How Much Do Salon Owners Make? Tips for You to Earn More

How much do salon owners make? This is a question that crossed your entrepreneur mind at least once.

Managing a salon requires a lot of attention. Issues can arise at any moment and need taking care of. It’s very important that at the end of the month there needs to be enough money in the bank to pay for all the staff’s salary.

The Best Coaching Apps to Take Your Business to The Next Level

You are looking for the best coaching apps, but can you believe that many employees frown on the idea of business process automation because they feel that their job is at risk.

The truth is that in the business coaching niche, a proactive business framework and an automated system are required to streamline business processes and help clients reach their goals.

Top Apps For Personal Trainers To Use On A Daily Basis

Technology has provided ways to streamline business ventures, such as those seeking to be personal trainers. There are many apps and software available to assist personal trainers in managing their business, but which will make the best use of personal trainer certification?

The Best Consultant Scheduling Software for Busy Consultants

There are three steps to setting up a successful and thriving consultancy agency. First, it’s necessary to contact strangers,  turning them into prospective clients. Then, prospective clients need to become clients. And the last step is to ensure that clients walk away as satisfied customers. These satisfied customers will endorse the services and recommend them. As a result, the agency develops a solid and stable client base.

Beauty and Hair Salon Statistics That You Might Not Know

The haircare and beauty industry is dynamic and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Some estimate that the global haircare market size will rise from $69 billion USD in 2016 to $87 billion USD in 2023. This article takes a closer look at the industry and presents some recent hair salon statistics.