The Most Efficient Event Promotion Ideas to Use

The Most Efficient Event Promotion Ideas to Use

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The moment you were named event manager for a gig, you knew that besides organizing everything flawlessly, you also need some good event promotion ideas to make the most out of your event.

And we have that for you.

But first, let’s start with some basic info.

The audience is the main object for a live concert, film premiere, and sporting event. Without them, it’s impossible to have fun and enjoy these occasions.

So, the management makes use of event promotion ideas to entice more people to join. Gaining a larger audience improves the chances of holding a successful event.

That is similar to B2B events, wherein the number of attendees could either make or break your goal. Attracting more people to an event should be a priority.

To make this happen, it’s necessary to strategize the prospect engagement techniques.

Social media marketing is popular for promoting events. But there’s more to Facebook or Instagram algorithms.

This article will show creative ways to generate more leads and interest.

How Event Promotion Ideas Can Generate More Leads and Interest

To market an event, good promotion will involve all the latest strategies. These can help to generate more interest from the target market.

The ultimate goal is to reach more prospects, guiding them to the call-to-action to register.

Strategies can range from flyer handouts to social media to email marketing. But it is crucial to know the latest trends to ensure success.

That is the process of event promotion.

On the other hand, in-person events drive business goals for service, brand, and product. With the right strategies and the latest techniques, it’s possible to:

  • Communicate with business-minded professionals with the same goals
  • Reach more of the target market
  • Turn the target market into audiences
  • Turn attendance into paying customers
  • Keep event attendees engaged with the social media wall.
  • Educate people regarding your business
  • Increase ticket sales or revenue

B2B companies’ techniques have similarities to B2C. What follows is a more in-depth look at B2B-focused marketing tactics.

B2B-Focused Marketing Tactics Ideas

The success of event promotion depends on your creativity. That’s why it is essential to be innovative and stand out from the others.

The use of creativity can convince prospects to go further and make a commitment.

21 Proven Event Promotion Ideas

Start with a Catchy Headline

Start with a Catchy Headline

A headline is the most important part of promotional materials. The goal is to catch people’s attention as soon as they read the title.

This rouses their curiosity and leads them to the main content.

When talking about the business or event you are promoting, make it conversational. A pitchy tone might turn off potential audiences.

Make it feel like a conversation with a friend, tell them the benefits of attending this event. Talk about the value, and explain how it can help them.

Present High-Quality Videos or Photos

Take a photo of the event’s location and capture the ambiance. Include any eye-catching areas that could encourage more people to attend.

For this reason, hiring a photographer or videographer may be a worthwhile investment. Or if you have the necessary skills, take professional, well-lit pictures yourself.

The photos should show audiences what they can expect from the event. Instead of using words to describe it, use photography to tell more about it.

As well, photography plays a crucial part in boosting the interest of the readers or viewers. If you don’t want to hire a professional for creating videos, there are perfectly suitable tools for that on the market. The Canva Video Editor page lets you create and edit videos on any device and on different platforms.

Share Marketing Ideas with Sponsors

Share Marketing Ideas with Sponsors

Sponsors play a significant role in event promotion plans. They have the connections and resources to contribute to the event’s success.

They can also serve to increase the number of prospects or the target market. If a sponsor has a large following on social media, ask if it is possible to include the event in their news feed post or newsletter.

Do not hesitate to talk with sponsors as you are all in the same boat. Remember, your success is their success, and vice-versa.

Customized Invitation-Only Package for VIPs

Inviting popular and VIP guests can be one of the most successful event promotion ideas. Announce a “special guest” on the regular invitations and encourage readers to attend the event.

Ensure to plan ahead of time who this “special guest” will be. Get someone who has a big name in the industry.

However, remember to give extra attention to these VIPs so they don’t feel left out. Offer them an elite package, something they cannot resist. You can run personalized outreach campaigns using a tool like TinyEmail to develop a relationship with prospects.

Doing so can increase the event’s status.

Raise the Profile of the Event

Building a reputation is crucial to leave a great impression on people. This means maintaining a good profile or name with the target market.

One example is donating tickets to a charity auction. After doing this, writers from various websites may feature you.

In this way, it’s possible to obtain free advertising for the event.  As a result, people will connect the event to something good and helpful to the community.

Leverage the project by taking the opportunity to help others at the same time.

