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In the beauty enhancement business, such as salons, good credentials are essential. They help to earn the trust of clients.

It is crucial to make salon ads that appeal to the target market. This will entice more customers to purchase the business services or products.

Many feel that commercial ads are deceptive, using flowery words to attract custom. That’s why nowadays, they are hesitant to respond to ads and promotions.

There are also more emerging salons out there, making the competition even fiercer.

New salons are trying to make a name for themselves. Others keep their loyal clients, upgrading the services to meet their needs and preferences.

Now is the right time to engage more with the clients. Here are 12 essential elements for salon ads that will inspire both old and new salons.

Take Advantage of a Local Publication

When advertising, it is essential to know the target market. Instead of targeting millions of people in different regions, focus on the local area.

This approach has many advantages. Using a local publication can help with the salon’s goal.

However, salons should be cautious about spending too much on marketing. It can take up all the business budget.

Beforehand, grab a copy of the local press and see how they advertise companies. Read the entire publication to see what type of content they publish.

This will also reveal whether it reaches the desired target audience or not. Look for the Distribution Area and the Readership Profile sections on their website.

State the Late-Hour, Weekend, and Holiday Operating Hours

People lead busy lives, with their 9-5 jobs, or schoolwork, and other core activities. So a salon must adjust its opening times to meet the needs of the clients.

For example, say the target market is full-time workers based in the city. The salon should operate during hours when clients are less busy.

During weekends, clients are too busy to relax or get their hair done. Leaving the weekend schedule open will help the salon earn more customers.

If possible, keep the salon open during late hours, weekends, and holidays. That is more convenient for the clients and encourages them to return.

Don’t forget to share the opening hours on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. That will reach and inform the customers right away.

Have Promotions During Holidays and Important Events

Have Promotions During Holidays and Important Events

Most businesses enjoy increased revenue during holidays and events. More people are shopping and preparing for big events.

They go to the salon and the spa to improve their looks. Taking advantage of these events will help salons and businesses gain more profit.

It would be best if the salon prepares 6-12 months ahead of the celebrations or holidays. That will ensure that the business will not miss out on this great opportunity.

Use Enticing Business Cards and Posters

Business cards are an essential tool for attracting new clients. They are also useful for following up with the customers who recently visited the salon.

For marketing purposes, business cards improve the salon’s credentials. As the owner of the salon, remember to create business cards for the staff and team members as well.

Use Newsletters

Use Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the online marketing techniques used by entrepreneurs. It has an excellent impact on a salon’s branding and sales.

But there are a few things to keep in mind to make the newsletter content effective.

Here are the factors to consider when creating a newsletter:

  • Enticing headline
  • Easy-to-read
  • Easy-to-understand
  • Non-pitchy
  • Educational
  • Fun-to-read
  • Friendly approach

Sometimes, creating a newsletter can be tricky. It’s hard to know what to include in the first part of the email.

4 Ideas For An Effective Newsletter:

  • Use a professional photo that represents the salon or the owner.
  • Share a brief, interesting story about the salon. The full details aren’t necessary but give the buyer the information they need.

Tell them interesting things that happened in the salon. Include positive feedback from recent clients.

  • Include hacks or beauty tips, along with pictures to prove that these tips are effective.
  • Feature the products or services that most clients love, then explain the reasons why.

Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

Facebook and other social media platforms are the best places to advertise. Users can advertise their businesses, products, and services.

 Online advertisements are full of beauty products portraying salons and spas. The beauty niche is one of the best-advertised businesses on Facebook.

One of the reasons why social media ads are the best is because most of them focus on the visuals. The formats are high-quality, so make sure to use high-definition images and videos.

These ads make it easy to show the products and services the salon offers. They also enable businesses to reach their target market fast.

Use a Chatbot to Converse With Potential Clients

Use Chatbot to Converse With Potential Clients

With lots of inquiries and orders, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with customers. One way to do this is through the use of artificial intelligence.

The chatbot is a piece of software. It can help when there’s only a few customer service personnel.

Facebook has this feature. It is free and will let the page’s owner set up and customize messages.

The great thing is that it doesn’t need code or developer skills to set up a chatbot. The chatbot can show customers new offers and promotions, and answer clients’ questions.

Utilize Geo-Targeted Google Ads

Geo-targeted ads are one of the PPC techniques used by online entrepreneurs.

 For instance, clients may be looking for an open salon through Google. The geo-targeted ads technique will help them to find salons that are nearby.

It instantly drives more clients to your salon or business area. By setting this up, the business admin or owner can choose a booking option for the clients.

Once they click on the salon ad, clients can choose the date they want to book.

Use Hashtags on Instagram For Every Post

Use Hashtags on Instagram For Every Post

Experiment with hashtags at least once a month, and see which have the most engagement. The right caption and hashtag can make the page relevant for local followers.

Moreover, using hashtags reaches people even without them following the page directly. With hashtags, businesses tag themselves, thus placing them in the right categories.

This method gets more people to visit the page and entices them to purchase services. What’s more, Instagram allows 30 hashtags in a single post.

Although it is an excellent idea, it’s important to use the right hashtags. Salons can find out what they are by researching beforehand.

Never use random hashtags as they would likely be useless. They probably would not reach potential clients either.

Work With a Micro-Influencer

With these campaigns, it’s not necessary for businesses to spend a lot of money. It would be best to partner with a new influencer, or with someone who has a lot of local followers.

Salons can offer free treatments, gift cards, or products. Then the micro-influencers can review the service or products on their social media account.

This is popular with beauty YouTubers nowadays.

Use a Consistent Color Palette

Use a Consistent Color Palette

Salon ads posted on social media should have consistent color palettes. Colors have a great impact on how followers view the brand.

With consistent color palettes, clients will know the brand right away, even without seeing the logo. Consistency in colors should be clear in:

  • Loyalty Cards
  • Emails or Newsletters
  • Website Design
  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Instagram Inspirational Quotes

Always Use Calls-to-Action or CTA

In salon ads, the CTA is the most important part. There should be a closing remark that will move clients to purchase the services or products.

Include the business number, Facebook page, salon website, or other platforms. This will help motivate them to choose the salon as the place for making themselves feel great.

Things to Remember when Creating Salon Ads

Unlike before, creating salon ads is a challenge. At the moment, the users just need to utilize the social media marketing technique, and everything will just fall into place.

Here are the things to keep in mind when creating salon ads or improving the marketing strategy:

  1. Business owners don’t need to be too hard on themselves, searching for a magic ad idea. Keeping ads simple will entice more people.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try new things if the original plan didn’t work out.
  3. Don’t feel discouraged when the first salon ad doesn’t work out. Keep on experimenting, and see which one works best for the salon.

Just as a salon takes care of the client, it should also take care to put the above techniques into action.

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