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If you’re looking for barbershop name ideas, you’re in the right place!

This article provides a list of great barbershop names. They will serve to inspire those looking for a hair salon name.

It has many masculine, cool, and funny barbershop names. Also included in the list are nickname ideas for those who want to create a more personal brand name.

It covers many categories from cool to clever, and clever to classic.


Establishing a Barbershop Name

Establishing a Barbershop Name

A barbershop is a great choice for those thinking of starting their own business. It is a sustainable income because people will always need haircuts.

Starting any business takes time, energy, and dedication. Running a barbershop also requires good people skills.

The name of a business is the business identity. It should identify what the business is and how customers should feel about it.

For longevity purposes, make sure to choose a good, suitable name.

Consider all aspects of the business and brand before choosing a name. It’s more than just a name, it’s the whole brand and idea of the company.

So, what should owners keep in mind when choosing a barbershop name?

Informative of Services

Try to appeal to the customer. Use words associated with a barbershop, like shave, haircut, and style.

A business name will let customers know the services provided and the core values of the brand. Brainstorm some keywords or phrases that would suit the hair salon industry.

The focus should be to create a name that would come to mind when thinking of this industry.


Using alliterations or rhythms is a great way to be memorable. Slogans and names with these aspects are very brandable too.

A simple way to do this is to have two words that start with the same letter. It will roll off the tongue, like Coca-Cola.

Using a personal name for a cool barbershop name is always a safe bet.

Analyze Competitors

Try to understand why a competitor’s name works for them. Consider the competition’s success and use the knowledge gathered to your own advantage.

Name the Business Don’t Describe It

Name the Business Don't Describe It

Many business owners name the brand too literally. It may seem like a good idea but it can be boring to customers.

A name should convey the services provided and values. Give the business a name with a story behind it.

This will intrigue customers and show that the business is unique.

Begin Brainstorming

This part of the process is the most fun. There are many ways to brainstorm for a barbershop name.

Below are some ways to get the brainstorming rolling to find the best barbershop name.

Make a list of keywords for the new business name. Picture the kind of business you want to create and anything else that goes along with a barbershop.

It can be a cool and funny barbershop name or a serious one. As long as it conveys the idea of the business, you’re good to go!

You can even use a business name generator to brainstorm ideas and automatically check available website domains.

Get Feedback

Remember who the target market is. It’s important to ask customers what they think of the barbershop name ideas.

Don’t be shy to ask more specific questions. Ask things like:

Does it sound like a trustworthy brand? What quality of service or product would you expect from this business?

Avoid Combining Words

Avoid combining words to make a unique barbershop name. This is another common mistake made by business owners.

If their desired name ideas are already taken, often they’ll make a bad combination of words as a name instead. Barbershop names that are combinations of words can be confusing and hard to remember for clients.

Coming up with a creative barbershop name can be difficult but is best in the long run.

Positive Mind Associations

Make a name that will create positive thoughts in the mind of customers when they see or read it. Creative barbershop names can have a positive effect on consumers.

It will be good to have three or more unique barbershop names in mind in case one is already in use. Use the Business Name Search online to do this.

This allows owners to see if the salon name is available in their state/country. It’s also important to check if the barbershop name is available to Trademark.

Cool Barbershop Names

Cool Barbershop Names

The hair salon should attract male customers. Not to sound stereotypical, but men usually prefer cool and funny barbershop names.

Listed below are some 250 cool and funny barber names that have a masculine nature.

  • A Cut Above
  • Backyard Barbers
  • Barber House
  • Birds Barbershop
  • Brooklyn Barbers
  • Bulls & Barbers
  • Butch
  • Combing Attractions
  • Cool Cuts
  • Corner Barber
  • Cut Me Loose
  • Dapper
  • Fade Zone Barber Shop
  • Razor Cuts
  • Game Day Barber
  • Get a Haircut
  • Golden Touch Haircuts
  • Gotta Cut
  • Groomify
  • The Grooming Lounge
  • Hot Rod Barber Shop
  • Lads Lounge
  • The Legend Room
  • Lionico
  • Mohican
  • Mop Top Shop
  • Muscle Cuts
  • NYC Barber Shop
  • Rebel Rebel
  • Sideburns
  • Straight Razors
  • Smooth Cuts
  • Smooth Razors
  • Smooth Shave
  • Urban Shave
  • York Barber Shop

Unique Barbershop Names

Business names and more specifically, barbershop names should be memorable and unique. Here are some more name ideas.

