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If you own a product-based or service-based business, appointment scheduling software is a must-have. Finding the right small business management solution that fits your unique needs is not easy. Implementing software like Vagaro, Schedulicity, or Trafft requires thorough forethought. There are many things to consider.

In this article, we will compare Vagaro vs Schedulicity vs Trafft, three of the top small business software platforms. These three have different features and options. Have a look and determine which one fits your needs based on features, pricing, and other important factors.

Vagaro vs Schedulicity vs Trafft – An Overview


Vagaro is a cloud-based point of sale system for the beauty, health, and fitness industries. It will help you handle tasks such as online scheduling, staff management, promotional tasks, and more. It is SEO-friendly, handles customer bookings, and lets you offer different Points of Sale promotions.

Vagaro has most of its users among small businesses, but it can grow with you as your business expands.

The included business directory ensures the online visibility you need to grow. You can feature a daily promotion, give discounts, coupons, and much more.


Schedulicity is an online booking platform for service-based businesses and their customers. It helps customers of small businesses to book their own appointments. They can do so through the web or mobile Schedulicity applications.

The schedule updates in real-time so that you will never get double-bookings. You can schedule the number of appointments that you want.

With Schedulicity comes a wide range of marketing automation tools. These help you to reach and expand your client base.


Traft is the third option in the comparison of Vagaro vs Schedulicity vs Trafft. It is an application for online scheduling. You can also manage staff members and receive recurring payments.

It provides great scheduling for small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers. You do not need a personal website to enjoy it. There are, in fact, very few requirements to set it up and receive online bookings.

Like many similar management solutions, Trafft puts the experience of the clients first. Users too will enjoy the ease with which they can use this platform. They can set up calendars and custom branded web booking pages in just a few clicks.

Target Audience


Vagaro is ideal for salons, spas, and fitness studios. Their focus is on salons with a team that needs advanced system capabilities. They offer software for booking and business management in one place.


Schedulicity is best for small salons and gyms, butis flexible enough to grow along with your business. It is a complete platform, but lacks some integrations.


Trafft is an online booking and scheduling solution that is perfect for many kinds of businesses. Many SMEs and freelancers already use it, such as:

  • Beauty salons
  • Consultants
  • Gyms
  • Hairdressers
  • Housekeepers
  • Personal trainers
  • Photographers
  • Yoga and Pilates instructors

Vagaro vs Schedulicity vs Traffts – Main Features


Vagaro has a complete list of features that all focus on making a business run smoother. There is a practical drag-and-drop calendar for making and managing appointments. The membership management feature helps you to build a loyal client base with discounts and points.

Vagaro’s main features include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Online booking
  • Online payments
  • Automation
  • Customer tracking
  • Forms
  • Marketing
  • Invoices
  • Inventory management
  • Staff and payroll management
  • Rent and fees


The main focus of Schedulicity is to make appointment scheduling and management easier. It makes sure that the client can book easily and that the user maintains full control. It is best suited for small business owners.

Users can enjoy unlimited text messaging and marketing features. There are plenty of tools for general business management. Users can access these anywhere through the web-based application. They use the calendar, search, and client database features without limitations.

Main Features

  • Analytics
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Automated scheduling
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Calendar syncing
  • Class and group management
  • Client profiles
  • Confirmation, notifications, and reminders
  • Contract and license management
  • Credit card processing


The Trafft platform offers a complete set of tools for service professionals. It offers online client booking for virtual and physical meetings. You can adjust the booking form to match your branding and embed it anywhere you like.

