Cleaning Service Advertisement Examples to Inspire You

Cleaning Service Advertisement Examples to Inspire You

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Cleaning, along with other service-based businesses, offers a unique opportunity. It requires low investment and it’s relatively easy to launch.

Besides that, it presents an immediate advantage for the customer. Hence, it is not hard for potential clients to understand why they should opt for cleaning services.

However, you should develop a strong marketing strategy to sustain and increase your business volume. In addition to maintaining a website, creating your own cleaning service advertisement can help you achieve this with little effort.

The Basic Elements of Advertising for Cleaning Services

A cleaning service advertisement has the following fundamental elements:

  • The visual aspects attract attention. They make your ad stand out among others on the same page. You can use photography, video, animation, or even graphics.
  • Branding reflects your business identity. Clients will identify your cleaning ads by your slogan, logo, and other details.
  • The goal of any ad is to incite to action. Whatever outcome you seek, you do not want viewers to be indifferent. So straightforward, motivational call-to-action is essential.
  • An appropriate tagline can make a vast difference in engagement. Your business feels more approachable to customers and is easier to remember. You can use your slogan as a base to create different taglines for specific purposes.
  • Ad copy attaches details and sets a framework for the message you are trying to convey. Balance in the amount of text you use is vital.

We can consider other factors for a great cleaning ad. Below, you will find a detailed list of characteristics with advertisement examples.

Check them out to discover innovative advertising ideas for creating your own ad.

Workplace and House Cleaning Ads Examples

For your cleaning business to succeed, you must create effective advertising. You do not want to spend more money than necessary, so you should be meticulous when you run ads.

The following list examines the features you must include. You will learn  which details you should be aware of while developing your advertisements.

Click on the links to access the commercial and house cleaning ads ideas approached on each topic.

Lead With Your Branding

No cleaning business can thrive without defining its identity and establishing a specific image. The branding process can be complex, but it is worth the time and effort.

Your clients need to recognize your brand in your ads. They will trust you more if they see you deliver consistent content.

In this first example, Adèle House Cleaning uses a photograph emphasizing their colors and logo. When observing the details, you can see the staff member featured is even using branded cleaning products.

They use very little text to send a clear and motivational message.

Identify the Target Audience

To create efficient ads, you must first understand who is your ideal client. With that information, it is easier to build content and decide the type of approach to follow.

You can share an ad like the one above on social media platforms. It advertises home cleaning services within a designated area. Thus, defining local customers as their target audience.

Using bullet points facilitates reading, and the illustration highlights the service offered. The call to action is concise, yet still impactful.

Understand and Address Specific Pain Points

Once you have defined your target audience, you need to understand them. Be aware of their struggles and needs. Tailoring your ads to these will make them more interesting to new clients.

In their ad, Sparkle Buddy reaches out to moms in a very empathetic way. This cleaning service advertisement uses a large relatable photograph.

There is little ad copy, and both the message and visuals match the brand logo and colors.

Adopt a Resounding Language

As well as understanding all the above, it is essential to adjust the digital marketing to potential clients. That means you need to learn how to speak their language.

Notice the JLM Cleaning Mullica Hill ad. The photography portrays the struggle many parents face to keep their homes clean. You can see the frustration and weariness on their faces.

The ad copy highlights the quality of the services this cleaning company offers. The expression “Just like mom” shows how much care and attention they put into their work.

Make Use of Relevant Hashtags

Nowadays, every social media platform uses hashtags. They ease the search process and allow posts to reach a broader audience.

When designing your cleaning ads, you can use the details of your message as hashtags. This way, you will be directing the ads to potential leads, who will be more likely to become your customers.

The Cleaning Brothers ad has several hashtags related to the services they offer. They also advertise for a season in which people usually consider deep cleaning necessary.

Remember to Educate and Inform

Sharing cleaning tips is a fantastic way for potential customers to see you as a trustworthy professional. Viewers appreciate practical knowledge that they can implement in their everyday lives. After seeing the results, they will feel more confident about reaching out to you.

Fiber Seal, for example, shares three vacuuming tips. They pair this strategy with using relevant hashtags. Doing so improves search results and audience engagement.


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Display Your Services

A potential customer will only decide to work with you if they understand what to expect.

U.S. Cleaning Service, LLC presents a gallery-style ad. Since they offer more than one house cleaning service, they use ad templates for online advertising.

There is a picture to showcase each service and a tagline for the call to action.