  • Vogue Cuts
  • Old Town Barbershop
  • Muscle Cuts
  • No Grease
  • Social Barbershop
  • Revive Hair Studio
  • SmartStyle Haircutting
  • American Hair Lines
  • Bald Eagle Barbers
  • Barbers Bazaar
  • The Blue Camel Salon
  • The Assembly
  • Esprit De Cut
  • Barber Republic
  • Haircuts Legends
  • Picture Perfect
  • Dressing Shop
  • The Cutter’s Love
  • Copper Cat Salon
  • Bushy Barber Shop
  • Bangs
  • Justache
  • Color Me Crazy
  • Stylofy
  • White Barber
  • Stylofista
  • Hair Port
  • Rusty Blade
  • Chop Shop
  • Mobile Barber
  • Soul Scissors
  • Sport Clips Haircuts
  • Hestory
  • Game Day Barber Shop
  • Barberia
  • Urban Shave
  • Clippers Haircuts for Men
  • Tailored
  • Buzz Barber Shop
  • Razor King Barber Shop

Funny Barbershop Names

Funny Barbershop Names

When it comes to making barbershop names, funny ones are a good choice. Funny barbershop names are more memorable than others.

A funny barbershop name allows customers to feel comfortable. This is because they’ll know you don’t take yourself too seriously.

  • Jack of all Fades
  • The Men’s Mane
  • Hair Affair
  • Corner Clips
  • Heads Up Barber
  • Dangy Barbers
  • Praise the Cut
  • The Barber Bunch
  • Bob The Barber
  • The Barber Bro
  • Head Office
  • The Barber Chop
  • Twisted Scissors Barber Shop
  • The Man Cave Barber
  • Shears to You
  • With Comb and Brush
  • Snip and Shave
  • The Men’s Room
  • Gang of Barbers
  • Curly Manly
  • Hair Brotherhood
  • Band of Barbers
  • Jack The Clipper
  • Cheers Grooming
  • Headcase Barbers
  • The Trim Haus
  • Mr. Cut
  • Director’s Cut
  • Haus of Hair
  • Crazy Curls
  • Twisted Scissors
  • Cut ‘N’ Shave Barber
  • From Hair to Eternity
  • Sideburn Curls
  • Cuts & Bruises


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Catchy Barbershop Names

Catchy barbershop names are easy to remember and they stick in the customers’ minds. Putting rhymes and words that fit well together will yield a name that people won’t forget.

  • Lookin’ Sharp Barber
  • Get Buzzed Barber
  • Fade O’Clock Barber
  • Barber Bandits
  • Gold Comb
  • Next Level Luxury
  • The Comb Over
  • Hair Drive
  • Blind Barber
  • Buzzed Basters
  • The Mug & Brush
  • Eclips
  • Good Cassa
  • Flat Top Barbers
  • Below the Grain
  • Naughty Cuts
  • Hair Flair
  • Razor Kings
  • Barber Brothers
  • Blades of Gold
  • One-Stop Barber
  • No Rusty Blade
  • My Cut Shop
  • Twisted Scissors
  • All New Razors
  • Sharper Ideas
  • Clippings and Cuts
  • The Snippers
  • The Cutting Dudes
  • Cutting House
  • Trendy Man’s Hub
  • All of the Trimmings
  • Epic Barber Shop
  • Mango Merry Style hub
  • Esquire Barber Shop
  • Gotta Comb
  • Next Level Cuts
  • Fade Factory
  • Freshly Faded Barber
  • Heyday Hairing
  • Twin Scissors Barber
  • Clippers and Scissors
  • Crew Cuts
  • Young House Barber
  • Cut Creations
  • First Flex Barber
  • Tidy Hairs
  • Cut Creations
  • Empire Cuts

Creative Barbershop Names

Creative Barbershop Names

Cutting hair is creative and involves design, almost like an art. Choosing a creative name will show the creativity involved and the values of the barber.

Going for a creative name is always a safe bet.

  • Creative Cuts
  • Snip to Snip
  • Sunset Barber
  • The Urban Shave
  • A Cut Above the Rest
  • Style Cave
  • Sharper Styles
  • Gold Medal Barber
  • Old Glory Barbershop
  • Barbers R Us
  • Buzz Cuts
  • Comb and Brush
  • Clip and Fix
  • The Pure Cuts
  • Buzz Cuts Barber
  • Daddy’s Barber Shop
  • Hairitage
  • Brother’s Barber Shop
  • American Barber’s
  • Barber Shop Village
  • The Raze Books
  • Legends the Barbershop
  • PrimePlay
  • Style Clippers
  • UrbanShadow
  • Dazzle
  • Cutting Edge

Classy Barbershop Names

For a high-end and luxurious hair salon, the ideas listed below should inspire.

