Hair Salon Logo Ideas to Unleash Your Creativity

Hair Salon Logo Ideas to Unleash Your Creativity

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Your hair salon logo is more than just a design; it’s a visual representation of your brand, style, and expertise. The high-quality services you provide at your salon should be a top priority, but your logo should represent that. It’s one of the many elements of hair salon branding that persuades clients to book an appointment with you. 

Choosing the right hair salon logo right from the beginning is crucial, but even if you’re redesigning, it’s great to have some fantastic hair salon logo ideas at your disposal. A logo is important because it is something clients see first and it is what they remember. We understand that your hair salon is unique, and your logo should reflect that. Because of that, we’ll share creative and innovative hair salon logo ideas to help you unleash your creativity.

From elegant and timeless hair salon logos to bold and eye-catching visuals, there are a plethora of ideas to spark your imagination. Remember, your logo should communicate your salon’s essence and resonate with your target audience. Because of that, we’ll share some tips and discuss the importance of typography, symbols, color palettes, and other important design elements, rather than just share logo ideas.

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Components of a Hair Salon Logo

hair logo by luz diaz
Image source: Luz Diaz

When it comes to designing a captivating hair salon logo, there are several key components you have to include. All these elements work together to create a visual identity of your hair salon not only to represent it but to resonate with your target audience. The key components of the hair salon logo are:


The font you choose for your hair salon logo can make it or break it. It should align with the overall vibe of your salon but also convey professionalism, creativity, and playfulness depending on your goals. The font you choose should always be readable, and even when you choose the handwritten font, customers should be able to read it right away. 

Color palette

Colors are a vital part of your brand identity, including the hair salon logo. When choosing your color palette, consider the psychology of colors and how different colors evoke specific emotions and perceptions. Your color palette should complement your salon’s personality and appeal to your target audience. 


When choosing visual elements for your hair salon logo, keep in mind that it should represent your values and style. Hair salons often choose scissors and combs for imagery, but you can also experiment with abstract shapes, hairstyles, and other related icons. 

Creating Hair Salon Logo: Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and suggestions for creating a hair salon logo.


eagles look hair salon logo

Image source: Dragisa Trojancevic

In the world of logo design, simplicity is the key. A clean and uncluttered logo not only enhances readability but also ensures scalability across different platforms and surfaces. By focusing on essential elements and eliminating unnecessary details, you’ll create a hair salon logo that’s memorable, easily recognizable, and versatile. 

It’s vital that your logo is easy to replicate. Using a lot of colors, complicated shapes, and fonts is not very practical. 


Simplicity and originality work well together.

Observe what other hair salons in the area use as their logo. This is a source of inspiration but also shows what an outstanding logo needs.

Think about questions such as: What impression do I want to make on my customers? What is unique about my hair salon? The answer to these questions will help you to create an exceptional logo. While it’s important to draw inspiration from current trends, you should strive to develop a hair salon logo that sets you apart from competitors. Think outside of the box, explore different approaches, and aim for a logo that captures the essence of your salon.


ladies & gentlemen hair salon logo

Image source: Plint

Your hair salon logo has to be versatile and adaptable to various applications. Consider how your logo will appear on different mediums, such as Instagram, business cards, and your website. It’s crucial for your logo to retain its visual impact whether it’s displayed in tiny or large formats.

A logo needs to be versatile to be used in anything and any place. For this purpose, you can always use the help of vector graphic software.

When the hair salon grows and becomes more popular it will likely feature in magazines and brochures. These may not always have the best quality or even be in color. So, design a logo that also looks good in black and white.

Reflect the hair salon’s style

A logo says much about the style of the hair salon. Sharp angles and strong dramatic colors convey a very different feeling than more subdued colors and rounded edges.

The former design is more suited for a salon with a hip and urban style. The latter is suitable for a suburban salon with a sophisticated or organic feel. A logo does not only reflect the type of services but also depends on the location of the business. Consider the atmosphere, aesthetics, and target audience of your hair salon when choosing design elements, typography, and colors. Aligning your logo with the salon’s identity will reinforce brand recognition and help you get more clients in your salon.

Colors: communicating emotions & values

treecy's hair studio logo

Image source: Tony Lockhart

Choosing hair salon logo colors will require some thought, so here are some pointers.

If the salon offers both hair and beauty services, including organic spa treatments – green colors work very well. In case the hair salon caters mainly to the needs of people in the city, a trendy black and white salon logo will appeal more. Or if the place does hair but also makeup services, brown and jewel tones are a good combination.

Try to avoid an outdated color scheme, like neon colors. Do not make it tacky or too bright with too much red. A hair salon logo should integrate into a design but not overpower it.

Design for the brand

There is no formula for making the ideal logo for any brand. A logo should represent the particular character of a brand.

The famous Coca-Cola logo, bold and red, perfectly suits that brand and product very well. But it would not work for a spa or a beauty salon. A barbershop that focuses on businessmen will likely have a different logo design than a salon that caters to the many needs of young women.

