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Diverse professions depend on recurring appointments. Consultants, coaches, dentists, and others are repeatedly spending much of their time communicating back and forth with their clients. In order to find the available time slots for their regulars, they need to constantly be at their disposal. Repeated bookings for appointments that occur on a regular basiss are forcing them to schedule and reschedule more often than they’d like.

Though there are many booking tools on the market that can help, hardly any comes with the option to simplify repetitiveness. Consequently, making clients book the same appointment all over again, might lead them to boredom. And at the time being, many will appreciate the opportunity to solve several tasks at once.

When you rely on repetitive services, it comes in handy when you don’t need to pick and schedule the next appointments one by one. It consumes a great deal of your time you can use for doing something more productive. If Friday is the only day you can dedicate yourself to a certain service, you have to schedule each one in that month as early as possible, to avoid someone else taking time slots that fits you most.

However, there is a smooth solution to this. When Trafft announced the Recurring Appointments feature,  perpetual bookings became utterly redundant. Now your clients have that much-wanted possibility to schedule a batch of appointments at once.

Which benefits will you get from it?

Recurring appointments

The routine you are already familiar with as the admin, will not have to change that much. With just a few simple settings, you can make several processes work simultaneously. You can set the recurrence when creating a new appointment, or when editing the existing one. Additionally, you can set the interval to daily, weekly, and monthly service recurrences. And you can pick between payment method versions.

How to set recurring appointments?

The entire process consists of several simple steps.

  • Out of your admin dashboard, go to settings at the top right corner. This will open a form where you can pick a setting you want to configure.
  • Select Features and Integrations settings, which will open a list of options you can activate or deactivate with a help of a toggle button.
  • Activate Recurring Appointments. You will need to select all necessary parameters for the appointment before scheduling the date and time.
  • For editing existing services, go to Services and click on three dots on the right side to open the editing option.
  • And for setting this feature within a new service, click Add a New Service, go to New Service, and pick Settings on the left side.
  • The recurring appointment setting is in Services’ General Settings. Enable Recurring Appointments to open the setting form.
  • Add additional conditions for your service. You can set the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly recurrence, depending on your needs. Payments can be calculated per batch of services, or per separate service.

And that’s it. Now you are ready to enhance your business strategy.

To sum everything up, the Recurring Appointments feature brings a peculiar revolution to the entire booking experience. It saves plenty of time for both, the service provider and the customer, to work in their best interests.

This might be a good opportunity to introduce one more, a game-changing improvement that Trafft’s team introduced within the last update – Private Services. By setting certain services to private, you can customize their visibility. Quite handy for those of you who do not want to show all services to everyone. This feature, along with recurring appointments, brings even more planning opportunities. And this will make your business stand out in the eyes of the customers.

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Milos Timotic
Milos Timotic

Technical Lead