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How to advertise your cleaning business? That’s the big question, isn’t it?

Marketing your cleaning business is important. You want new customers to turn to you when they need a cleaning service. Marketing is also important for repeat business, as it reminds customers of the services that you have offered them in the past.

Marketing offers many options, making it hard for you to know how to advertise your cleaning business.

It is best to understand marketing before attempting it yourself. This involves knowing how to establish your company brand and identifying your company values.

Below are some methods showing how to advertise your cleaning business. These methods are recommended by some of the cleaning industries leading marketers.

Reach Out to Your Ideal Cleaning Client

What is an ideal client? This will depend on the scope of your business. For most cleaning businesses you should approach clients such as:

  • Students who are not motivated to do their own cleaning
  • Wealthy individuals who would rather pay for someone to clean for them
  • Stay at home parents with young children who have little time for cleaning

All of the above potential clients need your services, so are more likely to offer you a business opportunity once you have contacted them.

Write a personalized advertisement to your ideal client, and don’t generalize. When writing the advertisement be sure to keep your client and their needs in mind.

To help you keep your client in mind you can print off a Persona or Avatar. This is a picture that represents them. You can include more specific information about your ideal clients, such as their age, salary, and lifestyle.

This method of reaching your clients is quick and easy.

Hire Other Companies to Clean Your Home

Let some other companies come in and clean your home, which offers some valuable market research.

Observe the way they clean your house and make some notes on what you would like them to have done differently. This allows you to see things from a client’s viewpoint and helps you learn from others’ mistakes.

On the flip side if they do something that impresses you be sure to also note that. This is a good way to identify what’s missing from the service you offer.

Many businesses find themselves offering the same standard of service for years. Observing another company and how they work provides a fresh outlook on your service. By doing this you can see how to fix potential problems with your service, or even learn a few new tricks.

If you have other members of staff in your business you can get another company to clean their homes as well. This will give your staff members a chance to see things from a client’s perspective as well, and they get a clean house.

Meet Potential Cleaning Clients at Trade Shows

Meet Potential Cleaning Clients at Trade Shows

One way to market your business in person, as opposed to using digital or postal methods, is through trade shows.

There will likely be a small cost in setting up a booth at a trade show. With the cost in mind, make sure that potential clients are drawn to you as effectively as possible.

This can be achieved by putting on cleaning demonstrations. Particularly stubborn stains could be cleaned out of a carpet sample as an example.

A cleaning demonstration attracts more attention when it shows a dramatic transformation, so a before-and-after visual demonstration is useful.

Be Strategic About Your Brand

Branding is not simply a company logo or color scheme associated with your company name. These are vital aspects of your image, however there are other important aspects to your brand.

Your service, interaction with clients, and your reputation also make up the company’s brand.

To make sure your company stands out as a good brand, ask the following questions:

  • Do I strive to make good first impressions with clients?
  • Do my staff and I have a high standard of personal appearance?
  • Am I consistent with offers to my clients?
  • Do I use good quality cleaning products?
  • Do I communicate effectively with my clients?
  • Does the company appear professional and approachable on social media?
  • Do I offer a consistently high level of service?

Most of the points on this list are focused on customer service philosophy.

Reviewing these points will allow you to provide an excellent level of service to your clients. Many of your competitors may not take all of these factors into consideration. This gives you and your company a chance to get ahead of the competition and build a good reputation.

Sell the Benefits, Not the Features of Your Service

A very popular marketing stance is to sell the benefit, not the features. This is considered a marketing rule for success.

When considering how to advertise your cleaning business do not solely focus on the technical features of your services. You want to give your clients a motive to use your service not just an overview of the services provided.

Attractive benefits could include:

  • Low prices
  • Additional services such as window washing
  • Frequent cleaning intervals to make sure the building is kept clean

The benefits you choose to include will depend on the target client. When marketing the benefits of your service, think about your clients’ individual needs, however, all clients will want:

  • A clean home
  • Good value for money
  • Reliable trustworthy service
  • Minimal contribution on their part

Develop a Conversion-Focused Website

A conversion-focused website is designed to convert a visitor into a client. A website should offer all the necessary information about your business. A good website will act as:

  • A marketing brochure
  • A description of your services
  • A business card with all of your contact information
  • A salesman

Because of the many functions it offers, your website should be viewed as the home of your business. If your business is recommended by word of mouth,  potential clients can find all they need on the website, and it often acts as a first impression to potential clients.

You want your website to offer all the relevant information a client might need, including a description of the benefits and features of your services. It should be easy for people to navigate and sign up if they decide to become your client.

Your website should help people to appreciate the value of your services, to encourage them to choose your services over the competitors. A great customer experience requires outstanding website performance. Do not neglect running the technical website audit to check website health, crawling, security, and usability issues. Remember, customer satisfaction highly depends on availability, website ease of use, and page speed.

