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It’s never easy, but sometimes it’s necessary to fire a hair client. As a service professional, you always strive to make all of your clients happy and loyal to your hair salon. Naturally, you also do your best to attract new clients. And while firing a difficult hair client may seem counterintuitive, you know that sometimes it becomes absolutely unavoidable.

Before we dive deeper into details on how to fire a hair client, remember that you don’t want any clients in your hair salon. You want your dream clients, the ones that make you happy and fulfilled at the end of the day. Not drained. And even though as a hairstylist the customers are the lifeblood of your business, don’t let that stop you from firing bad clients. 

Why Would You Fire a Hair Client?

There are several reasons why hairstylists would even think about firing their clients. At the end of the day, the decision is completely yours. Our point is – you don’t need to provide services to clients who disrespect you in any way. Whether it’s your professional advice, boundaries, schedule, or the way you run your salon

Misalignments of expectations

When a client’s expectations and your professional capabilities don’t align, sometimes it’s best to let go. If a client repeatedly requests styles or treatments that you don’t find feasible or appropriate for their hair type, try to have an honest conversation with them. It’s important for both you and them to have realistic expectations as that sets the tone for the whole relationship. Some clients will carefully listen to you and take your advice into consideration, but if that’s not the case, it’s time for you and them to move on.

Chronic late arrivals and no-shows

Respecting each other’s time is vital to developing and maintaining a healthy stylist-client relationship. It’s a red flag when clients consistently don’t show up for appointments, arrive late, and disrupt your schedule. Give them the benefit of the doubt and address this problem, but if they don’t correct this on their next appointments, this is a good reason to part ways. Why would you put up with clients who don’t respect your time and negatively affect other clients?

Disrespectful behavior

As a hairstylist, you’re a professional service provider and both you and your clients should behave in a professional and respectful manner. If your hair client is consistently rude, abusive, and undermining your expertise thus creating a toxic atmosphere, firing them is not only justified but also necessary. You want your hair salon to promote a healthy and uplifting atmosphere, and firing rude hair clients will preserve it!

When to Fire a Hair Client?

When do you call it quits? When is the appropriate time to fire a hair client instead of giving them another chance? Let’s see! It’s time to fire salon client if they:

Repeatedly ignore your advice

As a professional hairstylist, your recommendations are based on expertise and experience. You know best whether something is possible, how it will turn out, the pros and cons of different treatments, etc. If client consistently ignores your advice and insist they know best, what’s your role? You absolutely don’t need to put up with them using damaging products and treatments because it can also negatively influence your reputation. It’s worth it to try and have an open conversation with them, but if they continue disregarding your professional advice, it’s best to part ways. 

Continuously disregard your boundaries

Difficult clients in salons have a habit of continuously testing and crossing boundaries. They may contact you outside of business hours, make inappropriate remarks and all these can result in them emotionally draining you. And that’s a no-no! You should prioritize your mental well-being, and no client is worth it.

Fail to pay for services

Let’s talk about money! The financial aspect of any business is extremely important, but it’s also known for straining relationships. When a client avoids paying for your services, makes excuses, “forgets”, and asks for crazy discounts, it can create unnecessary stress and uncomfortable feelings. Asking for upfront payments is always a great idea for clients like this, but if they don’t agree with that, it’s time to fire them. 

How to Fire a Hair Client? Step-by-step guide

Firing a hair client requires careful consideration and professionalism. Start by evaluating the situation objectively, choose an appropriate time for a private conversation, and be honest about the reasons for firing them. Offer alternative recommendations if possible and remember to maintain a respectful tone throughout the process.

  • Evaluate the situation

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Take the time to reflect on the reasons why you want to fire the client. Evaluate the issues, behaviors, or circumstances that led you to this decision. Make sure that the course of action you’re taking is the right choice. 

  • Choose the right timing

When firing salon clients, it’s important to choose the right time to do it. Avoid busy periods and find a quiet moment where you can have private discussions without interruption. If you want to do it via email or phone, we’ve got you covered with a breakup script below!

