What to Put on A Cleaning Service Flyer (Examples Included)

What to Put on A Cleaning Service Flyer (Examples Included)

Cleaning businesses can be very profitable. But they also have to deal with high levels of competition.

A cleaning business doesn’t cost much to set up and training of staff members doesn’t need to be extensive. Because of this, there are many cleaning businesses to compete with.

To get ahead of the competition marketing needs to be well planned. One way to market a business is by using flyers.

Flyers should catch the eye of potential customers and promote your business.

A flyer’s main purpose should be to grab a customer’s attention. It should also provide the information they need to contact you.

A good flyer will have a healthy conversion rate. This means that a high percentage of people who see it will take action.

Because of the positive impact a flyer can have, it is important to know what to put on a cleaning service flyer. Businesses should also consider what type of flyer to use.

Because there is a minimal amount of time to keep a customer’s attention flyers should be clean and to the point.

What to Put on a Cleaning Service Flyer



Most people won’t stop to read every flyer. The time they will spend reading a flyer may amount to a few seconds.

Because of this, make sure the headline is a short sentence or phrase. The headline should tell readers what the flyer is about and grab their attention.

Business Name and Contact Details

Once a reader is paying attention they will need to know where to go for more information.

This doesn’t need to be the main focus of the flyer. But it is important to state the name of the business and how customers can make contact.

A Description of The Cleaning Services

Flyers are only so big, which means there is a limit to the amount of information they can hold. One vital element to include is a description of the services you provide.

Make sure the description is concise. A long description makes the flyer look crowded and most customers will lose interest if it is too long.



The main way of getting a person’s attention is by using high-quality graphics. These could include color schemes, illustrations, photographs, and various patterns.

Graphics can make a flyer stand out but they could also make it busy and difficult to read. For a graphic to work, the design needs to be well thought out.


The aim is to help readers establish what makes this company different or better than others. The use of short, pronounced phrases tells a person why they should choose your services.

Call to Action

Another goal is to encourage potential clients to make contact as soon as possible. One basic way to prompt action is to include special offers.

These can be available for customers who take in the flyer or reference a special code on the flyer. Other ways to call customers to action are displaying things like:



It will give customers peace of mind to know they are protected by any insurance policies you own. Insurances can help cover customers against things like damage and theft.

Knowing that the business has insurance cover makes customers feel secure. They will feel more comfortable allowing you to clean their homes or other buildings.

If you have insurance, state on the flyer in clear lettering that the business is “bonded and insured”.

Pricing and Discounts

The business may have various pricing options depending on the types of services. A flyer only needs to include basic pricing information.

The flyers could also advertise a discount to new customers. This will attract more clients and allows you to monitor interest levels.


Tell customers what makes this business different.

Does it specialize in certain types of cleaning services such as move-in/move-out services? Or is the focus on using eco-friendly cleaning products?

Your flyer should highlight all the unique selling points. This will help the business stand out from the competition.

How to Design an Effective Flyer

Having looked at what to include on the flyer, there are a few things to consider to make it more effective.

Know Your Customers

It is important to know what your ideal client needs from your services. This helps businesses get the best result from their flyer marketing campaigns.

Knowing the customers will help to determine what to put on a cleaning service flyer.

A student could need help because they might lack the motivation to do their own cleaning. A business owner needs to focus on their work so may require assistance with cleaning.

A single mother might need help as she is busy looking after her children. In general, people use a cleaning company because they don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to do the cleaning themselves.

Knowing why a client needs this service will help to word the flyer in an appealing way. If the target audience is older keep it simple and use traditional designs and fonts.

With a younger target audience such as students, make the flyer colorful and modern. A good tip is to include humor in the message to grab their attention.

Have an Irresistible Offer

Have an Irresistible Offer

Some people may already have a cleaning service provider. Some won’t have one but might be looking for one. Others won’t have one and aren’t looking for one.

It is possible to appeal to all of these people with the flyer. One way to do this is to include an irresistible offer.

Make sure the offer stands out from the offers of other cleaning companies. One way to appeal to all three categories of people is to offer an introductory rate or discount.

Make The Flyer Easy to Scan

A flyer should tell customers what the business is, what services it offers, and how they can benefit. This should be a priority when deciding what to put on a cleaning service flyer.

Having gained their interest it’s more likely that they will read the rest of the information.

Using a variety of fonts helps to prevent the information from looking too daunting. It’s best to use three different but similar fonts.

In this way, the flyer will look professional but not too wordy.

Be Concise

Flyers need to be concise. Because customers only spend a small amount of time reading it, the message needs to be short and to the point. With flyers, less is always more.

Display the most important information at the top in large bold text. The rest of the flyer should only contain essential information.

The flyer design should initiate a two-step process.

First, it needs to grab a person’s attention. Then it should persuade them to take action (contact the business).

You can include social media links and website information, which some customers are more inclined to use.

Use a Photo

Use a Photo

Show photos of you and your employees doing good work or providing good customer service. Make sure there are plenty of smiles.

This will impress new customers with feelings of accessibility and friendliness. Adding descriptions or other small sections of text can make the flyer more readable.

Make sure the image is of professional quality. Don’t use selfies, get another person to take the picture for you.

It’s not necessary to hire a professional photographer as long as the quality of the image is good. Hiring models for the photographs is also unnecessary.

However, do ensure that any photos used portray professionalism and approachability.

Use Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists are easy to read and quick to scan. They are easier to understand than a paragraph of text.

Instead of listing services and customer benefits in a paragraph, try using a bulleted list. Bullet points allow customers to pick out particular benefits that may apply to them.

This information may have been less obvious if contained in a paragraph. Bullet points highlight the personal benefits and can encourage customers to make contact.

If possible, change long and boring sentences to accessible and informative lists.

Great Flyer Examples

It is important to design a flyer well. This involves including all the necessary features and ensuring that it is effective.

The main things to consider when designing a flyer are:

  • It should be eye-catching to get a person’s interest and entice them to find out more.
  • Keep the target audience in mind. Make sure the design and message of the flyer are appealing to the target audience.
  • The flyer should provide customers with information about the services offered. It should also outline how they can contact you for more information.
  • Aim to move readers to action. Be convincing and motivating by showing how the services can benefit them.

When it comes to visual design and being informative it is a good idea to have a balance. Too much information will make the flyer busy and unappealing.

Too much focus on graphics and design will detract from the details. The information should be concise and the design should be eye-catching.

Below are some examples of effective cleaning services flyers. Businesses can use them as a guide when deciding what to put on their cleaning service flyer.

Carpet Cleaning Flyer Template

Carpet Cleaning Flyer Template

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Flyer

Carpet Cleaning Flyer

Cleaning Company Flyer Template

Cleaning Company Flyer Template

Postcard Example

Postcard Example

Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services

House Clean Company

House Clean Company

Cleaning Services in Town

Cleaning Services in Town

Cleaning Service Flyer Template

Cleaning Service Flyer Template

Tearaway Cleaning Service Flyer

Tearaway Cleaning Service Flyer

Dark-Mode Service Flyer

Dark-Mode Service Flyer

Judy’s Cleaning Services

Judy's Cleaning Services

Generating Leads With Cleaning Flyers

After deciding what to put on the cleaning service flyer, you might focus on using one type of flier. Or you might want to use a variety of styles to appeal to different target audiences.

The goal should always be to attract new leads.

It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money if the budget is tight. Try different styles and target different audiences to see what works best for you.

Once new business leads develop, it is important to keep on top of any new bookings.

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