Most of us are guilty of occasionally wasting valuable time. One of the reasons is that we are so busy that we can only focus on the most urgent things. The result is that often we forget the things that may be less urgent, but are nevertheless important. (more…)

Effective time management is becoming increasingly important. Many people struggle to accomplish their tasks and goals within the available time. This is especially challenging for all businesses, where inefficiency costs time and resources. (more…)

Do you want to get more done in fewer hours? Do you want to make every second count?  These time management courses may be just what you are looking for. (more…)

Being an entrepreneur is hard. You may not have a boss demanding more from you. Instead, there’s just you cracking the whip. Every day brings new challenges as your business develops and there are only twenty-four hours in a day. If it all gets too much, these time management quotes may inspire you when you feel overwhelmed. (more…)

Time management is a vital skill – achieving more in less time will help in every aspect of your life. You will find that, with smart time management, the quality of your work will improve as well. The best time management apps are very effective tools in keeping your daily life under control. (more…)

Have you ever told to yourself: stop wasting time! and yet, it didn’t work?

Interruptions come in many forms. Whether that’s scrolling through social media or staring out of the window, the effects are the same – less productivity no matter how much time you spend sitting at your desk.

Luckily, there are productive things to do to help get the momentum going and keep the interruptions at bay. Let’s start by recognizing where these interruptions come from – procrastination. (more…)

As a manager, you are responsible not only for your own time but for the time of those working in your team. Time is the single most important resource at your disposal. Everyone gets the same amount of it in a day, and everyone has the ability to choose the best ways to use it. Due to this, time management strategies can be useful tools. (more…)

The working day only has so many hours – and those hours aren’t infinite. That’s what makes time management a crucial part of being successful. It makes sense that so many tests and studies have been done on the subject. It also makes sense that there are hundreds of time management statistics books on the market. (more…)

Using a time tracking app can be useful for maintaining focus and understanding where you spend your time. Working uninterruptedly for set periods without distraction can make you infinitely more productive. (more…)

Do you find that you always end up having to work extra hours to hit your deadlines?

Do you have to cancel meetings with clients because it’s always down to the wire for one project or another?

If you answered yes to either of those, you may need to rethink the way you work.

Otherwise, you’re on the right track for burning out pretty quickly. If you get there, it can be hard to lift yourself back up. (more…)