  • Prepare what to say

It’s always a great idea to come prepared in this kind of situation. Rehearse what you’re going to say, create an outline, and even write a breakup script. Don’t forget to be clear and concise while focusing on behaviors that led to firing hair clients. It’s also important to stay objective and completely avoid personal attacks and blame!

  • Be honest and direct

Don’t beat around the bush! Be honest and direct about your reasons for firing clients in your hair salon. Always communicate in a respectful manner and avoid sugarcoating the situation. It’s important to stay professional while still standing up for yourself!

  • Offer recommendations

As a sign of respect, you can offer your clients alternative salons and hairstylists that might better fit their needs. This gesture shows your genuine care for their satisfaction even if it didn’t work out between you!

  • Tie loose ends

If there are any financial or other matters that remained unresolved, it’s the right time to finally resolve them as well. Address loose ends during the conversation and handle the situation with grace and professionalism. 

Scripts to Use When Firing Hair Clients

When writing a breakup script, there are some things to remember throughout the process, whether you decide to do it in person, via email, or phone call.

  • Be clear and direct
  • Start with appreciation because they chose you as a hairstylist
  • Choose words carefully
  • Keep it brief, but provide a clear explanation
  • Express gratitude once again
  • Tailor your script to specific clients and personalize it as much as possible
  • Tell them the next steps if there are any
  • Always end on a positive note

Now let’s see some hair client breakup scripts we’ve prepared that you can use and customize!

Salon Client Breakup Script for Misaligned Expectations

“Dear [Client’s Name],

After considering our recent discussions and the challenges we’ve faced in meeting your expectations, I feel it’s best for both of us to part ways. I understand that you are seeking a specific style, but unfortunately, it doesn’t align with my expertise and the limitations of your hair type. To ensure you receive the best service, I would recommend exploring other stylists who specialize in the style you desire. I genuinely appreciate the time we spent together, and I wish you the best in finding the perfect hairstylist for your needs.

Best regards,

[Your Name]”

Hair Client Breakup Script for Chronic Late Arrivals or No-Shows:

“Dear [Client’s Name],

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed a recurring issue with our appointments regarding punctuality. As a professional hairstylist, I value both my time and yours. Unfortunately, our repeated late starts or missed appointments have caused disruptions to my schedule and inconvenience for other clients. Given these challenges, I believe it’s best for us to part ways. I recommend finding a stylist who can better accommodate your scheduling needs. Thank you for your understanding, and I wish you all the best.


[Your Name]”

General Salon Client Breakup Script

Dear [Client’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to address an important matter regarding our professional relationship at [Salon Name]. After careful consideration, I have come to the difficult decision that it is best for us to part ways. I want to assure you that this decision was not made lightly, and it is based on several factors that have significantly impacted our ability to work together effectively.

While I value all my clients and strive to provide the best service possible, it is important for both parties to experience a positive and mutually beneficial relationship. Unfortunately, in our case, there have been recurring challenges that have hindered our ability to maintain a productive and harmonious dynamic.

[List specific reasons for the termination of the relationship, such as chronic lateness, disrespectful behavior, constant disregard for professional advice, or any other pertinent issues.]

It is essential for me to uphold the integrity of my work, maintain a positive atmosphere within the salon, and provide exceptional services to all my clients. After careful consideration, I believe it is in the best interest of both parties to explore other professional options moving forward.

I understand that finding a new stylist can be daunting, but I want to ensure your needs are met. Therefore, I would be more than happy to recommend other talented and capable stylists or salons in the area who may better align with your preferences and requirements.

Regarding any outstanding appointments or pending matters, I kindly request that you contact our receptionist at [salon contact information] to arrange for their resolution. We will do our utmost to facilitate a smooth transition for you.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to work with you. I appreciate your trust and support over the duration of our professional relationship. I genuinely hope that you find a stylist who can fulfill your expectations and provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to me directly. I am here to assist you in any way I can.

Thank you for your understanding, and I wish you all the best in your future hairstyling endeavors.


[Your Name]

[Your Salon Name]

[Your Contact Information]

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