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Your logo is the face of your business. It is the first thing people see when they walk in the door, and even before they do that. Your logo is what customers think of when your business is mentioned. Logos and their design can have a big impact on how your business is perceived.

Just as when people meet, a first impression will stick. That’s why it is important to have a great first impression. From first sight, your logo will affect how people feel about your brand. It can communicate what your company does and its values.

Business can be likened to dating. You’re working at attracting customers and making them fall in love with your business. Having the right profile image on this so-called dating profile can make a world of difference. The profile picture for your business is its logo. It should make people want to learn more about the brand and what it does. So you should  look your best

Knowing how important a logo can be, you might be needing some directed inspiration. Take a look at some logos coming from every beauty industry. From skincare to cosmetics, to salons, you can see the many intriguing ideas from these logos. The color, font, or design itself can inspire you to design the perfect logo for your business.

How to Create Your Salon Logo

In this industry, your focus is on beauty, so your logo should be pleasing to look at. Your business deserves a pretty face just as much as your client does. So, give it a glamorous new look with a beauty salon logo.

This is the era of self-care, all-natural, organic beauty products. With these becoming increasingly popular, it’s harder to be distinctive, unique, and memorable. Selling a beauty product that has an aesthetic is vital. A good aesthetic in the brand image, including the logo, is essential for a successful beauty salon.

When creating your salon logo design, it helps to come up with a creative name first. A business name generator can be helpful when brainstorming ideas.

Hiring a Graphic Designer

Hiring a Graphic Designer

It’s easy to find a professional graphic designer on the internet to make a logo. You can find them on job search sites and freelance directories. If you look hard enough, they can even be found on social media platforms.

If you choose to hire a graphic designer, be willing to spend some money in order to get a quality product. There have been countless startup founders who created their own logo to save money and ended up regretting it later. Remember, you have to spend money to make money.

If you like a specific person’s work, you can reach out to them. You can find and look through the work of graphic designers via freelance marketplaces. Some of these marketplaces may include Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs, and Toptal. You can hire designers from these websites. This may require more effort on your part, but it allows you to immediately start working with someone you like and agree with.

This article explains the pros and cons of popular logo creation services. It also shows what type of budget you should plan for if you want to get a custom logo created for you.

Creating Your Logo Yourself

Creating Your Logo Yourself

If you want to design your own beauty salon logo, it may be tempting to buy templates or premade logos on a freelancing site. However, you may not receive what you desire or expect.

Take some time and look for inspiration. You can browse different example salon logos online. This can help you to figure out a design or idea that suits the business.

Always make sure to distinguish yourself from the competition. Select a design, font, or palette that will set you apart. You want customers to pick you out of the crowd. Choose whatever will attract attention while maintaining the brand image.

There are many online logo generators available to create your own beauty logo design. Two of the most popular and user-friendly ones are Wepik logo maker and Canva. While Canva is free to use, it also has a pro plan. You can make use of its many tools and visual assets to make your very own beauty salon logo from scratch.

This approach allows you to make your own logo without a big bill at the end. You get full control over the whole look of the design. Canva also makes it easy to transfer your logo to other formats, such as business cards.

While designing your beauty salon logo, keep these hot new trends in mind:

  • monograms: a logo design that displays the key letter(s) in the brand name
  • signatures: logo of a personal name signature
  • for a unisex beauty logo, use neutral color schemes
  • for a feminine beauty logo. Not pink and flowery designs, but more elegant, rounded illustrations and graphics, and lighter fonts
  • for a barbershop, the opposite should be suggested. For example, manhood and ruggedness. This is achieved by using bold fonts and sharp-edged graphics

Elements of a Beauty Logo

The top three elements to make an appealing logo are:

  • industry-standard colors
  • appropriate logo symbol
  • matching font size


Elements of a Beauty Logo - colors
Image source: Alfrey Davilla

Logos for beauty studios come in all hues and shades. Whether it be bold and bright or classic like black and white. When selecting a palette for your beauty salon logo, keep the clientele in mind. The palette should be to their taste, as well as leaving the desired feeling associated with your business.

Some popular color selections for beauty salon logos:

  • red
  • pink
  • white
  • blue
  • green
  • peach

These soft colors display a clean, appealing, feminine nature. They leave a customer with calm and comforting feelings. Many beauty startups are experimenting with more contrasting and dark palettes, rather than soft tones. This makes a rich design.


Elements of a Beauty Logo - symbol
Image source: Afzaluzzaman Saju

In a logo, a symbol is something that will inform consumers what the business is all about. A symbol should match the products, services, and company itself. In this case, it could be a fashion symbol or item. Images such as ‘nail colors’, ‘mirrors’, and ‘perfume’, etc. Another example is the classic scissors and comb combo for a hair salon.

As the selected symbol will stick with the company its whole existence, choosing a good one is important. A symbol should still look good in different sizes. Both on a sign and on a business card, for example. It should add to the logo, not distract from it.


Elements of a Beauty Logo - typography
Image source: Antonio Zacarias

A beauty logo’s typography should be elegant and soothing to look at. A font can express what the words can’t.

When choosing a font, keeping your customers in mind is key. Much like a color palette, a font can express what your business does and the products it offers. A font can even give an impression of quality. The font should assist your logo in looking sleek, simple, elegant, and inviting. You can also use a more modern and clean-looking font.

Here are some font ideas:

  • script
  • sans-serif
  • serif

Tying Things Together

Your logo is the face of your business. Logos and their design can have a big impact on how your business is perceived. If designed right, your logo will attract customers and make them fall in love with your business. If you use the inspiration forged from these tips and examples, your logo is sure to be a success.

Now that you have a beauty logo, you’re ready to boost your marketing potential online and in your spa or studio.

Beauty salon logo ideas

Beauty Studio – Anelia

Image source: alex aleksandrov


Image source: Olga

Natural Beauty Logo

Image source: Alex wrench


Image source: Olga

Beauty Salon

Image source: Anastasia Kurilenko


Image source: Olga

Janna’s Salon

Image source: rustam suleymanov

Beauty space

Image source: Ksenia Vega


Image source: Olga

Jewelry hairstyle & beauty salon

Image source: Shahram Saeidi


Image source: art.zizz

Oh!Babe Beauty Brand

Image source: Emma Houghton

Beauty Salon Branding

Image source: Lana @mixidot

Beauty Salon Logo Design

Image source: Design Delivery

Logo Design | Beauty salon Kristina

Image source: Mario Orlovac

Sympl Beauty Space

Image source: Vadim Paschenko

Simply Pretty

Image source: Filip Panov

Studio B

Image source: Hind Benabid

Rose Beauty Bournemouth – Nail and Beauty Salon Logo Design

Image source: Attila Vaszka

Beauty salon logo

Image source: Ninchey

Atelier de Beatue Logo

Image source: Drew Hower


Image source: Dawid Wadach

Logo for Hadi Salon

Image source: Akhtar Khan

Ruhi Ahmadova

Image source: Elchin Eyyub

Woman Face Logo

Image source: RideStudio

Beauty salon

Image source: Hugo den Ouden

Bobsie Twins Logo

Image source: Ian Moss

beauty for all

Image source: med mansour

Keilah’s Hair – Brand Identity

Image source: Timi Alonge

ExplicitCity Salons logo design

Image source: Rahal Nejraoui

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