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Every gym business entails the excellent use of gym membership sales practices. The gym members serve as the foundation on how to increase gym membership. Gym businesses must continuously upgrade gym memberships to optimize income gains.

The best gym offers also equate to an increase in gym members’ satisfaction. Members increase the frequency of their gym visits resulting in more investments and income. It is recommendable to give early new year gym offers.

More gym members are likely to make commitments and stay for a longer duration. You might be wondering how you can increase gym membership sales.

This article will show you several practices on how to increase membership in a club. These practices will also help augment your starting sales.

Determine Clients’ Concerns

Determining clients’ concerns is the first step to have a successful gym business. Your services must be in line with the problems of your clients. In this case, gym members’ concern focuses on achieving a fit body or a fitness goal. Clients will stay loyal to you when you can directly address their concerns.

Asking your clients can directly lead you to their concerns. An illustration of this is when a client takes an interest in the available classes. You can pitch directly to the lessons you have in store for this client. This way, you can address his concern straight to the point.

Focus on asking quality questions that will entice your clients to avail of your services and techniques for overcoming sales objections can be particularly useful at this juncture.. Do not dwell on the service price; instead, explain the value of the gym offers you have. When clients realize how valuable and significant your request is, they will jump into it regardless of the price.

Set an Easy Registration Process

No one likes a rigorous registration process that is burdensome. To promote more membership, make your registration process quick and easy. Probable members are more likely to join when signing-up is hassle-free. Remove any unnecessary impediments to make joining simpler.

Set your sign-up sheet as brief and concise as possible. Avoid making lengthy forms and asking for too many requirements. You might lose some potential clients if your registration process takes too much of their time. Use the simple and direct format in your registration forms.

You can also try using some membership site platforms for registration. Potential members will appreciate it if they will only be clicking or typing minimally. Moreover, an online form is systematic, and you can ask for personal information directly by filling-up the form.

For matters that need specimen signature, you can accomplish them when they go to the gym in person. Digital waivers are also recommendable for time-efficient registrations. Keep in mind that registration should excite your clients and not push them away.

Personalize Each Point of Sale

Personalize each point of sale by taking potential customers on custom gym tours. Your future members will appreciate it when they receive ample attention and prioritization. You do not want to force your clients into membership. The best action is to make them realize why getting your gym offers is valuable.

Present the gym equipment and classes that they can enjoy. Future members must see how your gym and services can help them achieve their fitness goals. Take time to show your gym’s advantages. This way, customers will gain better insight into your gym’s qualities and offers.

Make the most out of the sales process by ensuring good communication. Remember to ask clients about their preferred medium of communication so that you can send updates and offers more easily. If they have concerns, they can reach you immediately through the medium they prefer.

You can also try using gym software. Gym software can help you in sorting probable clients. You will convert leads into members quicker and enjoy more sales and clients. Try it today to make your gym management more practical. Furthermore, you can leverage a sales forecast template to help you track your conversions and set new milestones.

Identify Your Edge Over Competitors

It is inevitable for customers to compare your business to those running the same gym services. Give a reason why clients should choose your brand over other competitors. As a business owner, you need to identify your edge against competitors and present what you have that others don’t.

Knowing your advantage gives potential members a reason why they should choose you. Likewise, knowing what other gym membership promotions are offering can be beneficial to you. This way, you will also know what to adjust if other competitors have an advantage over you.

What to Consider When Making an Offer

Another way to increase gym membership is to consider these aspects of an offer. You get to weigh out the pros and cons of an offer when you look into these aspects:

  • Price of Membership Fee
  • Duration of Membership
  • Inclusions and Exclusions Provided
  • Special Conditions

Promote Gym Membership Referral

Promote Gym Membership Referral

Promoting gym membership referrals is a great way to market your gym business. You get to save on expensive advertisement fees while still being able to get more clients. The best people to promote your gym business are your gym members.

Members have experience of gym membership first-hand. They know the perks and benefits that you can get from membership. If they have friends who take an interest in fitness, then the members can influence them too!

Gym members will enjoy referring to their friends because of the benefits. You can reward your members with a month of free membership. Not only will your members enjoy this, but they will also be ecstatic to recruit more members.

With “Refer-a-Friend,” you let your existing member enjoy the benefits while getting more clients. Friend referrals are more likely to stay in membership since they gain more motivation when working out with friends. Overall, it is a win-win for you and your members.

Do you lose money from the free one-month membership reward? The answer is no. When you reward an existing member, new membership pays for the month that the current member skips. In the next month, you will be getting double fees.

Both members will be paying regular fees in the following months. You do not lose any money at all. This payment cycle repeats whenever there is a recruit. You get more income, spend less on marketing, and satisfy customers.

Use Advertisements

Another way on how to increase gym sales is to use advertisements. If you want to expand your clientele reach, use creative gym ads.

Almost everything is available online nowadays. For advertising, you can try using Google Ads to target people in your specific location. Your ads will reach people using the search engine for related topics.

Of course, promoting advertisements is not free. You should allow at least several hundreds of dollars monthly. The cost of fitness club advertising is generally expensive. Still, the income when you get with more clients covers the costs of ads.

