Creating a Winning Hair Salon Marketing Strategy

Creating a Winning Hair Salon Marketing Strategy

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We bet you know how it feels when you pour your heart and soul into your hair salon. You’ve crafted this sanctuary where folks can pause their busy lives, slide into your chairs, and just breathe for a minute. It’s all about helping them look fantastic and feel even better.

A hair salon’s success goes beyond offering exceptional services and stylish cuts. To stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract a steady stream of loyal clients, a well-crafted and innovative hair salon marketing strategy is essential.

So, let’s discover how to unlock the full potential of your hair salon and reach a broader audience of eager clients who seek not just a haircut but an exceptional experience.

How To Create a Marketing Strategy for Hair Salon

  1. Identify Your Tribe
  2. Master the Client Experience
  3. Create a Kickass Online Space
  4. Enhance Your Hair Salon Marketing Strategy With Tools
  5. Let the Social Media Work for You
  6. Take a Leap with Online Advertising
  7. Don’t Shy Away from Using Promotions 
  8. Get the People Talking
  9. Use What You’ve Got

1. Identify Your Tribe

When you’re diving into your hair salon marketing strategy and game plan, you have to know who you’re talking to. Think about the folks who walk through your door the most. Are they young professionals hunting for the freshest styles? Or maybe they’re folks who appreciate a classic cut.

You might be a whiz at creating intricate braids or you might be the king of the clean shave. Whatever your specialty, it’s about knowing who your clients are and what they need from you.

Understanding your customers is a major key to unlocking your marketing potential. And the secret sauce? Figuring out what your clients deeply crave. Nail that, and you’ve got yourself a loyal tribe who’ll keep coming back for more.

2. Master the Client Experience If You Want Your Hair Salon Marketing Strategy to Be a Success 

Clients come with expectations, and you know what? If you blow those expectations out of the water, you’ll have clients who are thrilled to choose your hair salon.

Understanding the client’s journey is a bit like putting yourself in their shoes. Picture this: your client’s got a surprise free hour. They whip out their phone and Google “hair salon near me”.

What they want is a list of local salons. They’ll click on one that catches their eye, and hopefully, it’s your salon. They land on a shiny, inviting website that makes booking an appointment a breeze. Easy peasy.

Now, imagine they walk into your hair salon. What they crave is a stress-free, relaxing experience. They want to walk out of your doors feeling pampered, rejuvenated, and confident.

If you can tap into these needs, and deliver on this journey, you’ve scored yourself a long-term client and a fan who’ll rave about you to their friends.

3. Create a Kickass Online Space

Just like a photographer’s got an online gallery, your hair salon’s got its own digital showcase. Your salon is your art, and your website is where you strut your stuff.

Building a killer website is a critical piece of your hair salon marketing plan. It’s not just about making it look pretty – it’s about making it work for your clients and for your salon.

Get your website to shine

So, you’ve got this digital front door, yeah? It’s got to be more than just good-looking. It’s got to have the goods. The real deal is all about keeping your website updated with your latest styles, offers, and what makes your salon stand out. Think about it as your salon’s 24/7 billboard.

A stellar website isn’t just about making your salon look good. It’s also about connecting you to your clients.

And that button? It should be impossible to miss. Seriously, it should be shouting out, “Click me now!”. Less hassle means more chances for you to book that chair.

Show ’em what you’ve got

Here’s the thing – your website isn’t just a virtual price list. It’s your chance to show your clients what your hair salon is all about. It’s where you get to show off your unique vibe, your skilled team, and your fantastic work.

Your site needs to reflect the experience you offer in your hair salon. It should make people feel like they’re already sitting in your chair, sipping on a coffee, and getting the VIP treatment.

Images and videos can help capture your salon’s vibe. Think high-quality shots of your team at work, of clients rocking their new styles, or even videos of your stylists sharing their top haircare tips.

Getting clients to leave reviews, share their thoughts, and even recommend their friends is another plus. Remember, word of mouth isn’t just in-person anymore. It happens online, too.

Keep it mobile-friendly

More and more people are browsing the web on their phones. So your website needs to look just as good on a small screen as it does on a big one.

Having a mobile-optimized site is something you should put on the priority list of your hair salon marketing plan. Why? A mobile-fist website can actually help your Google ranking. And a higher rank means more eyeballs on your hair salon. Plus, if your site looks good and works well on a phone, people are more likely to stick around and book an appointment.

