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White label agency solution
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Configuring Trafft




On the Finance page, under Invoices, you can find all the bookings listed with detailed information and the option to send and export the invoice.

When you navigate to the Invoices page, you will find a comprehensive list of all transactions conducted in Trafft. This list includes the Invoice number, the customer who made the booking, the invoice date (the date when the booking occurred), the service details, the status, and the total price.

You have the ability to search through all your existing invoices, and furthermore, you can filter them based on criteria such as customer, service, or payment status.

All bookings that are free ($0.00) or those paid for online (via PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, or Authorize.Net) are automatically marked as “Paid in full,” whereas “On-site” bookings are categorized as “Pending.” By clicking on the three-dots menu located on the far right, you can:

  • Download the invoice
  • Send the invoice to the customer who booked the appointment or provide a different email address to which the invoice will be sent

  • Invoices with a “Pending” payment status also include an option to “Set as paid”.

Clicking on the invoice will open a side-bar modal, providing more information about the invoice.

If you click on “View Details,” Trafft will redirect you to the Appointments page, automatically filtering it to display only the appointment corresponding to the invoice you’re viewing.

Additionally, you can download or email the invoice by clicking on the three-dots menu in the upper right corner:


In Invoice settings, you have the flexibility to enable or disable the automatic sending of invoices to customers, set the default invoice title, predefine the next invoice number (although they are automatically generated), and include a prefix for the invoice title.

If you click on “Change Email Notification,” you’ll be directed to the “Customer Appointment Invoice” email notification, allowing you to customize the email sent to the customer.

Within the “Invoice Customization” tab, you can incorporate your company’s logo, select the template and colors for the invoices, and append supplementary notes that will be displayed at the bottom of the invoice.

As depicted in the screenshot above, you have the flexibility to choose from any of the four invoice templates: Minimalist, Professional, Dark, and Modern. Additionally, you can tailor these templates with colors that align with your business aesthetic.

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