White Label Booking and Scheduling Software for Agencies and Web Designers

Are you with businesses in service industries - beauty industry, healthcare, cleaning, coaching, sports, house services? Offer them a modern booking and scheduling platform, white-labeled as your agency’s product.
Trafft agency dashboard
Created Accounts
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Create an additional recurring revenue stream

Trafft booking software enables your clients to accept online bookings and payments, organize team schedules, manage multiple locations, and automate SMS and email reminders. Purchase it from us at a discounted bulk rate and subscribe your customers at the pricing of your choice.

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Manage multiple clients from your White Label Dashboard

Create multiple client accounts and assign suitable licenses and access levels to each of them. You can manage all your clients’ accounts from a single dashboard and make changes as needed.

Fully customizable to match your agency’s branding

Upload your agency’s logo and match colors to your brand

With Trafft white label booking software, you can change the look of the application completely to keep your brand identity and appearance cohesive. Upload your agency’s logo everywhere the logo is seen and match your exact brand colors with our hex colors selector.
Trafft agency dashboard showing a business performance

Create a custom email address and custom URL

Your clients will be able to use automatic notifications and reminders that Trafft offers, but with no sign of Trafft. You can activate the SMTP email button and send notifications from your agency’s email or allow your customers to create their own custom notifications that are sent from their emails. Also, you will be able to create your own URL with your agency’s name or any way you want.
Thank you page after a successfully booked appointment and email and WhatsApp notifications from Trafft

What does Trafft offer?

Trafft booking page templates

Creates a professional looking booking page

With Trafft, you can create a well-organized, modern booking page you can fully customize to match your client’s brand and embed it into your client’s website.
A list of different business locations in the Trafft Agency dashboard

Manages multiple locations

In case your client’s business operates in a few different locations, they will be able to manage their business on every location through a single dashboard.
Trafft booking page and appointment booking form

Keeps businesses available for booking 24/7

Trafft enables business owners to finish their working hours on time and keep their business available for booking 24/7, so their customers can book appointments at their convenience.
Metrics from the Trafft dashboard that show business performance

Monitors business performance

Trafft helps increase sales by providing comprehensive business reports that track the business performance through vital KPIs and statistics.
Trafft calendar showing all booked appointments

Manages all schedules in one calendar

If your clients have more employees, they can integrate all employees’ calendars and manage all schedules in one place.
SMS reminder from Trafft booking software

Reduces no-shows with automatic reminders

Automatic email reminders notify both employees and customers about the upcoming appointments, and helps reduce no-show to a minimum.

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Trafft White Label Pricing

Trafft agency pricing depends on the number of client accounts, number of seats, the pricing plans and the contract duration. Contact us with your requirements, and we will get back to you with our best offer.