To make a unique hair salon logo, first, think about what makes the salon different and special. Identifying the selling points of the salon is the first step in making a logo design that expresses them. Remember that the logo is just one component of your brand identity. It’s essential to consider how the logo will integrate with other brand elements and marketing materials. Maintain consistency across all touchpoints to create a cohesive brand experience for your clients. 

Timeless, not trendy

salt hair studio logo

Image source: Corey Reifinger

A classic hair salon logo that does not need changing after some years, gives the impression that the brand is likewise solid and timeless. Designing a new one is costly and think of all the materials that also need to be reprinted and the media that will need updating. An important risk is that your hair salon could lose its recognizability. 

To create a timeless logo, avoid overly stylized elements and design choices that may quickly become outdated. 

Hair Salon Logo Ideas & Examples

Bristle & Bear

Bristle & Bear hair salon logo

Image source: Brian Wiens

Beautiful hairstyle logo template

Beautiful Hair Salon Logo Template

Image source: Alex Broekhuizen

Logo: Atelierul de frumusețe

hair salon Logo: Atelierul de frumusețe

Image source: Alexander Slash


LI TAITAI hair salon logo

Image source: Tosha Vitorin

Before and After Hair and Beard Salon

Before and After logo concept

Image source: Jessie Maisonneuve

Chantelie – Hair design

Chantelie - Hair design logo

Image source: Dawid Noculak for DWG

The Hive logo

The Hive logo

Image source: Jesse Vankurin

Forge Studio logo

Forge Studio Logo

Image source: Sarah Thomas

Studio Cuts 2

Studio Cuts 2.

Image source: Corey Reifinger

Hair Shed

Hair Shed Logo

Image source: Jacob Proffer

Eclips hair salon logo concept

Eclips hair salon Logo Concept

Image source: Jessie Farris

Sarah Linton hair salon logo concept

Sarah Linton hair salon logo concept

Image source: Curt Crocker

Floral Beauty logo design

Floral Beauty Logo Design


Freebird Hair Studio logo idea

Freebird hair studio logo idea

Image source: Charles Honig

Sarah Linton Hair Studio

Sarah Linton hair studio logo

Image source: Curt Crocker

Twisted Scissors logo

Twisted Scissors

Image source: Melanie Riley

Extensions professional hair salon logo

Extensions Hair Salon Logo

Image source: Alex Broekhuizen

Hair logo

Hair logo

Image source: Dragisa Trojancevic

Stefani Hair Studio logo

Stefani Hair Studio logo

Image source: Dragisa Trojancevic

The Vinery Hair Salon logo

The Vinery hair salon logo

Image source: RobModus

Minimalist logo design

Minimalist logo design

Image source: Pranto Datta

The Hair House logo design

The Hair House

Image source: Tara Victoria

Logo design for the hair salon “Tsam”

Logo design for the hair salon "Tsam"

Image source: Nare : Kocoloz Arts

Platinum Hair Salon

Platinum Hair Salon

Image source: Donat Gashi

Hairter Hair Salon logo design

Logo Design - Hairter Hair Salon

Image source: Direct Design

The Color Studio Hair Salon

The Color Studio Hair Salon Logo

Image source: Kiki Bakowski

Bravo Hair Salon

Bravo - Hair Salon

Image source: Joe Carmagnola

Women hair salon

Hair salon logo

Image source: Alexandar David

Studio Cuts

Studio Cuts

Image source: Corey Reifinger

Smooth Hair Studio logo

Smooth Hair Studio logo

Image source: Helena Olson

New Hair Touch logo

new hair touch salon logo

Image source: Ui_bakester

Great Clips Hair Studio

Great Clips Hair Studio logo design

Image source: Nikhil Malu

Ross Circle

Ross Circle

Image source: Sahab Uddin

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Hair Salon Logos: Final Thoughts

Your hair salon logo is the face of your business and by carefully crafting a unique and impactful design, you can attract the right clients and elevate your brand. Don’t forget that a successful logo goes beyond aesthetics: it should embody the essence of your salon, evoke emotion, and leave a lasting impression.

Whether you choose a bold, minimalist, or vibrant and playful logo idea, make sure it aligns with your values and that it resonates with your target audience. Experiment with different ideas and look for inspiration in unexpected places, explore different color palettes and play around with typography and visuals. You’ll know the perfect logo when you see it.

Once you’ve created a logo for your hair salon, implement it across all your marketing channels, including social media and your salon booking website. Don’t forget to be open to changes, as salon industry trends evolve rapidly. 

Remember: the priority is to consider the clientele of your hair salon. Are they looking for a boutique salon treatment? Do they only want a haircut, or do they want a more complete experience? Are the customers looking for traditional haircuts, or do they want a purple mohawk?

Then think about your brand identity. Try to capture that identity in a few keywords. What’d your hair salon be like if it were a person? Should it be urban or more down-to-earth, refined, or quirky? The answers to these questions will determine the lettering, shapes, and colors of the hair salon logo.

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