Ensure that you use great fitness keywords. Right keywords enable more people to view your business upon searching online. There are many places where you can find your target audience. A powerful platform is Facebook. You can reach more audiences through Facebook groups, cookies, likes, and filters.

Keep an Engaging Social Platform


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Keeping an engaging social platform is another great idea on how to increase gym membership. Since most people use social media in their daily lives, you will have a greater community. Update your social platforms regularly. You want your gym business to appear warm and welcoming.

Optimizing your social platform can entice potential customers to look into what you are offering. Good content will help people realize the value of your services. You can also interact and engage better using these platforms. People will gain more interest when they know that your business is active and approachable.

Basic Social Platform Contents

Basic Social Platform Contents

There are many contents that you can put on your social platforms. The goal of these contents is to present an active and engaging gym service available for all. Here are some ideas for contents that you can use:

  • Get to Know the Coach
  • Gym Community Enjoying Fitness Exercises
  • Achievements and Milestones
  • Gym Updates and Fitness Tips
  • Gym Facility and Amenities Images

Exhaust Hashtags in Instagram

Aside from Facebook, you can also use Instagram to gain more members. Hashtags are present on Instagram to make posting and sharing easier. By making a hashtag, people can connect easily to one another. Use Instagram fitness hashtags to your gym’s advantage.

Famous Instagram Fitness Hashtags

There are many hashtags that you can use. A gym business focuses on Instagram fitness hashtags. Here are some famous ones to reach more audience:

  • #WeightLifting
  •  #Workout
  •  #TransformationTuesday
  •  #FitQuote
  •  #FitnessMotivation
  •  #MotivationMonday

Emphasize that Health is an Investment

It is no question that health is an investment. You can share educational information with your gym members through the use of blogs. Use reliable references and studies regarding health and fitness. It is crucial to emphasize the benefits of maintaining a sound body and a healthy diet.

It is recommendable to use specific information. Using quantifiable data encourages gym members to set objective fitness goals. Focus on the long-term and short-term benefits of exercise. Here are some excellent examples of accurate data:

  • Save $2,500 annually by working-out
  • Lessen the risk of obesity by 40% through work-outs
  • Decrease chances of having elevated resting heart rate to 50% by exercising
  • Why heart rates of non-members  are five beats higher than gym members

Optimize Gym Rates

Optimizing gym rates is another way on how to increase gym membership. It is advisable to restructure pricing to optimize gym rates.  The pricing should cater to all gym expenses while still being able to deliver additional profit.

Take into consideration the costs for various classes, gym equipment, and penalty fees. Most gyms incorporate leveling in their pricing. You can have a lower, middle, and upper level. This tactic encourages members to choose the middle ground, no matter the price.

Somehow, it is with the human subconscious to pick a low-cost gym membership but still offers good quality. Avoid setting flat membership fee prices. Formulate lower and upper tiers if you have a base price in mind. This method enables you to have better gym income compared to flat membership fees.

Consider Offering Free Gym Memberships

Consider Offering Free Gym Memberships

The goal of offering free gym membership is to keep loyal customers. You should avoid promoting daily deals that would only entice customers initially. You want long-term gym customers and not transient gym-goers. Yes, you will have more sales through daily gym membership deals, but only for a short period.

It is recommendable to offer at least a week of a free gym membership. One week is enough for potential members to try your gym without sacrificing quality. It is also ample time to see if they are happy to continue using your gym to achieve their fitness goals for the long-term.

Make Available Group Bundle Sale

Consider making available special gym offers to gain more customers. Compared to selling gym memberships individually, you will generate more income with group bundles. It is recommendable to have group bundle sales at the start of the year. Most customers make fitness goals during the first months.

Ask for Corporate Help

One way of making the most out of a group bundle sale is by asking for corporate help. Businesses with numerous employees will help you get more clients. Talk with business owners to encourage their employees. Business owners are most likely to agree since they would want healthier employees too!

Work with Businesses that Complement Your Gym

Identify businesses that complement your gym and work with them. Focus on health and fitness-related business that can help you. You will gain more sales leads and potential clients by partnering with others. Consequently, you will also generate more income.

Be Open to Special Classes

Be Open to Special Classes

Make specific classes for members who want a unique and exceptional experience. Most of these members are willing to spend money on particular courses that would benefit them. Ensure that the specific types fit their needs. You can also create classes for sporadic gym-goers who want to improve their physicality.

Special Fitness Class Examples

Customize classes that are suitable for the specific fitness levels of your customers. Here are exceptional fitness class examples:

  • Fitness Briefer for Children
  • Adolescents Class Exercise
  • Light Exercise Sessions for the Elderly
  • Advanced Classes for Qualified Members

Start a Fitness Challenge

If you want to promote member engagement and recruit more members, start a fitness challenge! You can choose from various platforms to use. Select a reasonable period for the duration of the challenge. It is recommendable for fitness challenges to run for approximately eight to twelve weeks.

