Integration of Trafft and Mollie for Flexible Online Payments

Digitalization and pandemics changed shopping habits forever. People are turning to e-commerce as a more convenient method of shopping. Nowadays, you can make online payments safely and quickly from the comfort of your own home – or any other location. Online payment gateways are becoming increasingly important for running a profitable online business. This is why so many companies want to include a Mollie Payment option on their website.

Mollie, one of the fastest-growing fintech start-ups, is gaining traction with customers because it allows you to select your preferred payment method and provides quick and easy payments. Trafft recognized the incorporation of Mollie Payment Gateway needs to its core. For the same reason, their developers created the Trafft and Mollie integration. With Mollie and Trafft working together, you can offer flexible online payments to your customers.

Services Landing Page Examples to Inspire You

A landing page is more than your average webpage.

A services landing page generally serves one of two purposes. They can redirect site visitors where you want them to go. Or they convert visitors by getting them to take a specific action. As a whole, the landing page design has to influence visitors to do what you want, be that watching a video, clicking a button, or reading a call to action.

How to Manage Recurring Appointments With a Scheduling Software

Everyone wants to change one-off customers into regulars. If your entire business were built upon recurring appointments, it would take a massive load off your mind. It can be a tiring process rebooking clients weekly. This article will discuss a possible solution to help you build recurring customers as well as simplify the booking process in general.

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Outlook

You know you can set up a video conference call from Zoom and other alternatives, and sometimes it is handy to set up virtual meetings straight from Microsoft Outlook. That can save you a lot of time. And you can set up Outlook to send out automatic meeting invitations and links.