Here is a small list of Trafft’s main features:

  • Two-way synchronization with third-party calendars, such as Google and Outlook. This ensures that there will not be any double booking, as each calendar syncs after every booking in real-time
  • Clients can manage their appointments with you. They can reschedule and review their appointment history. That saves you and your staff time and effort
  • You can create a booking page and include your company’s branding. You can expand the booking page to a full website. You can also integrate the booking feature into your existing website or add it to your Instagram if you wish. The premium plans offer the option of removing the Trafft mark
  • It has extensive reporting capabilities that show you performance and KPIs on your dashboard
  • Trafft offer integrations with other popular online management tools, such as:
    • Google Ads
    • Google Analytics
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Mailchimp
    • Zapier
  • You gain control over discounts, coupons, and loyalty points. Customers will enjoy returning to you and redeeming them
  • It includes staff management options, their business locations, services, schedules, and more
  • You can improve your communication with clients through SMS messaging and email. Send reminders and follow-up messages. You can inform them of changes and other important information
  • You can accept and process payments through a variety of payment portals



Vagaro uses color-coding for different appointment types. For example, you can book both people and resources. There is also an option for setting recurring appointments. Vagaro will add these bookings to your calendar for you.

You can block certain time slots for yourself or for your employees so you do not book anything during holidays. There is a note feature that you can see when you hover over one of the filled-in time slots.


You have full control over your calendar. The color-coding helps you to have a quick overview of your appointments. You can see who your first-timers are, who have special requests, who are on the waiting list, and more.

Schedulicity has a dashboard for quick views, or you can use the mobile app between sessions.

This fitness business software also has a shortcode generator. It generates codes for the booking application, which you can add to your websites. You have access by using a six-digit code.


Trafft uses a block calendar layout. You can see different kinds of services and focus on certain clients.

Making new services and allocating time slots is very easy with Trafft. By linking your personal calendar, Trafft will block time slots that are not available in your business calendar.

Comparing Strengths


A great plus of Vagaro is the booking widget that you can add to your business website. You can put different widgets on your site that each cover different parts of your Vagaro profile. So, you can have a product sales, client feedback, and appointment scheduling widget on one website.

Like the other apps, Vagaro allows you to accept payments online or in the business location. Vagaro is unique in that it also has an integrated point of sale (POS) system. This POS system also has an inventory management feature, which helps you to keep track of what you sell.


Schedulicity is more than only an online scheduling solution. Your business will get listed on the Schedulicity marketplace. This directory increases your online visibility, which is very important in today’s online world.

A favorite among Schedulicity users is the payment processing feature. It brings the entire scheduling and business management experience together. This option offers a flat rate and no hidden costs for the payment processing.


Trafft makes the booking and payment process as easy as possible for the clients and the business owner. It improves interaction with the customers, which in turn will boost conversion.

The Trafft booking pages are SEO-optimized and there are integrations with Instagram and Google. You can also add the link to your business cards. The best is that you can embed the booking form into your existing website.

A unique feature of Trafft is the KPI and goal tracker which will be released soon. This will help you get better insight into the amount of time spent on specific services and the revenues gained from them. This knowledge will help you to make your business more successful. You can focus on the ones that are more profitable or improve the ones that are less.

Vagaro vs Schedulicity vs Traffts – Pricing


First of all, Vagaro offers a one-month free demo. This free demo includes the excellent Vagaro customer support with personal help.

For one person, the cost is $25 per month. For each person that needs access, Vagaro charges an extra $10 per month.

You can also get different addons, like a website builder, SMS marketing, and forms. These add-ons incur an extra fee. These extra costs are between $10 and $20 per month.


Schedulicity does not offer a free trial. Schedulicity does have a free version with limited features, which is great for testing the platform. This free version has enough advanced features for many small businesses.

The Unlimited Plan gives complete access to all Schedulicity’s features. For one person the cost is $34.99 per month. The price increases with more people. The highest cost is $94.99 for teams of seven people or more.

The payment processing has a cost of 2.5%. + 15¢ for all transactions. This comes with next-day funding.


Trafft is freemium software. That means that you can download a free version to test it. Even though the free version has limitations, it is suitable for most small businesses.

A basic Trafft plan costs $12 per month. This plan includes unlimited services, 20 employees, and five features that you can choose.

The cost increases with the size of your team. Higher plans also include more custom features. A major advantage of the more premium plans is that you can remove the Trafft branding.

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