How To Recruit Hair Stylists For Your Salon

How to recruit hair stylists? Is it easy, is it difficult?

Let’s find out all the details about this process.

A hair salon, no matter the location, decor, or anything else, is nothing without the stylists. It’s the stylists that make a salon great. There is a lot of competition in the beauty salon industry and the turnover is quite high. It may, therefore, be a challenge to recruit and retain good hairdressers, and there’s a great deal at stake.

How to Make a Salon Price Increase Notice without Losing Clients

In the business world raising prices is normal.  A salon price increase notice is fine when the demand is higher than the supply. For example, when bookings are more than 85% of capacity for a period of two to three months, this is a good time to increase the prices.

Inspiring Barbershop Design Ideas for You

Looking for barbershop design ideas?

Oh, we have some really nice ones here.

The idea of the contemporary barbershop has experienced a well-deserved revival in recent years. Both trendsetters and fans of the classics have been getting their hands on the barbershop’s perfect mix of functionality and old-fashioned luxury.