The Best Premium and Free Contact Management Software

For all businesses, keeping track of customers is as vital as ever. The ability to collect customer information is important for future relationships with these ever-important customers. Thankfully, there are a number of useful tools that make this an easy process. The large supply of free contact management software available is there to make your life simple.

The Best Medical Scheduling Software to Use for Your Clinic

Medical practices already have computer-based and online record keeping. They are now looking to automate their appointment systems using medical scheduling software.

Online scheduling is far more efficient than doing it over the telephone. Staff is freed up to do more useful jobs and patients find it a better experience. They do not waste any time trying to get through to a receptionist and they can easily choose an appointment time that suits them.

Time Management Quotes to Inspire You When You Feel Overwhelmed

Being an entrepreneur is hard. You may not have a boss demanding more from you. Instead, there’s just you cracking the whip. Every day brings new challenges as your business develops and there are only twenty-four hours in a day. If it all gets too much, these time management quotes may inspire you when you feel overwhelmed.

The Best Time Management Apps and Tools You Can Find Online

Time management is a vital skill – achieving more in less time will help in every aspect of your life. You will find that, with smart time management, the quality of your work will improve as well. The best time management apps are very effective tools in keeping your daily life under control.

The Best Slack Integrations and Apps That Your Company Needs

In the modern world of work, businesses need flexible and powerful tools to navigate the digital workspace. Slack has become one of the most trusted and consequently most used pieces of communication software in the world for these purposes. Along with this frequency of use has come many great apps for Slack from third parties. So what is it that makes some of the best Slack integrations and apps so useful?

How To Stop Wasting Time (Productive Things To Do)

Have you ever told to yourself: stop wasting time! and yet, it didn’t work?

Interruptions come in many forms. Whether that’s scrolling through social media or staring out of the window, the effects are the same – less productivity no matter how much time you spend sitting at your desk.

Luckily, there are productive things to do to help get the momentum going and keep the interruptions at bay. Let’s start by recognizing where these interruptions come from – procrastination.

Work Apps That Will Make You and Your Team More Productive

It’s impossible to know how much money is lost every year from avoidable losses of productivity, but we can guess it must be many millions. Whether it be human error or lapsing attention, to inefficient systems that cause work to consistently lag behind schedule, something must be done if you don’t want to waste time. Luckily, these days there are many work apps that can help companies begin to deal with these issues.

Great time management strategies for more productive work

As a manager, you are responsible not only for your own time but for the time of those working in your team. Time is the single most important resource at your disposal. Everyone gets the same amount of it in a day, and everyone has the ability to choose the best ways to use it. Due to this, time management strategies can be useful tools.

Time Management Statistics and Facts That Will Surprise You

The working day only has so many hours – and those hours aren’t infinite. That’s what makes time management a crucial part of being successful. It makes sense that so many tests and studies have been done on the subject. It also makes sense that there are hundreds of time management statistics books on the market.