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Consulting slides have many purposes. A business might use them to communicate with internal staff, investors, and current or potential clients.

Whether you are a senior consultant or developing your first sales pitch, the insights found in this article will be very valuable for you. This article will share 54 effective presentations from top consulting firms.

These examples will help you understand how to create a well-organized presentation. But first, learn about the elements that compose the most effective presentations.

What Makes a Good Consulting Presentation?

Maintaining a story flow is one of the most crucial elements of consulting presentations. It highlights your message, directing the audience’s attention toward the ideas presented.

The first step is to work on your presentation structure by establishing the introduction, body, and conclusion. After the action title, each slide should focus on one point.

Still, all of them must relate to the same topic. So your full deck conveys consistent ideas.

If you are part of a consulting team, you can use the straw-man approach to develop your slide decks. It is an iterative strategy that supports productive brainstorming and problem-solving.

After outlining a proposal, you discuss and test it together. According to the results and feedback, you improve the original proposal to create a new one. Repeating this process helps you move in the right direction until you complete a satisfying presentation.

The Pyramid Principle is also an excellent technique to help you structure your consulting slides. Consultant Barbara Minto, who worked at McKinsey, created this method to clarify communications.

With it, you start by presenting the point or solution you want to transmit. Then you include logical arguments that support it.

Lastly, you introduce evidence, analysis, and data that back up these arguments. This way, your presentation becomes impactful and has more credibility.

After understanding the consulting presentation development process, check out the examples below. Many presentations, like these created by 6 renowned firms in the consulting industry, are available online.

Consulting Presentations Examples

The following consulting presentation examples are divided by consulting firm and year.

Bain & Company Consulting Presentations



Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Consulting Presentations





Corporate Ventures in Sweden

Loose dogs in Dallas: Strategic Recommendations to Improve Public Safety and Animal Welfare

10 Steps to Sustainability

This consulting slide deck helps the client create a strategic plan for sustainability in their business. In this particular case, they highlight each step above the supporting data.

In addition, BCG created a hashtag to include on the title page. Using social media boosts audience participation and expands the reach of your presentation.

Gauging Long-Term Impact in the Social Sector

This example shows you how to create a narrative even if your focus point includes many abstract concepts. BCG uses graphics and delivers a compelling presentation template with each slide.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited Consulting Presentations


4 approaches to automating work using cognitive technologies

Deloitte presentations usually include an introduction to provide context for the following data. It is all about automating with cognitive technologies.

The consulting presentation maintains the same font size on the first few slides. Plus, key expressions are in bold.

Redesigning Work in An Era of Cognitive Technologies


Findings on health information technology and electronic health records

This consulting presentation follows a survey of U.S. Physicians by Delloite. After a small introduction, each of the PowerPoint slides highlights one key takeaway from the survey.

The consulting slides use illustrations for clear and impactful data.

TMT Outlook 2017: A new wave of advances offer opportunities and challenges

This consulting slide deck helps clients foresee trends in technology, media, and telecommunications. It is longer than other consulting presentations. It highlights the key points and uses poll questions to maintain audience engagement.


The Shopping Centre Handbook 4.0


Deloitte Kenya Budget 2022/23 Webinar

Ernst & Young Global Limited (EY) Consulting Presentations


The evolving value chain in life sciences

This PowerPoint presentation has a simple design. The target audience can relate to the content and graphics on the slides.

They vary the font size to structure the information. Besides, their logo is on every slide, making both presentation and the company more memorable to readers.


How fit is your allocation strategy?

European Banking Barometer


EY Germany FinTech Landscape

MAPS2018 Keynote address on EY report: Life Sciences 4.0 – Securing value through data-driven platforms


Power transactions and trends Q2 2019

Global Capital Confidence Barometer 21st edition


EY Price Point: global oil and gas market outlook, Q2 | April 2022

McKinsey & Company Consulting Presentations


USPS Future Business Model

How can companies capture veteran opportunities


The Internet of Things and Big Data: Opportunities for Value Creation

Context for Global Growth and Development

Addressing the Global Affordable Housing Challenge

A labor market that works: Connecting talent and opportunity in the digital age

This consulting presentation is the executive summary of a McKinsey global institute report. It focuses on the labor market and how platforms moving digital transformation forward have affected it.

The last section of the slideshas specific suggestions for the audience. It highlights key takeaways for clients to create a solution for connecting talent available on the market to their company.

Quarterly 50th Anniversary Highlights

There is no doubt McKinsey is a consulting giant. This PowerPoint presentation compiles the highlights of their 50th anniversary.

They use images and quotes from consultants, interviewees, and clients. This way, they introduce a human element in a consulting presentation with no numeric data.

Challenges in Mining: Scarcity or Opportunity?

Insurance Trends and Growth Opportunities for Poland


Digital globalization: The new era of global flows

Your presentation should also underscore the quality of your consulting services. In this consulting slide deck example, McKinsey uses detailed graphics. They ease understanding of the key points and convey a sense of competence to the audience.

Digital Luxury Experience

Technology’s role in mineral criticality (World Materials Forum)

European Banking Summit

Investment and Industrial Policy: A Perspective on the Future

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Strategy& Consulting Presentations


Project Management: Improving performance, reducing risk

PwC Golden Age Index – How well are countries harnessing the power of older workers?

PwC Trends in the workforce

PwC management consultants deliver a well-built consulting presentation template. They include a sidebar with a content index for facilitated navigation.

Turning big data into big revenue


Apache Hadoop Summit 2016: The Future of Apache Hadoop an Enterprise Architecture View

Putting digital technology and data to work for Tech CMOs

PwC helps its audience support business strategies by putting digital technology to work. This consulting presentation is dynamic and includes practical suggestions.

The approach is similar to a consulting engagement. You not only access valuable information, but you also have assistance in using it to improve your company.

World Economic Forum: The power of analytics for better and faster decisions by Dan DiFilippo

Consulting services often include publishing slide decks for a broader public audience. This presentation uses bullet points to recap the World Economic Forum annual meeting topics. It includes infographics to enclose plenty of information without overcharging the PowerPoint slides.

Medical Cost Trend: Behind the Numbers 2017

Strategy& – Sector performance and structure sector reform

Strategy& – The 2016 Chief Digital Officer Study


Strategy& – Consumer Research into Rapid Charging

Strategy& – Making zero-emission trucking a reality

Conclusion on Consulting Slides from Top Consulting Firms

Before building your next consulting presentation, analyze the information and examples above. They will help you understand how to create a solid structure. You can start by writing a compelling introduction.

Keep your audience engaged throughout the presentation. Then, outline the crucial points in your message. Showing clients how to act according to the data you presented builds trust.

Furthermore, take time to improve and turn to other consultants for advice. No matter the goal of your presentation, you will create outstanding consulting slides.`

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