Start an Event Registration Website

Start an Event Registration Website
Image source: Vadim Drut

A registration website is hassle-free and you can easily get an event WordPress theme for a few bucks and customize it a bit. It eliminates the need to print out forms and hand them out to thousands of people.

It’s easier to reach higher traffic from the target market by using the search engine’s algorithm. As more people use the internet, you can grow the website through different strategies.

Here are ways to optimize the page:

  • Make the website user-friendly.

To do this, it’s necessary to optimize the speed. Check the page speed in GTmetrix or Pingdom Tools.

At least reach the passing test grade to ensure that the page has no lag or errors. Slow pages turn people off.

  • Purchase or use a web analytics tool to track the site’s progress, especially the traffic.
  • Optimize the website content with SEO. Most traffic arrives at a website as a result of SEO strategies.

Using SEO can help to increase the site’s ranking in search engine results. If technical SEO is a little daunting, you can always work with a verified and experienced search engine, optimization consultant.

  • Always run an A/B test on the design elements and see if the headline and site colors pass.
  • Place the event registration page where visitors can view it right away.
  • Have a clear call to action. Ensure that it is simple, easy to read, and enticing.

Create a Relevant Landing Page

There are many landing page creators that can help you save time and craft beautiful landing pages.

The main headline or message of the landing page depends on the focus of the CTA.

For example, maybe the call-to-action is to know the location of the event. So don’t skip it and go straight away to the purpose of the event. A specific and straightforward landing page will keep a visitor’s focus. By keeping their attention to the end of the page, it’s likely they will attend the event.

Of course, visitors will also want to know if they’ll benefit in return.

Create a Page With the Event’s Main Goal

When someone visits the website, they want to know the purpose of the event. An agenda page will present all the ideas regarding the event.

On this page, it is advisable to be straightforward. Make sure that the content is concise, easy-to-read, fun, and friendly.

When it comes to the page’s design, make it clean and simple. Smooth navigation is another important factor for site visitors.

It is advisable to include a timeline of what will happen during the event. Putting the specific time of each activity allows guests to schedule their time.

Be specific when creating a schedule. For example, cite the time of the workshops and special speakers. That will also help the “special guests” prepare, especially if they are delivering a speech.

Use Influencers to Promote Your Event

Many companies and businesses are using this strategy to gain potential leads and customers. It is one of the most effective marketing techniques and helps to boost the brand’s reputation.

That is also true in the event promotion campaign. Paying influencers to market your business will pay off in the long run.

According to statistics, 90% of marketers say that investment return usually comes from influencer marketing. Influencers and brands are working together to earn more loyal audiences.

Creating partnerships with popular individuals can help you gain more event registrations.

However, do take care when choosing the influencers to promote your event. Their career and ideologies should be similar to the event’s goals and purpose.

Choose someone who is into the product or business and who will be a genuine advocate.

An influencer can utilize several methods to promote the event. It could be story-telling, regular promotion in their social media accounts, or conducting contests.

As a result, these strategies can boost the event promotion right away.

Retargeting Marketing Strategy

You might have caught the attention of visitors, leading them to the call-to-action section. But after that, they left the site and never signed up.

If that is the case, do not lose hope. The fact that they visited the page indicates a level of interest.

This means that there’s a possibility to change their mind and have them register afterward. This is possible by serving ads through social media.

Retargeting means letting these ads appear on their timeline on Facebook or Instagram. Do this by sending the HTML link of your event website to Facebook.

Facebook will then track the user’s activity, from visiting your website to opening their social media account. Once they login to their account, they will see the ads reminding them to register for the event.



Optimize a newsletter on your page. Although some people won’t read the entire website, receiving updates via a newsletter may be of interest to them.

Using this method, it’s possible to send a promotional email regarding the event. Email campaigns enable businesses to reach out to people regularly.

By committing to the audience, they will see the importance or benefits of your event. However, do not spam them with promotional material regarding the upcoming event.

This will only serve to put them off. Instead, write a newsletter related to the event’s theme.

Make it natural and fun to read. Then, create a separate email for the event promotion campaign.

Gain the Trust of Your Audience

The truth is, there are a lot of event promotion ideas online. However, stuffing content with keywords is not enough to gain the reader’s trust.