Set a fitness goal that participants must achieve. A plan should be objective and specific to be attainable. You can also use This software helps track fitness challenges. Please share this with the participants so that they can monitor their fitness progress.

Give Due Loyalty Points

Give due loyalty points to loyal gym members. Loyalty points are rewards that boost clients to engage more in their membership. If the member successfully refers a friend, reward him! If another member pays for annual membership upfront, give him loyalty points!

Loyalty points are motivational rewards to enhance program participation. Moreover, you increase your income with more successful memberships. You can expect your members to subscribe for more years because you reward them with loyalty points!

Motivate Members to Join Activities

Motivate Members to Join Activities

Are you looking for another way to increase gym membership sales? Motivating members to join gym activities promote membership to use. If they frequently enter more activities, they will feel like they are making the most out of their membership. Members will also view that membership prices are not high since they will use them regularly.

Use your social platform extensively to promote gym activities. Input the details of the gym event ideas to keep gym members informed. The more members see the gym membership promotions, the more likely they are to join.

List of Fitness Activities

Share the list of fitness activities that you will offer. Having this list will allow your members to choose which activities they prefer. It is also advisable to be open to gym members’ suggestions for activities.

  1. Spinning
  2. CrossFit
  3. Boot Camp
  4. Cardio
  5. Martial Arts/Boxing/Kickboxing
  6. Olympic Weightlifting
  7. Booty Blaster
  8. Active Older Adults
  9. Family Fun
  10. Circuit Training
  11. Pilates
  12. Yoga

Formulate Creative Campaigns

You can formulate creative campaigns to encourage more people to go to the gym. Students and new transferees are usually the target population when it comes to fitness campaigns. Still, remember that the best time to market to new customers is during significant life milestones.


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FAQs about increasing gym membership numbers

1. What marketing strategies are most effective for increasing gym membership?

Online advertising, social media campaigns, and email marketing are the marketing techniques that increase gym membership the most. Using online resources like Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords can improve visibility and draw in new members. Using targeted marketing, social media campaigns can present the gym’s culture and draw new members. Promotion of events, brand-new courses or discounts, and other pertinent information can be done through email marketing.

2. How can we create a referral program to incentivize current members to refer new ones?

By offering incentives like free membership, discounts, or other perks, a referral program might encourage current members to refer new ones. You can use word-of-mouth marketing and the trust and credibility that comes with it to attract new members by offering incentives to current members who suggest new ones.

3. Should we offer free trials or discounted rates to attract new members?

Free trials or reduced prices can be an efficient approach to drawing new customers. Giving prospective members a chance to check out the gym and its offerings before joining can help remove entry barriers and raise conversion rates.

4. How can we differentiate our gym from competitors to attract new members?

Determine special features or services that make the gym apart from rivals in order to stand out from rivals and draw in new members. This might take the form of specialized instruction, tailored training plans, or a concentration on a particular group of people. You may gain a competitive edge and draw in new members who are looking for something different by developing a distinctive value proposition.

5. What role does social media play in increasing gym membership, and how can we use it effectively?

Since social media enables gyms to communicate with new members and advertise their services, it significantly contributes to the growth of gym membership. A strong brand presence, the creation of compelling content that is relevant to the target audience, and the use of social media advertising to target particular demographics are all essential components of effective social media use.

6. What types of classes or services can we offer to appeal to a wider audience?

Gyms can provide a range of programs or services that cater to various interests and fitness levels in order to appeal to a larger audience. Classes in HIIT, yoga, Pilates, group fitness, or specific training programs could all fall under this category. A wider audience can be drawn in and member retention can rise by offering a diverse selection of classes.

7. How can we create a sense of community within the gym to retain current members and attract new ones?

By organizing social gatherings, promoting member engagement, and fostering a warm and inclusive environment, the gym may foster a sense of community. Members are more likely to stick around and refer others to the gym if there is a strong sense of community and connection among them.

8. How important is the physical appearance and cleanliness of the gym in attracting new members?

A gym’s physical condition and cleanliness play a big role in luring in new customers. A clean, well-kept gym makes a good first impression and communicates to potential members that it is committed to giving them a top-notch experience. On the other hand, a poorly kept gym may put off potential customers and cause bad word-of-mouth advertising.

9. What kind of technology can we incorporate into the gym to make the experience more attractive to potential members?

The use of technology in the gym can improve member satisfaction and draw in new customers. These can include interactive tools, wearable fitness monitors, or mobile applications that monitor progress and offer custom workout schedules. Gyms may stay relevant and attract tech-savvy people by integrating technology.

10. How can we track and analyze data to better understand the behavior and needs of potential and current members, and adjust our strategies accordingly?

Gyms can make data-driven decisions and modify their strategy as a result of tracking and analyzing data, which can provide insightful information about the requirements and behaviors of present and future members. This can entail monitoring participant attendance, examining the demographics and interests of participants, and gauging the impact of marketing initiatives. Gyms may discover areas for development and improve their strategy to draw in and keep members by using data to guide their actions.

Ending thoughts on how to increase gym membership sales

There are many ways on how to increase gym membership. Welcome the new year by making the most out of your gym membership sales.

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