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Not every aspect of running your salon is equally important and brings in revenue, but you have to do it all either way. Of course, customers are the most important aspect you need to focus on, but it’s hard when administrative tasks eat up all of your energy. Double-booking, no-shows, last-minute cancellations – all of these hurt your business.

Oversights happen and that’s completely fine, but in the long run, it can damage your salon’s reputation, especially if it happens often. 

If you need help with staying on top of everything in your salon, Trafft is here to help. By taking care of everything – from scheduling appointments to collecting customer data and deposit payments – you’ll see how efficient and profitable your salon can be once you integrate Trafft into your everyday life. Let us show you how!

Create a Stunning Salon Booking Website

Everything starts and ends with customers and their experience in your salon. Everyone says how important first impressions are, and we’re going to show you how to leave a lasting one by creating a stunning booking website. 

The first contact potential customers have with your salon is booking an appointment. How can you make sure you provide exceptional customer experience right from the start?

  • Create a booking website to automate appointment scheduling and stop wasting time on back-and-forth DMs. With Trafft, you can share all of your services, employees, and availability with one link. 
  • Customize your booking website to represent your salon’s brand and values truthfully. 
  • Show off all of your services in one place so customers can easily choose the one they want.

Traff’s no-code booking website allows you to choose pre-made templates and fine-tune them to create a unique and memorable booking process for your customers. The best thing about it? You can get booked 24/7 and grow your salon rapidly. 

Gain valuable marketing insights with custom fields

If you want to step up your salon marketing game, Trafft is here to support you every step of the way. One great way to collect customer data is to use custom fields

Custom fields allow you to gain valuable customer insights and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. You can collect information such as email addresses, first and last names, and phone number directly in your booking form. However, custom fields let you ask your customers anything that’s important to you. 

From how they’ve heard about your salon, why they chose to book an appointment, and why they chose a specific employee – there are countless opportunities to get marketing insights and utilize them later on in your campaigns. You can analyze this data and put it into action with other salon marketing tools such as email marketing software, Facebook ads, etc. And don’t worry about customers unwilling to share certain information. You can always choose which fields are mandatory

Custom fields allow you to get to know your customers better and tailor your marketing approach according to what they prefer. This creates clarity and removes the guesswork from your marketing efforts.

Manage Your Salon & Employees with Ease

What if we told you that you can manage your employees, schedule customer appointments, track important metrics such as earned revenue MoM (month-over-month), and take care of tax management and invoicing with just one tool? Trafft is the solution you’ve been looking for. Let us show you what we’re talking about!

Automate taxes & invoices

Trafft allows you to keep track of all transactions and automate invoices and tax management. You can choose whether to include tax or add it to the prices and control everything for each service. 

Once the customers paid for their appointment, Trafft can automatically send them an invoice. You can choose one of the four templates and customize the invoice to fit your brand. 

With Trafft, you’ll never have to worry about invoicing and taxes for your salon, because everything is 100% automated and secure

Always reach your goals with a powerful dashboard

Business dashboard that shows returning customers, new customers, cancelled appointments and earned revenue

To run a successful salon you need to track important metrics such as your most popular service, how many new customers you have, earned revenue, and occupancy. You can get answers and see KPIs for your salon with one glimpse at Traff’s business dashboard. With this data, you’ll easily see areas for improvement and increase the efficiency and performance of your salon for things that matter the most – such as earned revenue and the number of customers.

Make the most out of automated reminders

Automated Reminders in Trafft Screenshot

Your employees will always know when they have an appointment as soon as customers book it. They’ll even know if the appointment is canceled or rescheduled. How? By setting up automated email & SMS reminders to send to your employees. You can also choose every booked appointment to be “pending” so you and your employees can approve it. 

Managing employees’ schedules at your salon is easy when you can see availability and occupancy, not only in Trafft but also on Google and Outlook Calendars. They won’t get double booked, and you’ll be at peace because you don’t have to spend hours managing their schedules. 

See? With Trafft, salon management is efficient, easy, and smooth – just as you want it!

Manage Appointments & Increase Profitability

Did you know that the average no-show rate for beauty salons is 10-20%? No-shows harm your business and negatively affect your salon’s revenue. There is a way to avoid this, though. If you efficiently manage your appointments, you can drastically reduce the number of no-shows in your salon. 

Not only do no-shows damage your salon, but they also mess with employees’ schedules. You end up having more work on your plate, while also losing money. If you want to create a win-win situation for both employees and customers, automated appointments are a must-have. Besides smooth booking, Trafft also offers automated appointment reminders sent directly to your customers on various channels, such as SMS, Email, and WhatsApp. 

Inspire loyalty

A little sign of appreciation can go a long way if you want loyal, repeat customers. With Trafft, you can create and send coupons to your most loyal customers based on multiple parameters. 

You can create coupons based on how much money customers spent in your salon or how many appointments they booked. You can also choose the discount they get. When a customer fits the criteria, they’ll automatically get a discount coupon.

Trafft's coupons feature screenshot

You can also use coupons to your advantage by advertising the discount in advance. This’ll motivate customers to book appointments, spend money at your salon, and always choose you over competitors.

Seamlessly manage multiple locations

If you have multiple salons and you can’t be at two places at the same time, don’t worry. Trafft can! Recruiting staff in multiple locations is hard enough, so it’s time you manage it all with the only salon management software you’ll ever need!

With Trafft, you can add and manage multiple locations with ease. Your customers will have a clear overview of services and employees across all of your salons, making scheduling appointments easy for them, and managing salons efficient for you. 

Get paid on your terms, always

Another great way to reduce no-shows and control the damage to your salon’s revenue is to ask for deposit payments. Trafft integrates with all your favorite payment processors – Stripe, Paypal,, and Mollie. Collecting payments and always getting paid for your time and effort is crucial, and it’s never been easier. 

With deposit payments, you’ll also avoid last-minute cancellations, because customers are motivated to make it to the appointment once they’ve already paid. 

Grow your revenue with extras

Sometimes your customers aren’t aware of other services you offer that go along well with what they already booked. With Trafft, you can offer extra services with every service you usually offer to your clients. By taking advantage of this powerful feature, you’ll motivate customers to spend more money at your salon and increase profitability. 

Streamline Salon Operations & Enhance Customer Experience Now

Trafft is an innovative and effective solution to streamline every aspect of your salon business and provide customers with exceptional service right from the start.

It’s time to say goodbye to manual work and hello to the automated system that saves both your time and money, reduces errors, and increases the efficiency and profitability of your salon.

If you’re ready to get both satisfied clients and employees while having less work on your plate – try Trafft for free.

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