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A holistic practice generally approaches individuals as a whole. Hence, it puts aside the traditional mindset of separating body, mind, and spirit.

Since it focuses on each participant individually, the strategies adopted vary. So, if you relate to a more dynamic and unconventional path, this might be a good option for you.

This article will explain what you can expect from holistic wellness coaches. You will learn about the differences between holistic health coaching and therapy. Plus, you will understand if and when you need a holistic life coach.

Finally, you will discover why becoming a coach yourself might be the next step in your professional life. But first, learn below about the main benefits of holistic health coaching.

The Benefits Of Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic life coaching has numerous benefits. A consistent, high-quality support can make a difference in your life. It can help you change how you feel about your job and day-to-day routine.

Supporting the development of healthier habits improves self-knowledge. Additionally, it helps you gain purpose and makes your life more significant.

Because this practice approaches people as a whole, you will be able to see growth faster and feel more motivated to continue at your own pace.

The Top 10 Benefits of Holistic Life Coaching Work

These are the top 10 benefits of investing in holistic life coaching work:

  • If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or PTSD, a holistic health coach can help you improve your mental health. You will learn how to manage your emotions to foster
  • If you have been through a significant loss in your life, if you are grieving, or you have recently gone through a break up, it can help you heal.
  • Life coaching will give you the tools to overcome daily challenges. You will develop stress management mechanisms and live a more fulfilling life.
  • It will help you enjoy a more balanced life that fosters your well-being by working on the mind-body connection.
  • Promoting inner peace will also help you improve your relationships. You will feel more comfortable setting healthy boundaries and approaching stressful situations.
  • Another benefit is that it teaches you to establish clear goals for personal and professional growth.
  • It will also enhance your self-awareness. A coaching program will enable you to understand yourself as a whole and create balance through a healthy lifestyle.
  • During this journey, you will always feel supported by your holistic life coach. They will guide and help you build your strengths while fighting your weaknesses.
  • In the long run, you will be able to create an abundance mindset to help you reach your personal, professional, and financial goals.
  • If spiritual well-being is something you are interested in, you can opt for a spiritual life coach to guide and support you.

What Can You Expect From Holistic Health Coaches?

As mentioned, holistic coaching considers the individual as a whole. It encompasses a physical, emotional, and spiritual approach to help you achieve harmony in your life. Thus, you will notice that it works simultaneously on several fronts.

You can choose one-on-one coaching or group setting sessions, according to your needs and preferences. Either way, most professionals offer different coaching packages from which to choose.

If you’re dealing with health issues, a life coach will favor a root-cause approach rather than a symptom-driven one. They will help you understand what is causing your symptoms and change your habits and routines accordingly.

Throughout the coaching sessions, you will notice how they encourage self-reflection and awareness. The holistic coach will also bring attention to the areas of your life that you might be overlooking.

Next, they create an individual coaching model that will lead to your personal development. This plan will include nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, meditation, and gratitude.

For the coaching process to succeed, you must keep an open mind. Remember that the tools that you receive will be helpful throughout your life. The ultimate goal of any life coach would be to help you sustainably reach your objectives and become fulfilled and happy with your own life.

So you can expect to feel empowered and gain better health. You will also notice the need for changes in your daily habits or even in some of the physical environments you attend.

Motivation is mostly intrinsic. Thus, a holistic life coach will encourage you and give you the tools you need to remain driven. They will teach you how to live intentionally to achieve your purpose and handle whatever changes come your way.

The Differences Between Holistic Health Coaching and Therapy

While a therapist will focus mainly on your mental health, a holistic life coach will always see you as a whole. They will work on your mind-body connection and promote overall well-being.

Traditional therapy will address your mental and emotional battles. However, a holistic approach will also look at your spiritual and physical health.

Another vital difference is that therapy is centered on the past. It endeavors to analyze any traumas, pains, and challenges you have faced. Then, through personal training and evidence-based strategies, it builds solutions for those struggles.

This method is similar to the one a traditional life coach might follow, but it differs from the path a holistic coach would pursue. The holistic approach sees mental health as just one of the vital factors to personal growth and happiness.

Finally, performing therapy requires the successful completion of a certification program. On the contrary, a life coach does not use any of those parameters. They can opt to become a certified life coach by attending a holistic coach training institute, but it is not a requirement.

Do You Need A Holistic Life Coach?

Anyone looking to improve their own life synergy can benefit from a coaching program. As coaching clients, they will develop healthy habits that will tremendously impact their lives.

It is an excellent option if you struggle with self-confidence or if you are unhappy with your lifestyle choices. For example, you might be trying to lose weight, eat more nutritious foods, or improve your physical fitness.

Holistic life coaches have the training to support clients as they achieve optimum health and wellness. Throughout the coaching process, they encourage self-reflection.

They also use positive psychology to foster wholesome emotional coping methods. During coaching sessions, you will feel empowered to create healthy environments wherever you are.


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Should You Become a Holistic Health Coach?

As you have seen, holistic life coaches are different than other Health Coaches. They offer more than physical or nutritional counseling.

Instead, they are true mentors that promote personal development. The wellness coaching content that they convey benefits clients for their whole lives.

As a holistic health coach, you will learn how to step out of conventional healthcare techniques. Besides, you can develop a business plan to help you grow and expand over time.

You can resort to the Holistic Coach Training Institute to get your coach certification. The International Institute for Complementary Therapists also offers valuable resources.

Coach-specific training will give you the confidence to start your coaching business. This training will provide you with the coaching skills needed to help yourself and others.

Where Can You Work as a Holistic Life Coach?

As a holistic health coach, you can work full-time or part-time. You can also create an independent practice or become part of a team.

As for work environments, consider the following possibilities:

Colleges and Universities

As a holistic life coach within a college or university, you can support students, staff members, and teachers. These environments tend to be characterized by stress, competitiveness, and high expectations. Thus, you will play a crucial part in creating balance and harmony.


Taking care of employees is the new standard for most companies and corporations as they have realized that they must value employees to keep them motivated and prolific.

Many businesses are now opting to hire health and wellness professionals. This way, they provide support for their workers and promote overall well-being.

Training Centers

Another viable option is joining a training center. Professional athletes are constantly under much pressure and must maintain exceptional physical health. Still, they often disregard their emotional needs.

Holistic coaches can help them develop efficient coping mechanisms for stress management. These tools will also improve their physical environment and condition.

Weight Loss Programs

A weight loss journey is a very emotional process. Hence programs must also provide participants with the needed support to develop healthy habits.

The ultimate goal of an excellent weight loss program would be to teach intuitive fitness and eating. In this case, you can offer services in the holistic nutrition coaching niche.

Wellness Centers, Spas, and Gyms

The wellness industry has grown exponentially and will continue to do so. During the last few years, self-care has become more than a luxury available only to some people.

Therefore, you have plenty of opportunities to work as a holistic life coach in wellness centers, spas, or gyms. Offering a mental and spiritual approach will also differentiate the business.

Start Your Own Coaching Business

The last suggestion would be to start your own business. You can open your holistic coaching practice to individuals, or you can offer consulting services to companies.

It would require extra effort, but you would have more freedom in the long run. You will get plenty of opportunities to grow as a holistic life coach. You can specialize in different areas, enlarge your team, and offer numerous services.

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