There should be accessible contact information stating your location. The website should be designed to direct visitors to contact you, thus increasing your business leads.

Visit some competitors’ websites for comparison. Make adjustments where needed to make your website more intuitive and appealing. When comparing your website to that of a competitor, ask yourself “would I choose me?”.


Use the best possible booking app on your website

Staying organized has never been easier.

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Earn More Business with Email Campaigns

Email offers an inexpensive and quick method of marketing to generate clients. A good conversion-focused website can help generate leads in the form of email addresses, which will expand your network of contacts.

You can reach people by email using generic newsletters, but it is more effective to segment your potential client base. From there customize your campaign so it is relevant for the different segments.

Automated email campaigns can be set up to engage a past client for repeat business. They can also be used to convert a new prospective customer. Email campaigns are easy to set up and are effective for expanding your business.

Promotional emails to first-time customers should be short, concise, relevant, and engaging.

Including a link to your website offering further information should increase conversion rates. In the absence of a website, you can provide your phone contact details. Make sure your contact information is clearly displayed.

Market Your Cleaning Business Locally by Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

Market Your Cleaning Business Locally by Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

If you want your business to show up first on Google Maps, you need to optimize your Google My Business page. Doing so will push your business to a higher rank when people search for cleaning businesses.

The first step is to set up a Google My Business page. Then optimize it to make sure your traffic receives all the required information.

Provide as much information as possible, including displaying your opening hours and an overview of your services.

You have the option to post arresting and informative pictures to your Google My Business page. There are also ways to add posts to your page in a similar way to LinkedIn or Facebook. You can outsource a freelance marketer to help you professionally market your cleaning business.

Help Your Customers Find You Online

Another way of optimizing the flow of traffic to your business is to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques for your website, thus ensuring potential customers will find your website.

Depending on the scope of your cleaning business you want to make sure your website content clearly represents it. You only want customers to find your site if your service is relevant to them.

Make sure that your website content contains the expected search terms, so search engines can direct the right traffic to your website. Think about what keywords a customer needing to utilize your business will be likely to put into a search engine. Leverage AI to identify and analyze what keywords a customer might use when seeking your services.

Request Reviews

Credibility is important to help you compete with other businesses. Ask your past and current customers to offer a review of the service you provide. This will increase your credibility and promote your service above your competitors.

If your focus is on being strategic with your brand, then you will already be striving to achieve good customer service.

Negative reviews can damage your reputation. Only ask for reviews from your customers if you are confident they are satisfied with your service.

Customers tend to be quick to leave negative reviews, but sometimes don’t say anything if their experience was positive. So asking them to review is one way to prompt more positive reviews.

Try and get positive reviews on a variety of platforms:

  • Positive reviews on Google will help your business show higher in Google searches.
  • Many consumers rely on tools like Yelp to monitor business ratings. Encouraging your customers to leave a positive review on Yelp will help generate new business.
  • Facebook is a powerful tool with a vast number of users. If you have positive reviews on Facebook you will generally be more visible on search engines and Facebook alike.

Use Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Ads

Another option for advertising your cleaning business is Facebook Ads. You can set your target audience based on a person’s family status and changes, as well as their household income.

Investigate the demographics of your current client base and aim your Facebook Ads at that same audience category.

Facebook is especially powerful due to the sheer volume of users. Facebook is also in a good position to know the buying habits, wants, and needs of its users.

Using this information, Facebook can target your ideal clients based on their situation or location. Facebook Ads also allows you to choose your budget when marketing cleaning businesses.

Use Remarketing

When prospective clients visit your website they are not always going to convert to your services. You can have the most attractive and optimized website but conversion is not guaranteed.

One reason is that many people don’t make immediate decisions. To address this part of human nature, you can use retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads will appear to individuals who have previously visited your site. This serves as a reminder to them of your services and may prompt them to revisit your site with a higher chance of a conversion.

Actively Build Your Reputation Offline

Actively Build Your Reputation Offline

You can also promote your business offline. As a cleaning business, you are more likely to be targeting clients in your particular location, so it’s a good idea to advertise your business using flyers in local shops. You can even target local shops that are nearby homes or businesses you would consider ideal clients.

When using flyers make sure there is a bold headline and attach a few business cards that can be taken by interested people. The business cards will act like retargeting ads, reminding people of your services at a later time.

Community events and local sponsorships are also good ways to market your business by showing your community spirit.

Shoot a Promotional Video

Not all potential customers prefer to search for and read about your cleaning business. They might find it easier and more appealing to watch a promotional video.

You don’t need any special equipment to shoot a good promotional video. YouTube and Facebook offer a solution, using minimal equipment such as your smartphone.

Customers look for a friendly and professional demonstration of who you are and what services you provide. Reassure them in the video that you are available if they have any questions and remember to show them how to contact you.

Network With Others

Some prospective clients will respond positively when you establish a personal connection, by meeting with them in person. This strategy will not only increase the chances of acquiring a new customer but also makes customer referrals more likely.