Being seen on Google

Here’s a secret: Google is your friend. It’s like the most popular kid in school, and you want to be seen hanging out together.

When folks search for “best hair salon near me” or “top-notch haircut in town,” you want to be the one they find. And how do you do that? By showing Google you’re the real deal.

Set up your Google My Business profile, keep your website fresh, and stay active on social media. Don’t forget about review sites like Yelp, too.

And reviews? They’re gold. Positive feedback from happy clients can help your salon rise to the top of search results. So don’t be shy to ask your clients to leave a review. It’s a key part of your hair salon marketing strategy.

4. Enhance Your Hair Salon Marketing Strategy With Tools

We all know marketing is crucial. It’s the gas that keeps the engine of our business running. And various tools are the secret sauce that supercharges your marketing.

From those nifty analytics tools that spill the beans on customer behavior to the time-saving wonders of automation tools, they’ve got your back. And let’s not forget the appointment booking wizards that help you take your customer management to the next level.

Seriously, a booking tool is like the ultimate wingman for your hair salon marketing strategy. It swoops in and takes care of all your appointment and scheduling needs. No more back-and-forths with clients, no more missed opportunities. With a booking tool on your side, you can offer your customers a seamless and hassle-free way to book your services. It’s all about convenience.

Plus, the data it collects gives you the inside scoop on your customers’ preferences and behaviors, helping you fine-tune your marketing game. And guess what? You can even use it to send out reminders and special offers, keeping your customers engaged and coming back for more.

So, if you want to level up your hair salon marketing plan and boost your business, a booking tool is the way to go!

And we’ve got just the tool for you! Meet Trafft.

trafft employee's panel with assigned hairstyling services

What can Trafft do for you?

Trafft is more than just a business tool.

It’s not just about managing bookings. It’s about owning your time and mastering your schedule. With Trafft, you streamline operations and carve out that crucial time to power up your marketing game.

Who wouldn’t love the convenience of 24/7 online booking, real-time updates, and no more missed appointments?

But here’s the real kicker.

Happy customers become your strongest advocates. That’s right, word-of-mouth marketing. The kind you can’t buy, and Trafft sets you up for it beautifully.

In the end, it’s a win-win. Your clients are happy, and your salon is thriving. Your marketing strategy is not just about promoting your salon but delivering an exceptional client experience.

With Trafft, you get:

  • Streamlined booking process
  • Online presence and visibility
  • Lead generation and customer data
  • Marketing integrations
  • Promotions and upselling
  • Data analysis and insights
  • Efficient customer communication

Are you ready to take your salon game to new heights? Say ‘Yes’ to Trafft.

Wave goodbye to the chaos, embrace the calm, and let your marketing strategy shine. Get Trafft now and give your salon the boost it deserves.

5. Let the Social Media Work for You

Every hair salon marketing strategy worth its salt knows the importance of social media. It’s where your clients look for the latest styles and trends. It’s where they expect to find your work.

Sure, posting on social media is free and easy. But let’s face it, keeping your followers engaged takes time and effort.

Keep it classy

And while we’re on the topic of social media, remember this: it’s all about showing off your hair salon in the best light possible. It’s like a window display, but digital. So, sure, have fun with it, but always keep it professional.

People spend a lot of time on social media, so why not make the most of it? Share your booking link, showcase your team, and keep the buzz alive. The result? An ever-growing list of happy clients who can’t wait to show off their fabulous new hairstyles.

Stay consistent with your posts

Here’s the deal. A well-managed social media presence can work wonders for your hair salon marketing plan. Think about it – folks come across your profile, they love your work, and boom! They’re on your website booking an appointment. Yeah, it’s that straightforward.

Instagram is your canvas. Show off your craft with high-quality images in your feed and stories. Don’t just stick to your industry, though. Take a peek at what other local businesses or your competitors are up to. Who knows, a yoga studio or a restaurant might be nailing their Instagram game, and you could get some cool ideas! And don’t forget to use hashtags – it’s a proven way to cast an even wider net.

Now, don’t go ignoring Facebook. Trust us, it’s got quite a crowd who’d love to know about your hair salon. Oh, and TikTok? Could be a bit tricky for local advertising, but hey, who doesn’t love a challenge!

Embrace influencer marketing and make it part of your hair salon marketing strategy

Social commerce is set to grow by 31.4% each year, hitting a massive $604.5 billion by 2027. This is where influencers come into play.