Share Gratifying Cleaning Work

A cleaning service advertisement that incorporates some type of satisfying work is appealing. Share content that reminds clients what it feels like to experience the change to a freshly clean environment. You can use different resources to make house cleaning ads more dynamic and captivating.

Crystal-Light Cleaning shares a video of their professional carpet cleaning services. They encourage local customers to opt for a limited-time offer.

Showcase the Before and After

Before and after photos are a way for clients to see the results of your cleaning services. Introducing these when you create ads will boost your engagement, even if you have a new business.

Like Rubalcava’s Quality Carpet Cleaning, you can use photography content. Consider using several examples of your different services. TYou can also share videos of the cleaning process and its results.

Provide Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

Today, people are considering environmental issues when making choices. So offering eco-friendly cleaning services is an excellent advantage.

Eco Home Care is a housecleaning business. Their focus is on families. They use plenty of green in the ad design to highlight their sustainable approach to the industry. They also draw attention to an offer for a free cleaning service by enlarging a particular frame.

Share Reviews and Testimonials

Adding testimonials to your cleaning advertisement can help you stand out from local businesses. It provides a more professional and trustable image, generating more leads.

Aloha Maiden Cleaning Service uses a simple tagline to share one of their 5-star ratings. They highlight a sense of proficiency and care through a simple and elegant ad design.

Include Achievements and Recognitions

If your cleaning company has any award or certification, include it when advertising. Doing so improves your image for current and potential clients.

Not only is it an achievement for your business, but it can serve as a growth propeller. Focus on complementary credentials that meet the needs and concerns of your customers.

Home Cleaning Center of America shares a photograph of a beautiful, clean home. They underscore the use of OSHA-approved products.

The focus of this example is their house cleaning quality. It also acknowledges that each service demands different approaches.

Include Call To Actions

As they come across your cleaning ads, clients should feel compelled to do more than look at them. You must encourage them to book home cleaning services or any other services you might offer.

When developing a call to action, try to merge the written and visual content. In the ad above, Diamond Cleaners uses bright colors, illustrations, and motivating text.

Create Benefit-Driven Ads

Advertise your cleaning business by showing potential clients why to go for your services. They want to feel that their benefits would be equal or superior to the money they spend.

Customers need convenient, top-quality solutions. So, Maid Right shares a concise, professional cleaning ad.

They offer to save you time and deliver you a clean home. The photograph is relatable, the bullet points are straightforward, and there is a simple tagline.

Announce a Contest or Promotion

Contests and promotions increase engagement, especially within a specific age group. You can list various themes and seasons and use them to advertise exceptional offers.

Go Clean Co. launched a Fall challenge associated with a handbook giveaway. They shared a lovely photograph on social media and explained their contest in the description.

This cleaning service advertisement is an example of using ads to promote your brand.

Promote a Limited-Offer Cleaning Service

A limited-time offer conveys a sense of urgency. You can create a deal for housecleaning, merchandise, or another prospect.

There’s the added benefit of adding links to your website. Customers will then find more information, opportunities, and products.

Go Clean Co. is a cleaning business that is very active on social media. The example found in the link is one of their posts. They are using a video to advertise a sale on hardcover handbooks by their brand.

Foster the Creation of a Mental Picture

Use both images to paint an attractive picture. Create appealing house cleaning ads. By doing this, clients will imagine the feeling of a spotless house or workplace.

In the deep cleaning advertisement linked, The Cleaning Authority uses a photograph of a happy baby. The visuals and text emphasize the connection between proper sanitation, health, and happiness.

Include the Human Factor

People want to relate to the content they find. It is also essential for them to feel that they are working with their peers. So using real-life photographs of working staff members builds trust.

A Better Look presents several photos of housecleaning. However, the most prominent image in this ad depicts a worker.

House cleaning requires considerable elbow grease. Including a personal touch in your ads will get your business the boost and recognition it deserves.

Conclusion on Successful Cleaning Service Advertisement Examples

These were the commercial and house cleaning ad examples to help and inspire you. Take the time to see how you can implement each suggestion.

Remember, a cleaning service advertisement should not be difficult to understand. Opt for a simple approach and diversify your presentations.

Develop campaigns, and share before and after photos and videos. Show customers why they need to choose your cleaning company.

Afterward, broadcast your ads to reach as many people as possible. Share them on social media platforms, and use Google Search, Google Ads, Angie’s List, and other resources.

Follow these tips to advertise your cleaning business and achieve fantastic results.

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