Network with other businesses and professionals in your local area. Having a community spirit could turn these contacts into potential clients.  Get involved with community events in order to meet customers and build your network.

Think Outside of the Box

Think Outside of the Box

Use a variety of marketing techniques to expand your business. A cleaning business means the work takes place in an offline environment, so this is where you are most likely to catch a potential client’s eye.

Local businesses are usually happy to set your business cards and flyers out for free. By reaching out to local businesses you might be able to take advantage of some other forms of free promotion they are willing to offer.

There are many other options when considering how to advertise your cleaning business. One way is to advertise your business using your car. This doesn’t have to involve expensive vehicle graphics.

You can buy branded magnets to fit on your car, which can be taken off when needed. Many people won’t see your flyers in local businesses. Seeing your business advertised on the side of your car may be the only way they get to know about you.

Consistently Do a Good Job

The most important marketing strategy is to make sure you always strive for a high standard of service. If your customers trust you to do a good job, then your reputation will grow. Your good reputation can help you to get repeat work and help generate new referrals.

Make sure your staff have the same outlook and respond well to customer requests and needs.

Your customers will feel like they are getting a good service if you show you care about quality. They are more likely to accept higher rates and refer you if they are impressed by the standard of your work.

FAQs about advertising your cleaning business

1. What are the most effective advertising channels for promoting a cleaning business?

Online advertising channels like Google AdWords, social media ads, and search engine optimization are frequently the best ways to market a cleaning company (SEO). Local directories like Yelp and Google My Business are also excellent for small businesses. In particular places, such as apartment complexes, print media like flyers or door hangers can also be successful.

2. How can I create an effective advertising message for my cleaning business?

Concentrate on your distinctive value proposition while creating an advertising campaign for your cleaning company. What distinguishes your cleaning company from the competition? Focus on your best qualities and the advantages they will experience by hiring you. Include a call to action that motivates potential customers to act, and speak clearly and succinctly.

3. How much should I budget for advertising my cleaning business?

Depending on the size of your company and the extent of your advertising campaign, you need to allocate a certain amount of money for advertising your cleaning business. A decent general guideline is to set aside 5–10% of your overall sales for marketing and advertising. Yet, it’s crucial to monitor the return on investment (ROI) of your advertising efforts and modify your budget as necessary.

4. Is it better to advertise my cleaning business locally or regionally?

This is dependent on your company’s objectives and the extent of your offerings. Local advertising is probably the most successful if you exclusively provide cleaning services in a particular region, such as a city or county. Regional marketing could be more successful if you have a bigger service area or provide specialized cleaning services.

5. What kind of promotions or discounts can I offer to attract new customers?

Consider promotions or discounts like first-time customer discounts, referral discounts, or discounts for bundling services in order to draw in new clients. Another choice is to provide free consultations or estimates to prospective clients, which can assist develop rapport and confidence.

6. How can I leverage social media to advertise my cleaning business?

Have a social media presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to use social media to promote your cleaning service. Upload stunning images and videos of your work, reply to client comments and feedback and interact with other users. To reach potential clients in your service area, think about launching targeted social media advertisements.

7. What are some effective ways to generate positive reviews and testimonials for my cleaning business?

Encourage pleased clients to submit feedback on sites like Yelp or Google My Business in order to attract favorable testimonials and evaluations for your cleaning company. Think about providing rewards, like a discount on their subsequent cleaning session, in exchange for a review. To demonstrate that you value consumer feedback, respond to any unfavorable reviews right away and in a kind manner.

8. How can I track the ROI of my advertising efforts for my cleaning business?

Use technologies like Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and consumer behavior in order to measure the return on investment of your advertising efforts. To find out which advertising sources are producing the most leads and conversions, set up conversion tracking. Use this information to appropriately adapt your advertising plan and budget.

9. Should I advertise my cleaning business in print media or online media?

Your target market and the size of your advertising effort will determine this. Print media might be more successful if you’re trying to reach older populations or certain local areas. But, internet media can be more focused and efficient for reaching a larger audience, such as social media ads and Google AdWords.

10. What are some unique advertising strategies that can set my cleaning business apart from competitors?

Consider offering specialty services like eco-friendly cleaning or cutting-edge technology like UV-C cleaning to differentiate your cleaning company from rivals. Think about collaborating with nearby companies or groups to present joint promotions or discounts.

Another alternative is to demonstrate your company’s culture and principles to win over potential clients’ trust and loyalty. For example, you could emphasize your dedication to customer satisfaction or your usage of high-quality, environmentally friendly products.

Also, you can benefit from influencer marketing by collaborating with well-known local bloggers or social media influencers to market your products. Finally, think about going to regional gatherings or trade exhibits to meet potential clients and present your services in person.

You may set your cleaning company apart from rivals and draw in new clients by using these distinctive advertising techniques.

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