It is vital to add value to the website. Whether it is a social media post, blog post, or website copy, ensure that it shows authority.

An article that supports or promotes the event, should also offer insightful information. Having gained trust, visitors might register and share the event’s details with others.

Use an Email Signature

When sending emails to various audiences, it’s important to establish the brand first. Through an email signature people can recognize you instantly.

A signature should include your first name and last name, title and department, email address, phone number, company logo, business address, social media icon link, and a small image.

You can use this signature on the registration page. It will also provide credibility for you as the event’s manager or organizer.  

Create a LinkedIn Account

Create a LinkedIn Account

A LinkedIn account helps a website look professional. On this platform, users can promote their events and content to various people.

They can also find specific people among their peer groups. Creating a closed group with a specific group of people is possible through LinkedIn.

Users can have all their important people in a group, and have them involved from start to finish.

Having regular involvement with people helps the brand to get known. You will also gain friends with the same plan or goal.

Show People What They Could Miss

So, you probably had a similar event a year ago. This makes it possible to share an experience recap.

Show snippet videos and photos of the previous year’s event to other people. Present the highlights of the event and show them to prospects or clients.

Make sure that the videos show the energy and tone of the event. It allows people to see what they can expect when they attend your business event this time.

The best way is to create and edit videos so that people visualize themselves there. Upload these videos to your social media accounts, emails, and websites.

Video is a straightforward medium and an effective way to connect with people.

Take note that videos should not be longer than 1 minute. Make it concise and fun to watch. There are many video editing software that allow you to create funny videos easily and quickly.

Encourage Others to Share the Event

One efficient event promotion idea is word of mouth. Ask for referrals from friends.

Or employ another strategy, such as affiliate marketing. On the event registration page, offer a partnership possibility.

People who join the affiliate program will receive perks or percentages from their successful leads.

An organic option is to speak with industry professionals you have worked with before and ask them to share the event details with others. Or generate invite codes from different technology tools online.

By following these steps attendees might become event ambassadors.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

SMM is an effective strategy utilized by many different companies and businesses. Social media has billions of users, making it a center of eCommerce.

It will reach a massive audience, especially when combined with the latest techniques. LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have paid advertising platforms to help gain potential leads.

Each social media platform has a different purpose. For example, Facebook can help to generate leads.

Optimize posts or videos with ads by targeting a specific market. To make it clearer, use ads based on the type of audience.

On the other hand, Instagram is the best platform for targeting younger people. Focus on the audience you want to reach, then try to widen this base into different age categories.

The thing to keep in mind is that all photos should be high-quality.

On Twitter, make sure to have a clear CTA. It’s necessary to have a specific target market on this platform.

Make a start with brand awareness and organic engagement. Also, any ads should be easy to read.

When it comes to B2B Marketing, use LinkedIn for ads. It’s best to track ads and remove any content that falls below a 0.10% click-through rate.

Write a short and concise copy that focuses on problems you aim to solve.

Collect Positive Reviews

Ask for feedback from loyal clients and event attendees. They can make a video or comment through a form.

Get their permission to post their testimonies on your website and social media platforms. Then, place these positive reviews in a visible section of the site.

Create Videos on YouTube

Create Videos on YouTube

YouTube is next to Google as one of the most popular search engines in the world. Taking advantage of this statistic will help to reach more of the target market.

On Youtube, it is possible to do a live video while announcing upcoming events. Moreover, users can create sneak peek videos or snippets of the event or program.

Reward Attendees by Spreading the Word

If the original attendee invites another person to register for the event, offer promo codes or discounts for their next purchase. Purchase referral strategy can help to boost the event organically.

Ending thoughts on the most efficient event promotion ideas to use

When promoting an event, it’s not necessary to spend much to make it successful. Utilizing free tools and platforms while implementing event promotion ideas will help you reach your goal.

First, have a responsive website to welcome audiences and visitors. Next, provide smooth event registration through booking software.

Get the right tool for the job


One of the most effective booking software available is Trafft. It comes with a modern design, and a responsive and customizable online booking page.

With Trafft:

  • Your event will go to the booking page’s list.
  • Visitors can register right away.
  • Visitors can pay via online banking or credit card.
  • Organizing online and offline events is straightforward.
  • Users can track performance instantly.

Want to know more? Check out Trafft’s awesome features to see what you are missing.

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