How to Sell a Service Business for the Desired Price

You established a business selling services. It did well and amassed a loyal client base, but now you’re planning to sell. Maybe you’re looking to invest in a new venture and need to boost your capital, or you’re wanting to grow professionally in a different direction. Perhaps you just want to retire; the reasons could be diverse.

Service Business Vs Product Business: What’s the Difference?

The quick answer is that businesses selling physical or tangible items are product-based, whereas businesses that sell non-tangible products such as services are service-based businesses. The problem with this definition is that it barely touches the surface of the differences between the two. They have debated service business vs product business for years. It’s important to clarify these differences for service and product-based businesses everywhere.

How To Get Clients As A Life Coach For Your Coaching Business

A coaching business can be successful in many different ways. The best indicator of its success, however, is the number of coaching clients it has. A large customer base will not only generate profits but also give you the chance to help more people every day.

And yet, it is called a coaching business for a reason. Everyone involved wants also to gain a reliable source of income, accompanied by respect and reputation. Potential clients don’t come easy in a market as competitive as coaching. You’ll need to make the right choices.

How To Create An Impressive Life Coach Mission Statement

By creating a great coaching mission statement, you make the first encounter with customers as smooth as you want it to be. By mission, we mean everything you stand for and what motivates you to follow your vision and get results.

This is what you do, right? Inspiring people to follow their visions for a better and more successful life. You want them to become part of your mission and subsequently subscribe to your coaching business. A great vision statement can easily take you there.

Successful coaching business model examples you can try

Making money out of life coaching is the dream of many, but it is not as simple as it sounds. For starters, you need to do more than teaching during billable hours, just so that you can clean up the costs and come to point 0. Also, a new coaching business is a one-man show, and that’s where the trouble begins.

The life coaching business model is foremost based on the service we provide. If we think of this as the center of the puzzle, the other pieces should help us create and capture value.

Vagaro vs Schedulicity vs Trafft: Which Scheduler to Use?

If you own a product-based or service-based business, appointment scheduling software is a must-have. Finding the right small business management solution that fits your unique needs is not easy. Implementing software like Vagaro, Schedulicity, or Trafft requires thorough forethought. There are many things to consider.

Vagaro Reviews That Will Help You Decide on It Or Not

You probably know of Vagaro if you’re one of the many salon and spa owners in business today. It has management capabilities that allow spa, fitness, and salon owners to make appointments, issue reminders, and check their future schedules in a calendar. Let’s boil down all of the information from these Vagaro reviews and get down to the main points.