See, social media isn’t just about digital ads. Your hair salon marketing strategy needs to tap into the power of local influencers. Think about it – posts from a local beauty guru who loves your salon could be a game changer.

Invite your audience backstage

There’s something about behind-the-scenes content that Instagrammers just love. It could be your golden ticket to attracting new clients and boosting your Instagram engagement.

What if that’s not your style, you ask? Don’t worry, here are some other ideas:

  • Catch up with the latest video trends.
  • Showcase your best work with some striking before-and-after photos or videos.
  • Chat with your favorite clients or co-workers on camera.
  • Show ’em what a day in your salon looks like.
  • Share your favorite salon products.
  • React to viral videos using the Instagram Reels stitch feature.
  • Give a virtual tour of your salon.

6. Take a Leap with Online Advertising

Online advertising can be a bit daunting. It’s tempting to stick to posting on social media for free. But here’s the thing: when done right, online advertising could be your ticket to big returns.

Explore the power of Facebook and Instagram ads

You know what’s super cool? Facebook and Instagram ads! They can help you connect with a whole bunch of potential customers and boost your sales, so make room for them when making your hair salon marketing plan.

Think about it, nearly 3.2 billion folks use these platforms every month. That’s a lot of potential clients, don’t you think? Plus, you can manage your ads for both platforms in the same place. Talk about convenience!

And get this – with Facebook Messenger ads, people can pop into your messenger inbox to chat about your services or book an appointment. You could even set up a chatbot to handle the initial stages of a conversation. That way, you can save time and steer potential clients toward relevant information.

Unleash the potential of Google Ads

google ads example screenshot for a beauty salon

Ever heard of Google Ads? They’re pretty amazing. You can buy highly targeted advertising that’s just right for your hair salon business.

Before you dive in, though, take a moment to check out your competitors’ ads on Google. Spot the good and the not-so-good parts, and use that insight to make your ads even better.

And don’t forget – fill in all the details in your ads and extensions. It’ll make your ads pop and push them to the top of the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Placements). Be smart with your keyword choices, too. Aim for those that show a clear intent to purchase.

7. Don’t Shy Away from Using Promotions in Your Hair Salon Marketing Plan

Celebrate the seasons with special offers

Here’s an idea: tie your hair salon marketing strategy to the holiday season. When it’s that time of the year, everyone wants to look their best, right? So, why not sweeten the deal with a holiday promotion or sale?

We’ve even prepared a holiday calendar to help you plan out your promotions. Check it out:

  • Cyber Monday
  • Black Friday
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas (and all the winter celebrations!)
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Halloween

Gift cards: Your secret weapon to a successful hair salon marketing strategy 

gift card example

Let’s chat about gift cards, yeah? They’re not just plastic money cards – they’re like little ambassadors for your hair salon. A fan of your salon could grab one for their buddy or family member, spreading the good vibes and bringing in new faces.

The coolest part? You get the cash right up front. So even if someone takes their sweet time to use their gift, you’re already sitting pretty. It’s a clever twist in your hair salon marketing strategy.

Say yes to quickie services

Who doesn’t love a good add-on, right?

Especially if it’s an express service that takes less than half an hour.

It’s perfect for folks on a tight schedule, or anyone wanting a bit of extra pampering.

Adding these express services means you can upsell your existing clients and bump up the average price per appointment. Plus, you can pull in new peeps who are all about that convenient, affordable salon life.

Package deals for the win

You know what else rocks? Packages! Offering bundles of your services at a discount can help you keep your existing clients and speed up your revenue.

Here’s how it works: your clients get to try out more services or products, and you get to boost your profit margin by pairing high-value services with low-cost ones.

Bonus: Offering these packages can draw in clients who are all about scoring a deal or indulging in a special treat. And by making these deals limited-time or limited-quantity, you create a sense of urgency that can push sales even higher.

8. Get the People Talking

Forge local alliances if you want to nail your hair salon marketing plan 

Let’s talk about teaming up with other local businesses. Look for ones that offer services that vibe well with yours, like makeup artists or event planners. Wellness businesses could be a good match, too.

There are plenty of other local businesses out there who’d love to partner with you in a win-win situation.

How about running co-promotions? Like offering a free coffee from the cafe next door with your service, and in return, they could offer their customers a discount on your services. Sounds pretty rad, right?

