How to Sell a Service Business for the Desired Price

You established a business selling services. It did well and amassed a loyal client base, but now you’re planning to sell. Maybe you’re looking to invest in a new venture and need to boost your capital, or you’re wanting to grow professionally in a different direction. Perhaps you just want to retire; the reasons could be diverse.

Service Business Vs Product Business: What’s the Difference?

The quick answer is that businesses selling physical or tangible items are product-based, whereas businesses that sell non-tangible products such as services are service-based businesses. The problem with this definition is that it barely touches the surface of the differences between the two. They have debated service business vs product business for years. It’s important to clarify these differences for service and product-based businesses everywhere.

How to Scale a Service Business and Take It to the Next Level

To set up a product business you need to find a unique product and unique marketing opportunities. But setting up a service business can be easy; in essence, if you want to start a service business, you need to let others know on social media that you are offering your skills.

Services Landing Page Examples to Inspire You

A landing page is more than your average webpage.

A services landing page generally serves one of two purposes. They can redirect site visitors where you want them to go. Or they convert visitors by getting them to take a specific action. As a whole, the landing page design has to influence visitors to do what you want, be that watching a video, clicking a button, or reading a call to action.