.

Coachmetrix uses ongoing pulse feedback to measure the client’s behavioral changes. It generates reports and data-driven ROI to easily track their progress. It also helps coaches realign and re-purpose coaching resources to increase passive income with minimal effort.

Pricing: Starting from $55 per month for one coach.


  • 5/5 on Capterra
  • 4.3 on G2



CoachVantage is a coaching app built for solo coaches and coaching teams. It features automated scheduling that lets coaches create events, set scheduling rules, book clients, and publish a booking page. It also helps streamline workflow, set goals and assignments, and sell coaching programs online.

CoachVantage helps coaches manage their contacts and client information in one centralized platform. The client profiles are accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

It also saves coaches from manually tracking and logging coaching time. Moreover, it helps manage log sessions by tracking the completed coaching sessions. In addition, CoachVantage exports and sends a coaching log to ICF to acquire ICF certification.

Pricing: $29 per month and $49 per month, depending on whether you choose Clarity or the Aha! Plan. 


  • 4.8 on Capterra
  • 4.5 on G2

Coach Accountable

Coach Accountable

CoachAccountable allows good coaches to do their work flawlessly and focus on giving expert advice to their clients.

Most coaches end up with this coaching app because they want to organize their schedules better. While this sounds like something any other coaching app in here is doing, they also claim that they help you as a coach give your clients more for their money.

Coach Accountable is an inclusive coaching software that allows users to customize courses according to their branding to provide a more effective coaching experience for clients. It features free customizable templates, emails, and courses. Coaches and clients can schedule their appointments online.

This app has other features such as journaling, action items, metrics for tracking actions, a whiteboard for collaboration, session notes, file upload, and a stream for communication.

Pricing: From $20 per month for 2 clients, up to $400 per month.


  • 5/5 on Capterra
  • 4.4 on G2

Coaching Loft

coaching loft


Coaching Loft is an intuitive coaching software that helps coaches improve their coaching practices to provide a coaching experience. This app works on mobile devices, and it is used by tutors, mentors, trainers, and small and medium-sized companies. Coaches can also use the software to schedule appointments, deliver updates, and send reminders.

Coaching Loft features an Internal Appointment Scheduling system that keeps both coaches and clients updated with upcoming sessions. Moreover, it enables coaches to communicate with their clients and monitor their growth and progress.

Pricing: From $1 per month to $95 per month. 


  • 4.4 on Capterra
  • 4.5 on G2



Its owners are saying that MBODY360 is a complete health & wellness coaching platform that was specifically designed for practitioners to their clients in real-time for better results.

Whether or not it’s the complete coaching platform, MBODY360  does a lot of things right.

With the HIPAA-compliant platform and mobile app, health practitioners have access to the following tools:

  • Complete lifestyle plans
  • Customize diet, supplements, exercise, meditation, and more
  • Improve engagement, tracking & compliance
  • Video & text chat with your clients
  • Individual & group coaching tools
  • Monitoring & communications
  • Health & fitness device integration
  • Real-time data that you can use for analyzing statistics

Pricing: /

Ratings: /



Remente is a leading mental wellness platform that’s making a positive impact on individuals and businesses alike. For individuals, it offers daily coaching, reflections, and exercises to improve mental well-being and productivity. The app’s ability to track mood and set goals helps users build healthier habits and gain self-awareness. It’s a life-changing resource that’s easy to use and highly effective.

For businesses, Remente provides valuable tools to enhance employee productivity and motivation. With features like daily reflections, mood ratings, and personal leadership tools, it empowers employees to achieve mindfulness and well-being. The platform’s holistic approach to organizational wellness makes it a valuable asset for companies looking to boost staff engagement and performance.

Is this the wellness coaching option for you?

You should give it a try and see if this is a good fit for you and your coaching clients.

Pricing: Free


  • 4.6 on App Store
  • 4.5 on Google Play Store



Zoom has become a popular choice among coaches for meeting solutions, video recordings, and live sessions. Although Zoom has video conferencing capabilities similar to Skype and Google Hangouts, it’s preferred for its simplicity and easier way to host a meeting.

Zoom is ideal for holding group coaching programs. It simplifies video conferencing and messaging across any device. It has unparalleled usability, thanks to its meeting capabilities that enable participants to start and join meetings anytime, anywhere. Also, Zoom has robust security features such as encryption and password protection to avoid disruptions during meetings.

Pricing: They offer a free plan and paid plans start from €13.99/month/user.