Spreading the word: Referrals 

Heard the term “Word of mouth”? It’s an oldie but goodie in the marketing game. Referrals are a powerhouse in the hair salon marketing strategy line-up, regardless of how many salons you’re running.

Your happy clients can be your biggest cheerleaders, and they’ve got mates who trust their opinion. So, why not set up a referral scheme?

Do up a campaign where your existing clients get a discount when they bring a newbie in. Make it a win-win where both the referrer and the referee score savings. It keeps your loyal clients stoked and invites new faces to check out your place.

Loyalty programs: Keeping ’em coming back

Alright, next up on your hair salon marketing plan list: loyalty programs. Show your clients you appreciate their business and they’ll keep coming back.

Check this out: it costs way more to get new clients than it does to keep your existing ones. Plus, your loyal clients end up spending way more over time.

Get creative with loyalty schemes and memberships. There’s a unique thrill in scoring a freebie or seeing how much you saved at the bottom of a receipt.

Online reviews: Reputation builders

Moving onto online reviews. Sure, offering top-notch service is key, but getting those five-star reviews online? Equally important in your salon marketing strategy.

Reviews build your reputation and can draw in new clients through your website and social media. Plus, they can boost your ranking on Google Business Profile.

Sharing customer reviews on your socials can win people’s trust. It’s an unbiased testimonial from someone just like them. And hey, the average potential customer reads about ten reviews before choosing a local business. Talk about influence!

Make headlines: Free PR 

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk PR. It isn’t the easiest path to promoting your salon, but the extra effort pays off. To make headlines in local news, consider hosting or taking part in a local event or campaign.

Here’s the beauty of it: not only are you raising your hair salon’s profile, but you’re also making a difference in people’s lives. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of giving back, right?

So what could make the local news sit up and take notice?

  • Giving free hair advice to young girls
  • Styling hair for low-income brides, gratis
  • Offering free haircuts at nursing homes
  • Providing free haircuts to the homeless and low-income individuals
  • Showcasing your skills at local fashion events or beauty contests

Plus, there’s a nifty (and free!) site called Help A Reporter Out where you can connect with journalists. If they dig your pitch, they might include you in their story and link back to your website or booking page. Cool, huh?

9. Use What You’ve Got to Amplify Your Hair Salon Marketing Strategy

Don’t let them leave without a next visit

Now, here’s a neat trick: encourage your clients to re-book before they step out of your hair salon. Think about it, a small 5% boost in customer retention can bump up your profits by a whopping 25% to 95%. Repeat business can really fuel your salon’s revenue engine.

Hand newbies a hair salon card with the stylist’s name. This way, booking their next appointment is a breeze. Keep in touch using email blasts, promotional cards, or even a monthly newsletter. Out of sight, out of mind, right? So keep your salon fresh in their minds.

And, of course, offer incentives for coming back. Think discounts on their next visit, or maybe a free product after ten cuts. Keep them keen to come back.

Your hair salon’s street presence

Don’t forget about good old street visibility in the midst of a digital promotion frenzy.

Those folks passing by your hair salon? They’re probably locals, which makes them ideal potential clients. You’re already paying for that salon window – why not squeeze all the advertising juice out of it?

Make it your mission: get your salon known to everyone in the neighborhood. Get creative! Maybe some street-side tunes, or snazzy lighting on your sign and window. If there’s a sidewalk, make it part of your show.

The point is, disrupt the usual (but, you know, keep it classy and on-brand). You want to turn heads and make a lasting impression.

Your team: your best brand ambassadors

Your staff – they’re not just the service providers, they’re also the face of your brand. They interact with your clients and represent your hair salon’s vibe and values, so make sure you recruit the absolute best people for the job.

Think about this:

  • Your team can power up word-of-mouth and online referrals. Encourage them to share positive experiences and shoutouts to their network.
  • Your team can boost client retention and loyalty. Empower them to build trust and rapport with their clients, as well as offer tailor-made recommendations.
  • Your team can attract new clients and grow your revenue. Enable them to cross-sell or upsell other services or products that their clients might dig.

FAQ about Creating a Marketing Strategy for Hair Salon

How can I create a hair salon marketing strategy that will help me attract more clients to my salon?

Oh, now that’s a million-dollar question! At the core, it’s about presenting your salon as a place to be. Effective social media marketing is an absolute must. Showcase your work, engage with your followers, and keep them updated on the latest styles and trends.