A classy barbershop has a story or history behind the brand. They have a higher reason for being in existence.

  • Sideburns Barber
  • Barbershop Deluxe
  • Blessed Barber
  • Odyssey
  • Zeon
  • Blade Craft
  • Style Atmos
  • Empire Cuts
  • The Straight Edge
  • The Jazz Man
  • Old Fashioned Barber
  • Blades of Gold Barber Shop
  • The Mustached Man
  • The Renaissance Barbershop
  • Noah Allen Gentlemen’s Salon
  • Classic Cuts
  • Golden Crown
  • The Art of Fine
  • Liberon
  • Good Looks Lounge
  • The Pristine Barber
  • Old Glory Barbershop
  • The Humble Barber
  • Barber’s Style
  • Burgundy’s Men’s Fine Grooming
  • Gentlemen’s Barber Shop
  • The Art of Grooming
  • Superior Cuts
  • Classy Hair Salon
  • Madison St. Barber Shop
  • Old Days Barbers

FAQs about barbershop names

1. What are some creative and catchy names for a barbershop?

Barber’s Paradise, Hair Raising, Clip Joint, The Cut Above, The Mane Event, The Gentlemen’s Quarters, Buzz Cutz, or The Blade Runner are a few imaginative and memorable names for a barbershop. These names will make your barbershop distinctive and memorable to prospective clients.

2. How important is the name of a barbershop in attracting customers?

For a barbershop to draw in customers, its name is crucial. It can convey the brand, the services provided, the company’s personality, and its core principles. A barbershop can become more known and draw in more clients by having a catchy and memorable name.

3. Should a barbershop name reflect the style or services offered?

The name of a barbershop should ideally convey the type of cuts and services provided. For example, a barbershop that specializes in traditional haircuts and hot shaves might have a name like The Classic Barber, while a modern, trendy barbershop might be called The Fade Factory. While selecting a name, it’s crucial to keep in mind your target market and the impression you want to communicate.

4. Can a barbershop name be changed after it’s been established?

A barbershop’s name can be changed after it has been established, but the process can be challenging. A name change can confuse current customers and necessitates intensive rebranding efforts. To avoid having to modify it later, it’s crucial to choose a name carefully right away.

5. How can I choose a unique name for my barbershop that stands out from the competition?

Think about having a brainstorming session with friends or coworkers, looking up the names of other popular barbershops in the region, and considering the services or fashions that make your business stand out when coming up with a name for your barbershop. Having a distinctive and memorable name will make your barbershop stand out and draw in more clients.

6. Are there any legal restrictions on naming a barbershop?

The naming of a barbershop is subject to legal restrictions, such as avoiding names that are already trademarked or that can be construed as derogatory. When deciding on a name for your company, it is crucial to do some legal study into the rules and regulations that apply in your region.

7. How can I ensure that my barbershop name is easy to remember and pronounce?

If you want to make sure that the name of your barbershop is simple to remember and pronounce, think about choosing a name that is short and straightforward, staying away from terms that are challenging to spell or tricky word combinations, and utilizing straightforward words or phrases.

8. Is it better to use my name or a generic name for my barbershop?

Depending on the impression you want to make, you should either use your name or a generic name for your barbershop. While a generic name can imply professionalism and knowledge, using your name can personalize the company and aid in the development of your personal brand.

9. Should I use puns or humor in my barbershop name?

Puns and humor can be useful in coming up with an interesting and distinctive name for a barbershop, but it’s crucial to avoid being overly corny or insulting. Your barbershop may stand out and draw consumers with a sense of humor by using a clever and subtle pun.

10. How can I conduct market research to determine the best name for my barbershop?

If you want to undertake market research to find the perfect name for your barbershop, think about polling potential clients to get their opinions on various name suggestions, researching other successful barbershops’ names, and testing various names on a focus group. This study can assist you in selecting a name that appeals to your target market and clearly conveys the nature and scope of your company’s offerings.

A Name Can Make or Break the Brand

No matter the industry, a business’s name is very important. It can determine the success of the company.

The name should tell potential customers what services or products are provided. In this case, it’s a barbershop.

This list of great barbershop names will help owners to find a name that best suits their salon. The right barbershop name will attract the attention of the target customers.

Choosing a name based on these tips will help your barbershop to be successful.

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