  • 4.6 on Capterra

Coaches Console

Coaches Console

The Coaches Console is a coaching management software used by thousands of coaches to manage practice sessions. This coaching app is also used by nutritionists, wellness providers, and health consultants.

It is an integrated application that organizes email marketing, online scheduling, private client portals, and client management, including back-end tasks. It also automates billing and covers auto-responders, notifications, and alerts of events and practice sessions.

The Coaches Console also has client forms and documentation which can be uploaded for free. It provides access to around 15 client forms and other information for successful documentation.

Pricing: Starting from $147/month.


  • 4.6 on Capterra
  • 3.8 on G2



Apollo provides an integrated solution for online work processes which helps organize your coaching practices. It allows coaches to generate invoices, create contracts, and automatically schedule appointments on their website.

Apollo has a very simple-to-use interface and it also comes with ready-made templates for building websites and custom content management features that are completely scalable. It enables coaches to customize their images and create their own site pages and search filters.

Apollo also provides automatic updates and one contact database for all the tools.

Pricing: $19 per month + VAT.


  • 4.5 on Capterra

Loom – free coaching app for videos


Loom is a free and cloud-based video recording software that allows coaches to send video messages to clients in between sessions. Coaches can either share their desktop screen through its screen-sharing capabilities or record a video message using a preferred camera device. They can also share their screen while recording themselves.

Another key advantage of Loom is that video messages and recordings are hosted online and saved in cloud storage which helps save extra memory on a computer or other devices.

Pricing: Free


  • 4.7 on Capterra
  • 4.7 on G2

The Must-Have Coaching Apps

There are different coaching apps for different aspects of your business. Which ones are the must-have?

  • Coaching scheduling software

Scheduling appointments is vital for coaches. The sooner you get coaching scheduling software, the sooner you can reap the benefits of automating your business. You’ll stop wasting hours on manual administrative tasks, and get more time to focus on delivering exceptional coaching services.

  • Video conferencing tools

More and more coaches work with their clients online. Video conferencing tools are your best friend to deliver exceptional coaching sessions. 

  • CRM

Since customers are the lifeblood of your coaching business, investing in customer relationship management software is a no-brainer. You can track leads, follow up with clients and close more sales with CRM software for coaches. 

  • Content delivery

Your work isn’t just sessions. You also create content, and you need tools to help you deliver it to your clients. Use a coaching app for courses and digital content to streamline the whole experience. 

  • Payment processing

I don’t know if you ask clients for upfront payment, but payment processing tools will come in handy either way. Trafft, the best scheduling software for coaches, also offers you integrations with payment processing tools such as Paypal, Stripe,, and Molly. Clients can choose their preferred payment method, and you’ll get paid on time, always. 

  • Marketing tools for coaches

There are various marketing tools for coaches that can take your marketing efforts to the next level. Whether it’s social media, email marketing, or conversion rate optimization for your website, there are tools to help you get the most out of your efforts. Trafft integrates with popular marketing tools such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, Acumbamail and Sendfox for email marketing.

How to Choose the Best App for Your Coaching Business?

Don’t get overwhelmed! We’ve prepared tips to help you choose the best app for your coaching business! 

  • Choose a coaching app that facilitates client communication. Features like in-app messaging, video conferencing, and chat support are essential for maintaining a strong coach-client relationship.
  • Scheduling is a crucial part of your coaching business, and because of that, you need an appointment-scheduling app for coaches. Coaching scheduling software books appointments sends reminders, and syncs with your calendars. This is crucial for effective coach scheduling. The best scheduling software for coaches like Trafft offers advanced features such as recurring appointments, payment processing, group bookings, and discount coupons to help you further grow your business. 
  • Determine whether the app is easy to use and user-friendly. It should be easy for both you and your coaching clients, without requiring extensive training to use. Look for intuitive design and straightforward navigation. Because who has time for anything less?
  • It’s also important to choose coaching apps that will help you with analytics and reporting, so you can see whether your business is going in the right direction.
  • Consider the future growth of your business and choose coaching apps that will grow with you. 

More Resources for the Best Coaching Apps

No matter where you are in the coaching business, whether you’re beginning to expand your client reach or about to scale up your business, it is still important to equip yourself with the right digital tools to help you establish a strong client relationship.

One of the key pillars of a successful coaching practice program is maintaining good communication between coaches and clients as it improves accountability and actions. These coaching tools are essential for coaches to maintain a good connection with clients.

These are more effective than the traditional paper filing system. It provides a cost-effective way for clients to manage and improve not only their businesses but also their well-being. Make sure to always consider your client’s needs and goals when choosing the right coaching apps.

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