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You may need an appointment reminder app if you are a patient and you do not want to miss a meeting with your doctor. But you, as a doctor, will surely want to send a text reminder to your clients, to avoid any no-shows. An appointment reminder can help you not to lose any working hours from now on.

We know the struggle of running a business which depends on the appointments you make for the clients. Negotiate a date and time, then change it, reschedule all the other appointments in case of an emergency – that is a lot of work. Not to say you still must inform all your clients about every change.But now you do not have to do all those tasks manually. There are a lot of text reminder services, such as an appointment reminder app. They will make you forget about the calendar and help focus on the time spent with the customer.

Learn below more about this topic in this article created by our team at Trafft.

Why do I need an Appointment Reminder App?

Before knowing exactly which free text reminder apps best fits your need, you must be aware of what an appointment reminder app can and cannot do. So, what is an appointment reminder app?Its main tasks are:

  • To manage the appointment calendar by helping both parties to find a suitable time for meetings.
  • To automatically reschedule, if necessary.
  • To inform the customer about any change regarding the appointment.
  • To remind the clients about their upcoming booking through text message reminders, phone calls, or emails.

Businesses such as spas, beauty salons, or wellness centers would be helpless without these appointment reminder apps. These practically keep them constantly in contact with their clients.

Apart from easing the entire managing process, a reminder app makes sure that the company will not lose money. It notifies each client about their upcoming appointments to reduce no-shows or misunderstandings.

As a manager, your main job is to set up the app accordingly, and it will automatically keep your clients informed and punctual.

The Best Appointment Reminder App Options

Have you realized the vital importance of such a service for your business? If so, it may be time to start searching for the best appointment reminder app for your type of services.

But we have done almost the entire work for you. Here are some of the most attractive software options that we have found, judging by their specifications, feature, and price.

Appointment Scheduling for Every Situation with SuperSaaS

Appointment Scheduling for Every Situation with SuperSaaS

This appointment app is the fact that it is extremely customizable. This makes it suitable for both large and small businesses and a wide range of services types. You can design and brand it so that it reflects the true spirit of your company.

You can use this web-based appointment app for creating an online booking system. Then you can integrate it on the website of your business or send it as a reference through Facebook or Twitter.

Although it does not have a separate app, you will not have to worry about accessibility. The platform is perfectly adjustable to a variety of interfaces. This means your prospective client can easily book their place from a mobile phone or tablet.

Your new online assistant – Acuity Scheduling

Your new online assistant - Acuity Scheduling

If you need a more detailed scheduling process, then Acuity Scheduling is here to help. It allows customers to opt for recurring appointments, online payment, and provide more details. The latter may be of great help later when you try to propose an extra neck massage because you know about the client’s neckache.

Acuity Scheduling sends automatic reminders to your clients and notifies you when a new appointment is booked. You can have the service on all devices and update it with your classic calendars, such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

Appointment reminder app for everything –

Appointment reminder app for everything -

The website of this reminder app recommends it as being fit for any type of appointment. An official meeting of a council and the basic service of scheduling for a haircut represent just some examples.

It is available 24/7, which is a huge advantage for remote meetings which depend on the time zone. offers a wide range of features, including the new POS, which allows you to receive payments in advance if the clients decide to pay online for the services.

Your selling page can get even more efficient through a reviews section, a cool design, and attractive pictures. You can do all these through SimplyBook, too.

Organize meetings with Doodle

Organize meetings with Doodle

Doodle is one of the most efficient appointment reminders app due to its basic principle. It suggests convenient times for meetings,considering the results of a virtual voting session. Each participant votes for one of the options previously proposed by the appointment creator. The program chooses the best options for the entire team.

It can also place the meeting in the participants’ calendars and send them reminders about them.

Apptoto- Your Calendar but Smarter

Apptoto- Your Calendar but Smarter

Apptoto has the complete set of features an appointment reminder app would need. It would send text reminders via SMS or email to your clients, or even call them before their meeting.

It is extremely useful for big companies because it can automatically save details about your clients. Moreover, it increases functionality within the database through the search feature. You can find what you are looking for only by setting some searching filters.No more scanning through the entire database.

Schedule anytime, anywhere – Appointfix

Schedule anytime, anywhere - Appointfix

As a mobile app, Appointfix can be accessed anytime, anywhere and it will give you all the information you need. Apart from the appointment details, the app saves old details about your customers. This gives you the possibility to find out when is the last time they used your services and any other comments you made about it.

The most important feature of this app is the fact that it automatically sends text reminders to clients.This will drastically reduce the number of no-shows. You can also opt for a Premium account if you want to access the database from more than one device.

Booxi– more than booking

Booxi– more than booking

Booxi makes one step further from just setting appointments and reminding clients about them. It provides an entire customer management system.

Your client will be guided by Booxi through all the steps, from booking the place to payment and, of course, reminders before the meeting. Moreover, the software can also conduct feedback surveys and makes data analysis.

You can manage the booking for more locations of your business through one account. Another important feature is the possibility to integrate the soft with social media or business websites.

AppointmentPlus – grows with your business

AppointmentPlus – grows with your business

The big advantage of AppointmentPlus in comparison to other similar programs, such as Doodle, is the fact that it adapts to the scale of your needs. A smaller business does not need such a wide range of details when scheduling and booking. But it is different when the business grows.

Therefore, the soft will provide you more and more features as you progress, making it easy for you to manage all your tasks.

Appointlet– free appointment reminder service

Appointlet– free appointment reminder service

Not sure about investing in such a service? Appointlet maybe the best option for you. It lets standard users access all of its features for free, allowing you can create your own booking page, build a form for collecting data from customers, and perform many other actions, all without paying any money.

10 to 8

10 to 8

Another full-inclusive service in terms of customer management is 10 to 8. It is very convenient for clients to book a place and you do not have to multi-task ever again. The app will inform you about all the new appointments or changes through syncing with other calendars you use.

What sets 10 to 8 apart from the competition is its chat feature. It is not like other apps, which only send reminders without allowing the clients to answer. 10 to 8 allows the recipient to either confirm, change the appointment time, or address further questions, if necessary. This is what real customer care is about.

Duoserve and the ScheduFlow 

Duoserve and the ScheduFlow 

Provided by Duoserve, ScheduFlow is a helpful tool for appointment scheduling and successfully fulfills all the tasks you want from a scheduling app. It automatizes the process, helps customers pass-through payment steps, and secures appointments. All these features are why we recommend ScheduFlow.



Available for both mobile devices and desktop browsers, BookedIn meets the expectations of even the largest businesses. It is perfect for common use by different members of a team. You may easily adapt the soft to the number of workers and the types of services you provide.

If you choose to invest in a Premium membership, you also get access to POS and can update your booking data on different calendars.

Trafft– schedule the smart way

Trafft– schedule the smart way

If you run a small or medium business, Trafft has all the features you will need in one place.Primarily, you can use Trafft as an efficient appointment reminder app, as it will automatically send text reminders to your clients, so you will not bother them with calls or emails they may never read.

You can also design a booking page within the same program. Your customers will be able to book in real-time and to pay their appointment in advance using the online payment service.

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