It’s also a great idea to offer specials for new clients, like discounts or value-added services. But remember, never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Happy customers are your best promoters!

What’s the best way to retain my existing customers?

Right, retention is just as important as acquisition, maybe even more so. Loyalty programs are tried and true, so make them part of your hair salon marketing plan. Think points systems or special “VIP” services for repeat customers. Personalization is key too. Learn about your clients, their preferences, and their lives.

Make them feel special. Send thank you emails and birthday discounts. You have to show that you care. And always, always, strive to provide top-notch service. After all, they come to your salon for the experience, not just a haircut.

How important is online booking for my hair salon?

It’s essential. We live in a fast-paced, digital world. People appreciate the convenience of online booking. It lets them schedule appointments at their own pace and reduces wait times. It also frees up your front desk staff to focus on in-salon customer service.

Just make sure the process is easy and intuitive. And hey, it’s also a great opportunity to collect customer emails for your marketing list!

Can social media really drive business to my salon?

Absolutely! Social media isn’t just for selfies and food pics. It’s a platform where you can interact with clients, showcase your talent, and keep everyone updated on salon happenings. Instagram is especially powerful for salons, thanks to its visual nature.

Make sure to use relevant hashtags to attract local clientele. Plus, paid ads on social media can be highly targeted, helping you reach the right folks. So yes, social media can absolutely drive business and it’s a key factor to include when creating your hair salon marketing strategy.

How can I measure the success of my hair salon marketing strategies?

Measurements are crucial, no question about it. You’ll need to keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, retention rates, and social media engagement. Tools like Google Analytics can help track website and campaign performance.

You can also measure things like the number of appointments booked through an online ad, or how many customers came in through a specific promotion. The key here is consistency – track the same metrics over time to see how things are changing.

Should I consider email marketing as part of my hair salon marketing strategy?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach clients. Use it for appointment reminders, updates on new styles, discounts, or just to keep your salon in clients’ minds. It’s also a great way to build loyalty with your clients.

So yeah, give it a go. Just make sure your emails are well-crafted, not too frequent, and always provide value to the reader. Otherwise, they might end up in the spam folder, and we don’t want that.

How often should I post on social media?

Regular posting is vital, so aim for at least once a day. But remember, it’s not just about quantity, but also quality. Your posts should be engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and reflective of your brand’s voice. And don’t just post for the sake of it.

Share useful content like hair care tips, behind-the-scenes footage, client transformations, or upcoming salon events. And hey, don’t forget to interact with your followers. Engagement breeds loyalty!

How can I encourage customers to leave online reviews?

Online reviews are so powerful, aren’t they? They build trust and can drive new clients to your hair salon. So how to get them? Ask! Most customers are happy to leave a review if they’ve had a good experience.

You can ask in person after the service, or send a follow-up email. Consider offering small incentives too, like a discount on their next visit. Just make sure to respond to the reviews, positive or negative. It shows you value their opinion.

What’s the best way to handle negative reviews?

Ah, the dreaded negative review. It happens to the best of us. Here’s the thing, it’s all about how you handle it. Always respond professionally and calmly. Apologize, if necessary, and try to resolve the issue.

Most importantly, take it as constructive feedback. It’s an opportunity to learn and improve. Also, remember, a mix of reviews can actually appear more authentic. Nobody’s perfect, right?

Should I include paid advertising in my hair salon marketing plan?

If done right, paid advertising can bring a substantial return on investment. It allows you to reach a wider audience and target specific demographics. Consider platforms like Google Ads for search engine advertising, or Facebook and Instagram ads for social media.

But don’t forget about local advertising too, like in local newspapers or magazines. However, always monitor your ad performance to ensure you’re getting bang for your buck. It’s a tool, not a guarantee.

Conclusion on Creating a Hair Salon Marketing Strategy

Take a breather, sit down, and mull over these hair salon marketing ideas. How do you want to position yourself and your salon?

Create a hair salon marketing plan, and get cracking. But remember: patience is the key. Immediate results are rare, so don’t give up early. Persistence is often the secret ingredient in the success recipe.

And don’t forget – track your efforts. There’s no point investing time and money in marketing ideas without measuring the outcomes. This way, you’ll clearly see what’s working and what’s not. If something works – refine it, polish it, and let it shine. If something flops, stop pouring your and your team’s energy into it. Learn, adapt, and move on.

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